Monday, July 8, 2013

What a week. First off, I was transfered for my last change. I was sad to leave Agua Santa because I really love that ward, but God knows best. I am now in a place called Mirador, Achupallis. It´s close to Vina still, like 20-30 minutes in Micro (bus) and I´m with Hna Zimmerman. She is on her 3rd change in the mish, and is also a Sister Traning Leader. Its awesome to be with another leader, just both have the same desire and its not like one is taking on everything. She is from Oregon, Eugene and we are SUPER similar. Really, the first day when she asked me if I prefer white or black men I just knew that we´d be fine together. We´ve really only found 2 differences, Hot Tamales and Harry Potter, neither of which she likes... Shes an amazing missionary who really understands her power and authority and we both just want to work and see milagros. (miracles) I was honestly really happy to be not training this change, I love it and all, but honestly, since basically October I´ve been training, and its sometimes hard, so I was just happy to be able to leave at 11am and work all day with someone who already knows how to do it. 
This little city is just filled of miracles though. This week we´ve seen many and I´m just really grateful to my Heavenly Father for the success that we are having. I wish I could give you an update on Agua Santa investigators, but really have no clue, I just pray that they´re progressing, oh, also... Hna Perez stayed in Agua Santa and is training!! (all of the sisters I´ve trained are or have trained... super fun to see them progress)
here for the milagros (mriacles)...
Ramiro. Ramiro is the husband of a hermana (sister) and she´s been a member for 20 years and her husband has NEVER listened to the lessons until about 4 weeks ago.. and it was like just a little message here and there and then he accepted to listen to the lessons. He completes with everything, reads, does his ¨tarea¨ (homework) we call it and I know he already has his answer, but HE isn´t accepting it. He likes learning and does everything we ask, but baptism. bug. but we have been praying and fasting that he´ll recieve his answer and just accept it. He believes in the profeta and i think he has a need that we haven´t found yet and thats why he won´t say yes, but this week... its my meta! (goal)
Paula- so we were walking down this street and I just felt all of a sudden, knock this door. so we knocked. Paula accepted us right in, she has una amiga (a friend) that is a member, we watched the Restauración with her and she was just diggin it. She said that she’s always heard things about the Mormon’s but never has understood until she saw this video and she has more of a desire to know. She was so close to accepting a fecha  (baptism date) but I know that she´ll learn more. The only bad thing is she left for vacation for like 10 days, but after we´ll get her! Just amazing how the Spirit sometimes just tells us something so direct and a miracle comes of it.
David. this joven (teenager) is really just seaching for his answer. he is 17 and beleives what we teach him but just wants to feel something huge in his heart. We went with him to a baptism so he could see one and he liked it because feels like he never really chose to be baptized, his mom did for him and now he just wants to follow what God wants him to do.. I just hope he lets his heart be opened to the goodness that God has preparado por él. (prepared for him)
Found a new favorite scripture this week... Alma 12,16. Really, I have really learned to love and know my Savior and these scriptures really explain how I feel for Him. I love the Book of Mormon. I am trying to finish that and the New Testamento before I finish and I feel like I´m learning SO much more of what Ii´ve read so many times!
There are so many other people that we´ve found and are teaching but time just flies sometimes, I had to download a couple videos off of to show for lessons. But just know that I am happy. Yesterday I was walking around and just was thinking, wow. what a blessing to be here to help other people 100% of my time. It’s the most important work and I know that it´ll be in my heart forever. My time to be a disciple of Christ doesn´t end here in Chile, this is just the training ground for the rest of my life!
love you all... muchísimo. besitos y abrazitos. (lots. kisses and hugs)
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
p.s. don´t send any more packages or dear elders because I won’t get them... I just barely got some from April.. so I don´t think it´s something I´ll get here. If you need to write me, just email me here...
nietos de Carmen (the bra lady)

Tatiana... so sad to leave her!!!  

20- 4th of july celebration with milkshakes we made!! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

July. wow. Can´t believe it. 
This week was good! Satan still continues to work on the people, but there are always people that are ready for what we have!
well, just a recap of last week...
Dany, ya, we had to leave him. Just wasn´t keeping things up and it’s sad, because honestly I want to help him, but we just can´t do that as missionaries. Really we aren´t helping him do anything if he isn´t putting in his part and if he doesn´t have the desire to change.
Tatiana. This week was SUPER SAD. So we go to her house to talk to her and the door is open. She is sitting at the kitchen table and honestly her face lights up to see us, and then.. her husband. He is working in their house, one with his shirt off. Nast. Two, doesn´t even let her talk and tells us that she can´t right now. I finally say ¨TATIANA, como esta?¨ so that she specifically responds. She did but her husband honestly wouldn´t let her get up to talk to us.. SO mean. ugh. But hopefully we´ll cross paths and be able to meet with her sometime!
This week we have found some others though.
Virginia. The mom of Bernardo, who is coming along. Ok, we taught her the restauacion, (restoration) and I should say that SHE TAUGHT US. But she taught us EVERYTHING about the apostasy, about the profetas (prophets) and what happened to them. It was incredible. I feel so dumb sometimes during lessons like that because when people understand it and want to accept it, it’s just amazing! The only bad thing is.. she doesn´t want to be baptized because she says she doesn´t have the time, aun que (even though) she’s been to church and has the time. But we´re working with her!
Guido. This man was basically a member 5 years ago and then got offended by an elder and hasn´t returned since. But we had a NDH (Family Home Evening) with him and a family, and he is a little confused because he is now studying with the Jehova Witnesses, but he knows where he needs to be and feels like he needs to get closer to Christ because he feels lost and lonely and has a bunch of member friends which is also great. He says he really needs to know to accept baptism again, which he already does know.. I think I´ll bust out Alma 12 10-11 with him soon.
Camila, this 17 year old girl, is just a delight. Super cute. She accepted a fecha (baptism date) and was progressing until church. She was sleeping. The worst thing ever, but this week we´ll get her there. She likes what we share, doesn´t have a religion, and we passed the other day and she wasn´t home but her mom answered and said.. ¨so my daughter is gonna be mormon?¨ and we started talking to her mom too, so hopefully she´ll listen too!
Susy. This lady we found one night late in her house and she answered the door super angry at the world and we just happened to be there and she just was angry and told us she is just waiting to die. Has had a harder life and everything, but we taught her that our Heavenly Father loves her and she wasn´t even sure if she beleived in God. And taught her about Christ and His Atonement. She has had bad experienes with mormons before and really was not happy, but listened to us and we told her that she needs to change her life to make it how she wants it and understanding the life of our Savior will help her. We left her a LDM (book of Mormon) with something marked and had a cita Jueves. (appointment Thursday) She was SO different. Told us that she read what we´d left her and felt a ton better and wants to have a better life and apologized for how she was the day before. She just won´t come to church because of things about the members, but we´re working with her on that! She basically has a testimony of the LDM, just needs to follow her actions!
just some funny things that happened this week...
One, this guy gave us his number and told us that he wanted to meet with us when we were close to his house, so we called him when we were close, but we didnt´know exactly which house it was.. he said that he was in Santiago now living with his grandparents, so we decide to knock some doors, the first door that opens, guess who it was.. HIM! And he saw us and then dodged and his gpa came out to tell us no. ha! It was just ridiculous and funny!
Carmen, this evangelica that we´ve taught a couple times. She’s out of control, but this day she was talking about bras and everything and was telling us about how her whole life her bra size has been the same and then after kids just changed, and that she doesn´t like it... then she was asking us our bra sizes so she could bring us on from her work. It was just hilarious. Maybe you had to be there or you have to know Carmen! ha!
Well, it´s going well here in Chile. Today the weather is amazing, love it. Usually cold, but today the sun is warm! Maybe I´ll get a tan. We´re gonna go walk around this famous park and just dink around a bit! I love the mission. The other day I was thinking about how much I have changed. I mean, I´m not different in personality, but now I understand what it means to be and how to be a daughter of God. It’s truly the best and am SO grateful that I have the mish to base my life off of!
The church is true. God Lives and Loves us. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real. Families are eternal. The BOM is the best book to get us closer to God and understand His commandments. Amo el evangelio!
Les quiero familia!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

Hermana Perez

                                                   just some beautiful pics of my area!