Monday, June 24, 2013

Well, another fast week. Really, so CRAZY! June is bascially over. one more week. How does it pass so fast. 
Ok, WHO LOVED THE BROADCAST LAST NIGHT?? amazing. really. SO good. I was just like, wow. this is gonna help the missionary work SO much. Really, it’s the best way to find people to teach. They are right here in our neighboorhoods, work, ect. And I was just so happy that it was a WORLDWIDE thing. Really, if the memebers really do what the apostles and profeta (prophet) are telling us, everyone will want to come unto Christ. I just imagine, really, this is Christ telling us what we need to do. Not just a man in the world. So I KNOW its revelation. I hope you´re all thinking about who you can invite :) I sure have thought about people.
So this week i´ve just learned that Satan works SO hard on these people. Really, I just want to tell him.. hey, back off, let them do this! It´ll CHANGE their lives. But they all have their agency too that I sometimes want to take away. I just know that God is testing my patiencia (patience) and making me work even harder so I stay focused on this last part of the mish!
Dany. So, we had a couple GREAT lessons. He was doing good with his progress, praying, reading, has asistido and smoking has gotten lots better. And then one day. bam. Just way too many tempations. It’s his friends, and his dad lets him basically do everything too, and his dad wants him to change but isn´t willing to put his foot down and tell him no. But who knows what will happen with Dany! The gospel is the best thing that can happen to him, but he has to put in his part. I´m not sure if will still teach him.. so sad.
Tatiana. her husband just really isn´t diggin it. When we go and he isn´t there, she always accepts us, but when her husband is home, he ALWAYS answers the door and says that they can´t right then. super fome. but we´re gonna seguir (follow up) with her! i just want to teach her husband and help him understand too and then they can have this together.
Erika and Danae, they left on vacations and now danae is sick, but i know that they´ll just eat this up if they get a taste of it.
Bernardo. He is fine. we´ve decided that we can teach him but really really slow so he understands everything. He isn´t 100% there so we need to talk to the leaders about him to see if we should teach him. The ward is supportive and wants to help him. he just has to learn the basic stuff, because he understands, but its like a slower process.
So this week we´ve taught lots and found more people, just are looking for these people who are ready al tiro (now) to accept the gospel. The other day though had a cool experience. We were in one part of our area and we had a cita (appointment) with just a contact on the whole other side of our area and then we had to return to the other side. We were deciding, is it worth it to go because its super far just to return, but we decided that yes, we needed to do it so we could follow our plans because God always blesses us. So we went. The cita (appt) wasn´t there. So we followed our plan and found a lady named Marcela. She´s young, like 30, she was catholica when she was a kid, but now has found Christ in the Evangelico church. We shared with her and she was super interested about Profetas (prophets) and the BOM. Left her with the compromiso (commitment) to read and pray and she told us to come back. She said that she thought we were other people that she was waiting for when she opened her door, and then felt bad to regect the word of God and now she can ask if its true! Really I have a huge testimony about planning. If we follow our plans and listen to the Spirit, God will put these people in our path who are ready now. We just have to be the obedient ones and plan and follow them.
Also, found the pareja (partner) of Luz who we taught a while ago, and he was like, come in! He listened to the message and now we can teach him and Luz together and get them married and baptize their 2 kids as well. Have a cita (appt) with them tonight, so we´ll see how it goes.
Had another intercambio (exchange) this week. It was great. I really feel blessed to have this assignment because I get to know lots of Hnas and other areas to work and everytime I just feel like I learn from them. I don´t know why I am a Sister Training Leader and they aren´t, but really am grateful to be able to travel around and do it! But the only bad part is my bed phobia. Luckily I know the girl who always comes to MY BED. But i still change the pillow case everytime. But sometimes I have to just not think about the persons bed I´m sleeping in. Maybe I´ll be better when I get home with it though. You´d think, right??
Well Family, Get out there and find these people who need the gospel. Pray daily to have a missionary experience and the Lord will bless you with what you need to say, and to whom you need to say it. Trust in Him. It’s the best message in the world and if WE don´t share it, who will?? I was thinking this week and decided if we love the people and the message we are sharing, it´ll be easy to open our mouths to share the Gospel. So love the people, and love the Gospel and the rest will come!
Love you lots!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

this statue. ya, have no clue. creepy. 

dany... this kid. loved his CTR ring that i gave him,

my mission is beautiful. 

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