Monday, June 3, 2013

JUNIO! what......... ya. ever month i know i say it, but really this may, what happened. i think time goes by faster with these intercambios, and leadership things. it´s great i love doing it, but just FLIES by... anywho, 

this week more than anything i learned that God answers our prayers. We had so many experiences with pray this week that really just strengthened my relationship with God and made me SO grateful to have Him in my life. Just some of these experiences with pray for you all. 

Monday night it was raining, SO HARD. umbrellas really didn´t help, luckily i had rain boots because these hils and the rain basically drentched our bodies. just wanted a boogie board to sit on and float down the hills. ha! but really, no one was accepting us, not very many people in the streets, but we kept working obviously. we had a cita with Luis at 8:30 and the hna that was gonna come called and said.. no way in this rain. we called SO many people and noone could, or didn´t want to because of the rain. We needed a female to come with us and it was a crucial lesson with him. at 8:15 we stopped in the street, under our umbrellas and said a pray that SOMEONE would be able to acompañarnos, After the prayer, we called one last hna and she answered and said, ¨si hermanas, donde?¨ It was seriously such a miracle and so fast. The lesson went great and we survived the rain. 

Another, we were fasting on Wednesday to find nuevos and we went to this area we really haven´t been to at all since i´ve been here. We had no one to contact besides a few menos activos and we decided to say a prayer with specific goals we wanted to accomplish. We finshed the prayer, chose a calle to start contacting and found 2 nuevos. one is Tatiana. Shes never really shared with religons, doesn´t know much about God and Christ, ni la diferencia but she was willing to listen to us and told us that she liked what we were saying and how we could come back and everything! he husband is ateo.. um.. is that athiest? and was there too. didn´t really listen, but accepted us in his house. thats a start. and he bro is LDS too, just in a different city! 

Then we found Amy and Eline... another day went and knocked on a door and opened and they said, ¨pasen¨ (come in) and we went in. Turns out that they have an exchange student in there house and thought i was there to see her. but we explained that we were there to share with them and we talked alot about our relationships with God. they both believe in different things and are sisters 18 and 20 and were just so open to talking and all. en final, they accepted to pray and find out if God exists. 

also... i was SO tired one day.. like exhausted and i prayed that the night could be longer.. and it worked. woke up with lots of energy thinking that i slept for days. it was heavenly. 

Ok, now for the bad part of the week. Luis, had his baptism interview scheduled for Sabado. He was SO ready for it. We went to pass for him to meet in the church, wasn´t in his house. We called him like 5 times, never answered, all day long, tried to contact him, never was home. Finally 9:30 Saturday we contacted him. and he just said he forgot... reminded him about church and he committed to coming. Didn´t come. And we haven´t been able to find him since. So needless to say, he was not baptism this week and won´t be baptized next week because he needs to come to church. I really don´t know what happened. I cried. Its just emotionally exhausting sometimes to see these people fall. I was sad for a while, but then realized that we all have our time and God has a schedule. Maybe Luis has a concern with something that we´ve taught him that he hasn´t expressed. thats the only thing i can think of, i just hope that we can find him and talk to him to be able to help him progess to baptism because he needs it! 

But this joven, Dany that i talked about a while ago. he came to church with his dad. We just gotta get him to have a testimony and stop smoking. He likes church. has friends there and his dad is like... Hnas, please come to our house when you want to teach him! he needs this. His dad does to, but he is too concerned about Dany to realize it. but he like what we teach! 

this week i had a taxi driver propose to me. turned it down. no worries. also had a Hermana in the ward tell me that my hair is the prettiest of ALL the hair shes seen from all the gringos that have been to her house. ha! she just couldn´t get over it.

Well, all is well. this week we have a consejo de lideres de la mision! i always love them. fun to see the other missionaries and the hnas. hopefully he´ll call more hnas entrenadores. We need more, there is a waiting list for the intercambios!  

I love this Gospel. God loves us and is so kind. There are so many blessings and the more we look for them, our love for Him will increase. Christ Lives. The atonement is real. Repentance is such a blessing. The BOM is the work of God. I love being a missionary, I love my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesucristo, and I love these chileans, and I love all of you guys!

hasta lunes,
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent 

lots of rain this week!! 

just an idea of where i work everyday!!

Hna Perez and I

our activity. not much of a soccer player, but with a bunch of gringos and some latinos scored 2 goals :) 


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