Monday, June 10, 2013

First off i just want to wish dad, grandpa, and my brothers and bro in laws a HAPPY FATHERS DAY this week. Don´t know why we cant call and talk for this day too, but asi es la mision. But know that i love you all and am SO grateful for you in my life. You are all such great examples to me and i love having you as my family! 

This week flew by! seriously. super fast. i think its because we had our leadership conference and one day i was in another city for intercambios, so really only 4 days in my area. but it was a good week! we have people that are progressing, still looking for this family that we know we will find and be able to help them become eternal. 
just some highlights of updates...

Luis. still nothing.well, we´ve contacted him at least but he told us he´d call when he can. nooooo. still have hope, but my heart hurts about him. so so sad. 

Dany. He has a fecha for next weekend. He is a typical 16 year old boy though. He understands what baptism means and everything, and honestly wants to do it. he just has way too much peer pressure. He is only smoking one or two ciggarros every day, better than what he was smoking, but its just his friends. Makes me so grateful for the friends i have and the influences they´ve had on me. Always willing to support me with what i do and really are there to help me! But Dany, he is recieving the lessons, just helping his really get his own testimony because that will be the thing to help his quit and keep his compromisos! 

Tatiana. She is a slower progresser, because we have to help her with her faith in christ because if she doesn´t really have that, how can she progress to want to follow him? but she is moving along and its fun to see this change from someone who just doesn´t know alot to be able to learn. It´s not like shes never heard of Him before, just isn´t really religous, but she is doing good. Her husband, meh, doesn´t listen, but one day, we´ll get him! 

Edita. we passed for this street and it was like 15 minutes before we had to go home and there was a light on in this house, thats like NEVER on, so we yelled.. ´halo¨ (like they do here in Chile) this joven came out, well, shes 22, and we started talking and she accepted us to come in and teach her. She looked on the outside a little harder, like her style, and i thought, she probsies doesn´t even beleive in God. But my surprise and lesson learned not to judge people on how they look, she believes TONS in God. Prays daily. Lives solo and is studying. We had a great lesson with her and at the end i could invision her in white like i try to visualize everyone i meet, because that is my meta! 

When i was on my intercambio we put a fecha with this lady. shes good! i don´t really know anything else about that lesson, but she was doing super good when i was there and wants to follow christ and the best way to follow Him is baptism. The hna i was with has one change in the mission and is training, she´s my ¨granddaughter¨ because hna Smith trained her.. ha! but shes good. i think she liked having me there because i could help her and she wasn´t in the ¨lead¨ but i hope that this lady progresses and they can see her success. 

Also, this morning I got a call from our Zone leaders. They called to tell me that i reference i had passed to them has a fecha and is progressing super well. She just eats up the Gospel, went to church, and loved it. I was happy to hear that even the work that we do in our areas for other people pays off. Ironically, we contacted this lady when Luis didn´t show for his interview, I remember being so sad, didn´t want to talk to anyone, just wanted to sulk in my sadness for a little bit, but i just had to buck up and keep working. Such a testimony to know that really God has a plan for everything and that we are always in the right place and the right time and if we listen to the Spirit, He will guide us to know where we need to go, who we need to talk to, and help us find the chosen ones.

Our leadership council was great, like always. I sometimes wonder, why am I one of these sister trainers, i learn so much on every intercambio i go on, and these siters are amazing, but i´m very grateful to be able to go on these intercambios, because I learn tons from them and hope that they do too. But in the council, there are now 4 more Hnas. Hna Paz (my hija) is one too! fun to see her and hna smith together! 
So much that i learned in the council but i just have a quote that i want to share from Hna Kahnlein... ¨God is not a God that works through luck, but a God that works with purpose.¨ I just loved it. its so true, He has a purpose for everything. 
Also usually they assign talks for a few people to do, but en vez de eso, every companionship had to stand up and say a Christlike Attribute that their comp has. Hna perez wasn´t there, but I was with Hna Smith and it was just neat to see everyone talk so highly of their comp. Really, the best way to have unity in a companionship is to just love your comp and find the good in them! Hna Smith is great though. It was EASY to talk about her. She has all the attributes but she has tons of Faith, and really has a strong testimony of the Gospel. 

Well, thats a wrap up from the week. Really, who knows if time is gonna slow down, i don´t think it will anytime soon. its basically half way through June. and then July and then... ya, well. you know. 

But Family, I love you all SO much. This church is true. If we seek the will of our Father and come to know His ways, He will bless us with His Spirit. The BOM is the word of God. How grateful I am for that book in my life. Read it. Study it. I love Jesus Christ and His atonement. I will be eternally grateful for Him. He Lives. He leads His church through a Prophet of God. 

Love you all. 

Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent 
found this huge foto on my intercambio this week... watching over me in my sleep

the other... there are 8 horses. too good to be true for our familia! 

con Hna Smith! stole it from the Blog! hahaa

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