Monday, June 17, 2013

a year ago today, Maritza, Hilding and Magali got baptized. And this week I´ve been informed by a few different people that they are now all working on going to the temple this month or next. 
now THAT is the joy of missionary work! 

How are you my dear family? I am happy! I really just love the mission. Even though it´s so hard emotionally, sometimes physically (con los cerros aqui en viña), and spiritually. It´s the most rewarding thing I´ve ever done in my life. And I know that my life será very different because of my mission. Eternally grateful that my Heavenly Father allowed me to come and to be here in Chile! 

Lets see, so this week we FINALLY found Luis. Had a nice converstaion with him. he told us that he purposly had distanced himself from us. but he felt bad about it and one night decided to pray, so he prayed and new that he needed to listen more and its something that he REALLY needs in his life. He is also in Mosiah in his lectura! So we had a great lesson. Told us he was gonna come to church. Talked to him Saturday, still was gonna come and he didn´t come! SO frustrating. but now i´m just gonna wait for him to contact us. I was fasting for him specifically that he´d be there and i just felt like him not coming is maybe a answer that its not his time. but super sad. but if God wants him to progress, he will. 

Tatiana. Still doing great. Accepted a fecha but shes scared to talk to her husband abaout it. They left of vacations this weekend, so hopefully when we go on Tuesday she´ll have talked to him and he´ll give her the go ahead. But she honestly has tons of desire to follow Christ! 

Erika and Danae. This littlefamily is precious. So we pass for someone that we´ve contacted in the street a while back. He wasn´t there but his dad answered and was kinda like.. no. we´re leaving, but his granddaughter was there who lives in Miami and is just visiting for summer so we started talking in English and then the dad tells us to come in so we aren´t in the cold. We end up teaching them a little about the Plan de Salvacion and this little girl talks so cute and english and spanish, but she tells me in English talking about her g-ma who died 2 years ago. ¨That is why i am happy because i know where she is, but i am sad because i miss her¨ We have another cita with them tonight. I´m excited. When we were leaving the little girl yells out.. ¨miss you¨ adorbs. 

Virginia and Bernardo- this lady too speaks perfect english and we taught her and she wanted to come to church with her son, 33 years old. They get to church and we are sitting there and after the Sacrament meeting we are just talking and he son asks us.. ¨cuando me podría bautizar?¨ it was the first time i´ve put a fecha in the middle of church! awesome! He just seems to like the social scene and stuff at Church, but we gotta teach him so that he gets his testimony. He doesnt read or write, so he learns a little slower, but that does not stop him from wanting to learn! just hope that he can really understand and have a testimony!

Fransisco- he is a menos activo that we´ve taught EVERY week since i arrived. and he always says he will go to church because he KNOWS he needs to and has a tesimony. he just doesn´t go because he moved from his old ward to this one, but it´s like 6 months since he hasn´t gone. We taught him the other day about the Santa Cena. He told us he´d be there, but i was like.. ok, (i´ve heard that before) and I walk into the chapel and guess who is sitting there... FRANSISCO! I was like. WOAH. it was awesome to see him there and the JAS( single adults) just were great to involve him and all. It was awesome to see. Last night went to a NDH witht the Jas as well. finally, Fransisco is back.

Well, just want to leave you with something i learned this week in my studies. I was reading about Pilot in Luke 23 and how he found nothing wrong in Christ and asked 3 times the people what he should do with Him. He feel into Peer Pressure even though i´m sure that he felt strongly, that he shouldn´t kill him. It made me think of ourselves. When we feel something, through the Spirit, and know what we should do, and we do that thing anyways, we will loose the Savior in our lives, just as the people lost Him when they yelled ¨Crucify Him!¨

I love the mish, Love the Gospel, Love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He directs His Chruch through the Priesthood. 

Hope all is well with you guys. 
until next week.
peace and love.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
chile and USA. a really wealthy area

intercambios this week. both went to USU. GO AGGIES. (its the only USU shirt i had here)

a family made us papusas for Hna Perez. typical el salvador comida. ricccos.


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