Monday, May 20, 2013

I just think the months pass faster and faster, not really sure how its possible, but it always seems to happen like that. 
This week was lots better than the last week. Not really sure why it was so hard, but I learned lots and learned that patience is sometimes super hard and the fact that people have agency and deny this message just breaks my little heart, but one day I pray that they´ll accept it.
Ok, this week in intercambio(exchanges) I was with a new hermana, she turned 19 in Feb I think she said. It´s crazy these youngens, but awesome too. But I just have to say it was hilarious to be with her because ALL she talked about was high school, and I was like, Hermana, high school was like years ago for me. I just forget that these newbies are really just finished with High school. But she´s a great missionary. These new missionaries are the prepared generation. Really, they are just pure power and have every desire to work and do things correctly!
Ok, so you asked about the other people that we have been teaching. Luis is still good, but still with his family in the south. Come back already!  He should be getting back today or tomorrow. He went to church with his brother in the south and had lots of questions answered. He really could be baptized this weekend if he feels that he´s recieved his answer and I think he has. I´m just excited to  see him. It´s been forever. Hard when it’s someone that is super good just leaves for a while. But he´ll return!
This week we found some stellar people. Just a couple stories...
Ed- So we were knocking the door at an investigators house and this guy walked by that we had just seen like 5 minutes before, I thought.. talk to him, but then didn´t. The investigator wasn´t home and we left to walk down the street, we turn the corner and its Ed, again (3rd time) walking towards us. I start saying to my comp.. it´s the 3rd time, we have to talk to him and when I am saying that he goes... ¨oigan, tienen un Libro de Mormon¨  (do you have a BOM) we start talking to him and turns out that years ago he met with missionaries. Read the LDM (Bof M) and prayed about it and received his answer that it’s true because he felt it in his heart, and wants to know more again. We were able to teach him in his house right then and he accepted a fecha (baptism date)! He has an addiction to cigarro, (cigars) like everyone else, but he knows he has to give it up to progress. So now we´re working with him.
Veronica- we knocked this street and this lady opened her door and was speaking half English and half Spanish to us. She tells us that she moved here from India with her husband about 2 years ago and that she has recently started looking for a church, but just online, but better to join one that she knows someone, and know she knows us! She wants to hear the lessons in English .. she understands better (which is torture for me.. really, can´t speak English) but she is great. Told us that we can´t share in her house cause she lives with her in-laws, but that she´ll come back to her house and share with them the ¨good word of God¨ (her words)
This week I finished the LDM  (B of M)again, love reading it in Spanish. To read it in a different language really find different things and have to concentrate more on what it´s saying. But really, Moroni is a stud. Just by himself, basically waiting to die, but the last part of the LDM is SOOO crucial. I can´t wait to talk to him to know what happened after he hid the plates. But I started it again and was reading in Joseph Smith testimony and it says that when Moroni appeared to him in the night that their ¨convesations¨ lasted all night.  Then every year when he had to return to the plates he had a interview. Can you imagine what they talked about?? MY mind went crazy. Interview with Moroni. Conversations, it´s incredible. So thankful for these two men that made it possible that we have a Book of Mormon in our lives! Love this book.
Grandpa- Happy Birthday this Saturday! Love you and will be thinking of you! Party it up for me :)
We taught this joven,Cristian, he is 22 and really really likes to party and drink. We taught him the word of wisdom and he said the prayer at the end and asked God to bless his liver that it could withstand what he puts in it! He knows it’s bad, just think it´s crazy not to drink when your in the universidad and young.
Menos activas (less actives) here are still many and many are coming back to church in this area. Makes me so happy to know how to work with menos activas now so I can really help those who are in my wards in my whole life!
This Wednesday we have changes.. not really sure what will happen. 23 hermanas come again and president wasn´t sure if he was gonna have the Sister Leaders train or be in a companionship together. Also he is opening lots of areas, so we´ll see Wednesday what happens! I don´t want to leave Agua Santa. Love this area and ward. Next week I´ll let you know!
Well family, love you lots and am so grateful for you! I pray for you daily. The Chrurch is true and we are so blessed. God loves us and Christ Lives.
hasta lunes, keep smiling,
Hna Sargent

Sophie and me :)

her slippers... raaaaaaaarrrrrrrw.

love my view. 

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