Monday, May 6, 2013

Hola Familia! 
How are you all? Can´t believe it’s May and that Mothers day is this week! SO FUN. I am excited to talk to you all and the call will be about 4 your time :) This week was great as usual. I really just love the mission.
I was thinking this morning during my studies on how the gospel honestly gives us SO much purpose in life. We are teaching this kid who is 22, parties a ton, ect ect, and I just look at him with no goal o propósito (or purpose) en his life. But really, you don´t know very many LDS people without goals, without a understanding of why they are on this earth, and without the knowledge that God loves them and that this gospel is what they need to be happy!
I learned lots this week. I feel like the investigators are helping me more than I am helping them sometimes, but that is the way the Lord works, right?
Ronald: this little 14 year old boy is just a delight. Really, just full of questions and wants to know but is a little scared to know the truth. But this week we were teaching him about the Atonement of Jesucristo and we told him that He did that for him. Ronald like was like... He did that for me?? and we told him that he did it for every single one of us but it hit me. Really the Expiación de Cristo (Atonement of Christ) is individual. Yes, everyone has the great blessing of using it, but it’s for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. When Ronald realized what He had done, you could see the light in his eyes go off and his desire to do better and do what God is asking of him. Accepted fecha (baptism) for the end of May. Finally.
Victor: we haven´t been able to find him forever, he is studying and working, and every weekend goes to Santiago because his rents live there. But we both felt like we needed to go to this one street that we like rarely go on, and while we were walking, lo and behold, VICTOR. He was so happy to see us and we just happened to be right by the church and told him that we wanted to give him a tour of the church so that he could see how it is. We took him on a tour and then he just started talking on how he never walks on the street and it was for something that he had to walk there and it was us! He just kept saying, for something I found you guys.
Luis: we clarified that I am like his little sister. Because he just turned 35 and I told him my brother is about that age... (sorry if its younger Kenny, don´t really remember) but he was like, so I´ll be your brother while you´re here in Chile and watch out for you. So cute! But he is progressing super well. Doesn´t want to accept a fecha (baptism date)  because he wants to be 100% sure to tell us because he doesn´t like saying yes and not completing it, but he loves what he hears and told us that he wants to see his brother that was baptized a few months ago and everyone says that he has changed drastically and he wants to see this change himself. Went to stake conference in a 15 passenger van with him and a couple other investigators and a family from the ward. So funny to pile in to that car... just imagine, Chilean van with no leg room.
Daniel: this guy stopped us in the street the other day and wanted to talk to us. We put a cita(appointment) with him and set it up to be in the church because he only rents a room in a house. We both just felt kinda weird about him but we had to go and let him hear the gospel. Basically told us that he has been in the dark, has done lots of things and has basically been to hell. Now he doesn´t want that and never wants to return. He wants to walk in the light. What better way to do that than the gospel, right? I think everyone in the world wants to be in the light, they just don´t know how to do it.
Luz and Lysette- this adorable Peruvian familiy! Super nice, way accepting, and Luz, the mom has heard of the mormons before, but never met with them so we are clearing up lots of things for her luckily! She´s great though. She wants to make us arroz con leche (rice pudding) because Hna Valencia es de (is from) Peru and I´ve been there. Just love this people. They make me so happy. Just want them to understand what we know.
This week had another intercambio, (exchanges) I will have them everyweek now, and in more time will have 2 everyweek. It’s crazy, but I like it because can help these new hnas that have arrived here and maybe now are training. But it was raining here on this intercambio and we were outside talking to this man and he got a phone call and answers it and instead of saying, ¨halo¨ he busts out with the song...”singing in the rain.”  But mostly just the tone because he doesn´t know the words. It was super funny!
Well, those are the highlights from the week.  Just gonna keep pushing, keep working with those we have and keep finding those that need the gospel.
The gospel is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior. The Priesthood is on the earth. What a great blessing and knowledge we have. I know if we read the scriptures everyday we will never lose our way. God hears our prayers. He loves us. This is the one and only true gospel, it’s the only way we will come to know our Savior completely, and the only way to return and live with Him.
Well, I´ll be see ¨seeing¨ you all Sunday :) hasta domingo (until Sunday)
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

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