Monday, May 27, 2013

Can´t believe it´s the last week in May. I was thinking about Janis and Gordon this week and how they only have a little time left. Like a month...and what they must be feeling after 3 years. I just imagine Janis laughing, breaking down in tears and excited to see her grandkids :) but anywho, this week was good! We had changes and I stayed here but am training again with Hna Perez from El Salvador. She’s new and just turned 19 in March, but she´s a good missionary. A little homesick, but she´ll get through it! 
Well, Luis finally got back this week and his baptism is planned for this week. It´s all fast so we´ll see if it happens, but he is just super sincere. Really one of the most sincere people I´ve ever met in my life I think. We taught him Chastity and Tithing the other day together in the same lesson.  He was just so chill about them both. Told us that he is gonna get money back soon from taxes and that when he gets it, it´ll be a big tithing! ha! Totally just understood it. ha! Also, he thanked us for doing what we are doing. For helping others understand how to live en acuerdo (in harmony) with God. He is excited and wants to do it... for his brother to be able to support him and help him change his life too!  The big brother of 6 and wants to be the example for all of his little bros.
Veronica. remember her? ya, she was awesome. We met with her a couple times this week and she was telling us that she was just so confused because everyone talks about different churches and stuff and then she just goes... ¨but what I know is that I believe in Christ¨ It was just so powerful and we taught her more about Christ and His church, the BOM, and everything. I was so happy to go visit her again and when we went her husband answered the door and basically told us never to return again. I was just SO sad, I want to talk to her because I know that she loved what we taught her, but her husband... who knows. Just left feeling... What happened? Hopefully we´ll find her when he husband isn´t there...
Natalia and Juaquin. We just decided to knock this small area of houses and she opened the door and explained to us that she was baptized when she was little with her family but hasn´t been to church in about 15 years and now doesn´t really believe in God because of what she´s studied. But she wanted to sing a hymn that she remembered with her little boy, Juaquin who is 9 and she was SO happy to sing it. It was cute and to see her feel so happy about a hymn and then we taught her little boy about the BOM with pictures and he just goes... wow, que bakan! (like.. how cool :) and is gonna read about Nefi and Laban with his mom.
We had an activity en our barrio (ward) this week and there was karaokee. it was hilarious! Good ward bonding with investigators and lots of menos activas (less actives) came. Now only if they´d come to CHURCH!
I was reading in 2 Nefi 15 this week and I love in versiculos (verses) 7-11 when it talks about have we asked God. I was thinking that if we don´t understand something it’s because we haven´t asked God. Even if we don´t undertand something he´ll make us feel good about it or that it really isn´t important to know. Also I was reading in Marcos when Christ ascends to live with His father and was thinking about that reunion between Christ and God and how happy God must have been to see His hijo (son) return having been 100% obedient and that because of Him all of His children can return to live with Him :)  I just love the scriptures and the things that I learn when I study them.
Well, this week was good. Changes are here.. and we are gonna hit the pavement and work hard. There are so many people that are close to accepting, but just haven´t yet! Just a little extra push and they can do it. I love this work. It’s SO wonderful to be here and help people come unto Christ.  
I love you all so much! think and pray for you daily!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
Familia Larrain.. they treat that dumb dog like its a child....

Angelica and Silvia... we had to leave them behind and move on!

Hna Perez and I :) 

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