Monday, April 15, 2013

Well, Cambios came. I am now back in Agua Santa where i was serving before. Mismo ward and everything, but honestly Im SUPER happy about it. This was the ward where i was with a harder comp, so now i can work with my new comp. Hna Valencia de Peru. I am finishing her training, she has been here for 6 weeks and honestly is just full of love. Shes great. has every desire to be obedient and work, so i know that well see milagros.

I was sad to leave Salamanca because i felt like id JUST gotten there. I really think its been the fastest transfer of my whole mission. but the last day i had there i really just wanted to go say bye to Urbano and Henry. But urbano wasn home and we hadn´t had time to go to where Henry works. So i was just kinda sad, but oh well i thought, i´ll write them a letter. but we were walking to a cita on the main street in Salamanca and i look up and up walks Urbano! I was SO happy to see him. I told him i was leaving and he was super sad, like almost started crying, abut told me that he was gonna keep going to church for us. I told him if he was going for us right now, that was ok, but that he needed to look for God and change that desire to go to Church for Him. He promised me that he would. Then we walked a little more and bam, there´s henry! It was a blessing from God. to be able to see both of them. amazing. but anywho, we talked to henry for a while. he said that he met us right when he needed to most, so I guess that some work was done in Salamanca. Just hope them and the other wonderful people i met there will progress to baptism!

My first 2 days back here in Agua Santa we put 3 fechas. they are all awesome! I really like being here again. I went to the ward yesterday and it felt like i was at home again, super strange. everyone remembered me and seemed happy that i was back! NOW i will work with this ward and help it grow. ITs awesome though this area. Every 20 seconds you can see the  ocean and itś just beautiful. love it. itś colder because the ocean, but worth it! also, lots of hills. :)

Thursday, i got a call from PResident. They now have Leaders in the mission that are Hnas and pres called me to be one. the term is Sister Traning Leaders. Basically what it is is that they want that ALL the Hnas are trained well and know how to work. so we will be doing lots of intercambios with the hnas in the whole mission. There are 4 others. Me, Hna Smith (mi hija) and 2 others. Iḿ really excited to be part of it. Every month we have to go to a council with the Zone Leaders and we had a meeting Friday with all of them Pres and Hna Kahnlein. It was GREAT to be part of this council. Its just pure power, all these liders of the mission and to be able to work with them is a priveledge! plus i get all the insights of whats happening in the mish. It´s cool too because now i will work closer with President Kahnlein. So if there is a problem with the Hnas or the Zone leaders want them to work different or something, they call and we set up an intercambio! should be good. Still new with it, but weĺl see how it goes. Everyone calls me... the Hna Zone leader, but thats not what it is. I'm new to it as well, so iĺl keep updating you once i get the hang of it and know more. we had lunch with all of this council Viernes and i was sitting by Pres and Hna Kahnlein and since he served his mission in AZ i was talking to them about going back and told them that our house is open if they ever decide to go visit... hope thats ok :)
They also told me that at one of the conferences the other week Silvana spoke, and she said that the reason she accepted us to go to her house because she´d never felt such love from someone that she´d just met! made me feel so happy. oh Silvana, i miss her and love her!

We were challenged to ask our parents, mom and dad... what kind of missionary to you think i am? and then when we get the response BE that missionary or better. so please tell me... what kind of missionary do you think i am??

this week we met some great people. some are now in progreso de bautismo. yay! Victor, Luis, Karina, Angelica. We are working with them and one thing i LOVED that karina said one day is that shes been looking for the right religion for a while now. And we related her to Jose Smith and how he found his answer and what she needed to do to get hers. I just KNOW that there are so many people here waiting. Definitely gonna go back for those that i was teaching while i was here the other time.

I just want you all to know that i LOVE being a missionary. there are hard days, long days, tears shed for the people, lots of changes (10th comp), the spirit felt muchisimo, and more than anything, lots to be learned. But honestly, its a priviledge (sp?) to be able to help people return to God. To be able to look at these people on the streets and imagine them in white and look for their potential and maybe not really how they are now. To help people understand the NEED for baptism and how they can feel that same happiness every week to take the Santa Cena is incredible. To see these people in darkness find the light of the Gospel is the best thing that i see while i´m here on the mission. I was reading this morning in Alma 33 and loved versiculos 19-23. go read them and pay attention to if we are the ones looking or the ones who lack faith or are just to lazy to look. or how it is talking here be saved from our Savior Jesus Christ who has made the way for EVERYONE of us. pay attention to the last verse the last 5 words. we have our agency. What a gift. God loves us. read it. i know you´ll love it.

Well family, here I am. about 2 minutes from the ocean and can literally hear the seagulls chirping. love it here. i am happy! Let me know if you guys need anything from my part. I always pray for each and every one of you, but if there is more i can do, let me know! LOVE YOU!

Keep smiling,

Hna Sargent
Hna Smith and I :)

some views from my new area

mi comp.


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