Monday, April 8, 2013

Wasn´t conferencia just wonderful. I know I´m getting a stronger testimony of the gospel when I feel super sad when it ends! I just remember before the mish I would sometimes just take a little snoozer and zone out, but now, its the MOST important thing that we could be doing that whole weekend. I´ll get to some of my favorite speakers later on! 

This week was harder than usual. Not gonna lie. I just feel like all these people that we´ve been teaching aren´t progressing anymore. They just are all caught up in other things and aren´t taking this as important that they should, but I guess that’s the mission for us, right? Just happens, but honestly just feels with everyone and not just one person. But we´ve still seen miracles. There always are... just have to look for them!


Well, remember Fransisco, sad news... we find out that he isn´t really married to this Hna in the ward, they are living together. ya, crazy, right? But he needs to get divorced and then get married which here in Chile honestly takes at least a year. But the thing is he wants it, just can´t at this time. It’s just crazy that we found out because we asked him straight up and he said yes and then this week asked him again, and then he told us with his ¨wife¨ (women he lives with) I feel bad for him because he needs to get everything in order to receive those blessings. Talked about him moving out, but that wasn´t an option for him. Just crazy because the lady in an active member. Don´t really get it, but that’s how it is.


We had the first Branch council in over a year here this week, kinda crazy! But we get a good statistic. The average attendance in the branch in Jan was 33, in Feb 34, and then in March- 48! It´s a HUGE jump. Lots of menos activos, (less actives) visitors, and investigators have made it jump up, but they totally just thanked Hna Paicely and I for it. I really don´t think it was us all the way, we´ve tried to do our best here and really help, but others too have been included. But good to see that it´s improving!


My eye has been irritated all week, just like really red, this is nowhere near Robbies kidney stones, I need to read his email more, but the Branch President came up to me and was like ¨hna, I´ve seen lots of missionaries pass through here, I know when they are sad or something happened and I know you feel like this because your eye is all red, have you been crying?¨ I was like, NO!! I´m good presidente, just so funny. I have these drops but they aren´t really working, I´ll give it one more day and then call the mission nurse again. ha! But he was super nice to be conserned for me I suppose :)


For our district meeting this week we did a cool activity you could all use in one way or another. We each had to find our fav scripture about Baptism and then stand up one by one in front of the baptismal font, read the scripture, bear testimony of the blessing that baptism brings, and then invite the room to be baptized. It was just really cool to see everyone do their own invitation solo and the spirit was super strong. Then our District leader testified that baptism is why we´re here. We need to talk about it everyday, every lesson, with every person, because it´s the only way that they´ll reach full happinesss. Thought you could maybe use that idea somehow with YM or mission prep, or Rob for you mish if you are DL one day!


John Henry- meh, he just likes to listen I decided but isn´t acting on anything, but is coming to church, so confusing! He just needs to read the BOM! I KNOW with my whole heart that his life would change. Now he isn´t scared, just is busy, so he says. He also expressed his love for Hna Paicely. Like serioulsy, not just the ¨I LOVE YOU¨ yells that we hear all the time here from men, but he openly told me that he likes her, but knows she’s a missionary and he would never act.  I had to relay this all to Hna Paicely and she was just like  ¨WHAT?¨ no, he just needs to get baptized.  But Henry, hopefully we see a change in him this week cause if not.. chau.


Urbano- he bought us earrings. so nice of him! He is just really confused with the gospel and we´re helping him, but his wife who is ALWAYS there talks WAY too much, so we´re gonna try to have lessons with just him or something. We need to. He is awesome, just needs to understand better so he can be a LIDER!


Funniest line of the whole mission maybe... ¨soy ateo, gracias a Dios¨ (i´m atheist, thanks to God) I heard it and just started laughing instantly. Couldn´t hold it in. Makes no sense! Seriously. But so funny. Still laugh about it.


ok, so conferenica! oh. Loved it so much.

some of my favorites...

Craig Cardon- ¨the Lord looks at our Desires and Acciones (actions) of our hearts and then forgives us¨

just liked his whole talk really, God loves us, so of course he forgives us when we mess up and then repent.


Elder Cook: Peace. How could I not like it right? But serioulsy, where do we find peace? In our Savior Jesus Christ. Peace is not only desirable, but a gift from God.


Elder Anderson- Go missionary work! He hit it RIGHT on the mark. Seriously. Loved when he said, go find your missionary badge and put it where you can see it. Also, when he said that ¨our desire to take the gospel to someone should take us to our knees¨


Elder Holland- how does he do it? EVERYTIME. He is a true discípulo (disciple) of Christ.


They were just all awesome, but those are some that I can remember of my head! The song I enjoyed so much was, ¨Where Love Is¨ haven´t heard that song in forever, but loved it.


Well, this week are changes, I think we´ll know tonight or tomorrow what happens. Lots of Hnas coming again so it´ll be good to see if there are lots of changes! Don´t want to leave, but I´ll do what the Lord wants me to do and do it happily :)


Love you all SO much. So thankful that we could hear the profeta and apostles this weekend and now we can start applying what they said in our lives TODAY!

Hope you´re all happy! Happy Birthday Jac and Skye this week! Party hard.


Keep smiling,


Hna Sargent

my district! 

conferencia en ingles! ha! ward clerk office :)

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