Monday, April 29, 2013

lots of good happened this week! always does. Really, the Lord is Kind and always looking out for us making sure that we are ok and finding those that need to be found right now!

Lets see here. just some of the people that we are teaching... 

Angelica and Siliva- Angelica is a little bit more receptive, but if she accepts her daughter listens so its good. they are older like 65 and 40 and live together and are passing through a time SUPER difícil in their lives, but they are getting through it. Angelica loves what she hears from us and in church and activities, ect, but she has this hard catholic tradition mind set that is holding her back. She also smokes so we are working with her on that and she is progressing slowly but surely. these Palabra de Sabiduría problemas are the hardest for these people. I´m just SO grateful it´s not a problem for me, honestly, least tempting thing= smoking. gross. but we asked her the baptismal questions and she is super close. not 100% converted, but she will be. just need to help her see those blessings that have come into her life since she started listening to the missionaries. 

Luis- shirtless Luis. ha! Hna Valencia... so funny. now we just joke about it, but i still think she feels awkward around him! Obviously he doesn´t know, but i can tell. ha! love these latin comps. make me happy. but he is progressing well hacia bautismo. yay! Yesterday he came to church for the first time and had to leave after Sacrament meeting because of committment he has had for a year. and i asked him what it was and it was his BIRTHDAY! turned 35. but he said that he was happy to have started this year living a commandment of Sabbath day. and that he liked church lots and wants to come back. He also is in 2 nefi 11 in the LDM. crazy. he is just ready for this change in his life. can´t wait to see him in white! 

Jessica- its this lady that stopped us in the street and wants to know more about Historia Familiar. shes solid. she has this great grandfather that she feels like she needs to find and figure out why he came to chile, ect ect. She was telling us what she knows about him and its like a movie. I want her to find this great grandfather. we testified that she has this feeling because he is trying to help her find something to help him and that its the Gospel of Jesucristo. The member that was with us is all about Fam History and they have plans to go together Friday to the center to look for him. Love when members are helpful with Investigadores. I want to be like that after the mish. 

I had another intercambio this week and guess where i went... back to Limache! ha! it was so strange to be back there for a day. walking my old turf. but it was great to work with the Hna there. got to meet her investogdores and all and shes new. it´s her 2nd change in the mission and she just was full of questions, but it´s fun to be able to help these Hnas. but the best thing is that I saw Juaquin and he is doing great. Also Silvana came with us on citas. she is also great. shes the 1st counselor in YW. But this just shows how kind the Lord is....

we´re sitting on the metro going back to Viña after the cambio and pull up to a station and guess who gets on... HILDING CARLSON (from my first area- he was baptized, my chilean father, ect) I WAS SOOOO happy to see him. he wanted to give me a hug, but i told him i was still a missionary, but we just sat there and talked to him for about 40 minutes to go back to vina and he is doing awesome. He is the 1st couselor in the Elders  Quorom Pres in the ward and always jokes about being Bishop (one day) His wife who was baptized with him is the secretary of R.S. and had her first talk yesterday in the church. It serioulsy made me so happy to see him. 

I really don´t know if there is greater joy that seeing the converts and seeing that they are progressing and are doing well. And that you have the feeling that you helped these people change and now there goal is the temple! the mission is challenging at times, but when you see people that have changed it just gives you a bigger desire to find more. just makes me so grateful to my Heavenly Father that He is taking care of them and that He wants them just like I do to be successful and understand this gospel. 

Hna Valencia is good. She has a really tough family life so if you could pray for her and that they´ll write here and stuff. she´s the only member so its hard for her. they hardly have anything and her parents have tons of health problems so she´s worried about them lots. this week was hard in particularmente.  but just if you could say a pray for that. But her english is awesome. can basicallly understand everything and is practicing lots so it´s good! also if the spanish speakers in the fam want to write her a dearelder or something in spanish that´d be great. its the same address as mine just with her name... Yamilet Valencia. I´m sure she´s appreciate it. nothing long, just a short note with your testimony, no sé, lo que quiera! 

Well, life is happy. it´s just great here. still loving the ward. i feel like this ward is the most like the states that i´ve been in here in Chile. not sure why.. maybe a longer time it´s been a ward. who knows. but they are just great people. 

The Church is true. Read the Book of Mormon. DO MISSIONARY WORK. pray for missionary work in your lives. i want to hear about the experiences that you are having as missionaries. the lord will bless you. just open your mouth, its the best thing that you could say to someone. If they regect, its their loss, not ours because WE HAVE IT and it´s out duty to share it. Love you all.

Keep Smiling, 

Hna Sargent
los elderes en mi distrito 

just a view from my area. no big deal

HILDING! (first area baptism with Riggs) yes. i saw him. will explain more in my papa. SOOOOO hAPPPPYYY!!! 

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