Monday, April 22, 2013

Hola Familia! Como están? Espero que todos estén bien y están disfrutando el primavera en AZ (o mom y dad en CA)! 

This week has been good! I´ve just loved being close to the ocean. I think i say like 100 times everyday. Its SO beautiful here. really, almost every spot in my area you can see the ocean. gives me more motivation to get out and work! 

I want to share with you 2 experiences that happened this week,

Monday night, we passed for a menos activo, but he wasn´t there. But his son was. We asked if we could share with his 14 year old son, Ronald, and he was glad to talk with us. We taught him the restauración and he was just soaking it up. We invite him to be baptized, to read, to pray, accepts all of it. he is just a little sponge, but 14 so sometimes inmature, but so funny! So when we were walking out the door I turned to him and said, I´m going to close the door and you should go pray RIGHT NOW so you don´t forget. he said yes, but i was like... ya, he´ll probsies forget. (ye of little faith) So we walk out the door, i close it, and i look in the window to see what he does, and i see this 14 year old boy with his head bowed, his arms crossed, and he is praying. It was one of the sweetest moments i think i´ve had on the mission. I´m not sure why it hit me like it did. but i really just felt like in the year 1820 a boy with the same age, did the same thing, and thanks to that prayer MY life is changed as well as many others. Now ronalds is in the process to change. 

Another experiencia, we have to travel about an hour in micro (bus) to our meetings. So after the meeting we get back on the bus and i sit next to this man. I share with him about the gospel, but he isnt really havin it. So we sit there for a while and i´m thinking, I REALLY want to go talk to that lady sitting there solo, but i felt weird getting up and moving after i´d already talked to this man, but i just kept feeling it. So i say goodbye to this man and change seats. I sit next to this lady and start small talking with her. Then we start talking about the church. She tells me that years ago she told the elders to go to her house, and when they got there her husband got really mad and told them to NEVER come back. Well, turns out a few years ago her husband died and now she´s remarried. She told me that maybe i had to talk to her now on the bus and that now is her time to hear about the gospel becuase her husband wouldn´t get mad. We were talking about baptism and she accepted to be baptized if she felt it and then asked me.. ¨what happens to those who don´t have missionaries like you where they live?¨ I explain to here that there are missionaries in ALL parts of the world and that the number is increasing just so we can share our message! I took her address and all, and passed it along to the leaders. I just hope that she accepts. she´s ready, just needs to hear all of this! 

This week had intercambios for this new position i have. it was good! I like being able to help other people understand the importance of obedience and helping them feel more comfortable. still new at this, but it´s also a good way to get to know other Hnas better. 

Also interviews with Pres Kahnlein. Really he is just awesome. one day he WILL be in the 70 or something. just waiting for the day to hear his name announced in Conferencia. I just feel like he is getting to know me a lot better. Who i am, how i work, ect ect and can really help me and really understand now. I asked if i could stay until Jan but he shot that down quickly. but told me to work twice as hard everyday and it´d be like i´m here until Jan! liked that advice. He also asked me in enlgish.. ¨are you happy?¨ totally reminded me of dad! 

Luis read 11 chapters of the LDM. he is awesome. so funny... the other night we passed by his house and he opened the door without a shirt, he is a personal trainer so it´s not like he is fat or anything, but we put a cita for him and left. we just laughed because we haven´t seen anyone like that in a while now. but i totally forgot about it. we went back to teach him and while we were teaching Hna Valencia was being all weird, just not herself. After the lesson i asked her.. ¨esta bien?¨and she just starts laughing of embarassment. She then goes on to tell me that she just couldn´t take him serioulsy after seeing with wtihout a shirt. Now it´s just a joke, but serioulsy, Luis is good. he is progressing well and wants to know. just hasn´t recienved his respuesta yet! 

Yesterday we taught a jewish man, interesting to teach him when he doesn´t believe Christ has come, but he accepted a BOM and is gonna read when Christ came to the americas! i was wishing that dad would be there because he took that jewish class and all. i´m sure it could have been helpful. but hopefully he progresses and likes what he reads. 

ahhh.... tiempo, well, anywho, we are doing work here in Agua Santa. Love being back here. really, so great! I know that this is the MOST important work there is here.... open your mouths, invite, it won´t hurt ANYONE. God will only bless you with people who need it if you keep doing it! 
its the best thing that you can tell them. saw a quote this week that says... ¨We have the greatest message in the world! We should be SO excited to jump out of bed and set the world on fire!¨ -L. Tom Perry so lets do it. set this world on FIRE!! 

Love you and pray for you all,

Keep Smiling, 

Hna Sargent
Hna Valencia and I :)


view of Valparaiso

 i just can´t get over how beautiful it is here... missed the sunset at the beach!
 tourist stuff this morning... literally one street from my area! 

just love being close to the beach... we´re looking at the same ocean mom! :) 

foto de mi zona! last week! thought you´d want to see it. 

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