Monday, March 11, 2013

well, this week sure just seemed to fly by, not sure about you guys, but really, it´s monday again. 

ok, Q looks so cute and seems happy! glad you´re treating her well. Be her family until hers gets home! 

Happy Birthday to Makenna and Byron this week! whoo-who! can´t beleive that you´re all growing up and getting so big. hope you all eat some yummy cake for me :) know that i love you and will be thinking of you that day!  

REally this week was just WAY fast. really can´t beleive it. We´ve found some great people, some interesting, and some from all over the world. 

First off because there are NO hermana missionaries in this whole zone it´s about 4 hours north and 4 hours south until you´ll see another everyone is just so happy to see us. many people let us in and teach them, but then they don´t want to really progress. not all, just some. but at least we have the chance to teach and tesify and thats whats most important. Especially with Hna Paicely in training. she´s doing SO good. she gets frustrated with the language lots, but she´ll get it. and her work ethic and diligence is awesome, so this gives her oportunidades to teach and testificar. but we have some great ones! 

Karina. ok, this girl, we just randomly knocked her door our second day here and we went back but she wasn´t there... so we passed by again and she let us in. she is looking for this gospel. She has a notebook and is writing the answers down to the questions of the folletos and is awesome. i think the best lesson 1- the restauración from my whole mission has been with her. she just understood everything. Asked us.. ¨so all the churches in the world now are wrong?¨ when we were talking about the Apostasía and loved hearing about Jose Smith. just loved it. The unica cosa is that shes convivo. living with her BF. blah, but we are working with her. Fam proclamation to the Workd, ect. She loves it. I just hope that she´ll get married, or leave that house so she can be baptized because she wants it. 

Perla and Glenny- these people, i with i was teaching with Melissa Marshall. i just know she´d love them and there accents. they are from the Domincan Republic (i know you all just thought of In The Heights) and they are HILARIOUS. like seriously. During one of the prayers this week Hna Paicely was saying it and right in the middle Glenny yells out. ¨Oiga, no te escucho, habla mas fuertepo¨ (wait, i don´t hear you, talk louder) Talk about the spirit leaving for a second. But they are good. they both have hard lives, are working here but have kids in the DR and are just spunky and full of life. have lots of faith in God and just need the gospel NOW in there lives. They are doing good, praying that they´ll progress. 

We found this lady yesterday who just opened her door, i felt super strongly when she answered that i had to testify of families and how our message helps us progress and ser mas unida. she let us right in, and it came down to that she wants her 3 hijos to know more about God and learn about Him and she likes how our church has classes for them. also liked hearing about Soc soc and how she can learn how to be a better mother. She said it was hard to be living with her BF, another one not married, but i told her that i´d bring her a copy of the Fam Proc to read and she was SO happy about it. i want to meet her bf too and see how he is! maybe this is my family! :)

The other day we had lunch with the presidenta de Soc soc and she gave us this yummy pasta with pesto. side note... EVERYONE gives us food, drinks, ect ect ect. it´s ridiculous. if we say no, they still give it to us. i´ve never been in an area like this. good think i exercise in the mornings. but anywho, this pasta was bomb but way too much. Hna Paicely was like dying, every 3 seconds i´d hear a small sigh and i knew she was about to give in. but she diligintely ate all of her food and then the hna brings out 8 peaches, 4 for each for dessert and hna paicely just belts out ¨CUATRO¨ i lost it, i was so full, i understood exactly how she felt and i was like... no way 4 peaches are fitting in my stomach right now, but after laughter i explained to the hna that we´d be happy to take them for later on when we´re hngry again. we left the house and just were SO full. ridiculosly full. but funny.  

There are lots of menos activvas here. we are working with them. We went and visited one and he said that he´d never let the elders in, but the hermanas always because he was baptized by hnas and just loves them. Reminds me lots of Hna Apablaza so i know that he´ll come back with time. Another hna Irma, she came back to church sunday for the first time in years. it´s just crazy what one small visit can do for others and how they just need a little reminder maybe. but sad story, when we were with Hna she fell in her house, shes like 80ish and is unstable, but she fell, i felt so bad but i was like 2 seconds too late to catch her, but i just dropped my stuff and sprinted over to help her. luckily she didn´t get too badly injured, just a bruise i think. but so sad. don´t want to get old. KEEP EXERCISING G&G, it´ll help you! everyone for that matter :) 

This rama is chico. but it´s good. lots of love, not a ton of support in the obra misional but we´re helping them. We are now teaching YW and also Seminary to the youth. it´s good to do, and i´m happy to do it. it´s just prep time that we could be using for investigators but i know that God will bless us for helping the ward. i just know that there are lots of people who are capable of doing it. sometimes i feel like the brach pres saw missionaries and says.. oh ya, they´ll do it, but there isn´t really revelation for these callings. It´s a small branch but i honestly think to give people callings, they´d be better members and more supportive, but it´s ok! I am happy to help. just gonna look for the liders still. 

well, I am happy here in Salamanca. the sun is still shining and i just hope winter doesn´t come too soon. need to mentally prepare myself for that. but i love this work. I just cant seem to do everything i want to do in one day. they just seem to go quickly. but know that i love you all. know that i have a testimonio of this gospel. i love it. I am so grateful for it. we are blessed. don´t know how many times i´ve said that this past year in emails, but i hope you all understand how blessed we are. 

hasta lunes. Keep Smiling, 

hna Sargent
fam apablaza before i left Limahce!

Hna PAz and Hna Contreras! 

this dog was hilarious... not really sure why. 

EVERYONE serves us sandía and it´s a forth of the whole thing... can´t complain though, i love it. 

Hna Paicely and I :) shes half somoan and half black!
activad today... completos. lets just say if hnas weren´t there it wouldn´t have looked this good.
last one and NOT for the BLOG!! 
sometimes this is just how i feel at the end of the day and my hair has to just be put up!! 

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