Monday, March 4, 2013

Well, thanks for reminding me everyone, that my year mark hits this week... seriously, SO WEIRD. I don´t like it. I feel like I have like 6 months in the mish. just want to be a missionary forever! Lets just stick with Robbies countdown, not mine :) 
Well, this week was just SOOOO fast. Did anyone feel that? Seriously, maybe it was the transfers, leaving Limahce, or a new area, but it´s just SO fast. Anywho, it was still great.
Let’s just say it was sad to say bye to Limahce... after 6 months, lots of Love for the people there. I really didn´t feel like I was leaving, but when it was time to leave, I was sad. I remember someone told me once ¨when you leave an area it should feel like your heart is breaking, and when it breaks, it means that you´ve given your all.¨ But the last day there we moved houses and I had to help get that one ready for the next hnas that come, then Silvanas family took us to Viña! Silvana just cried when I had to say bye to her. So sad, it´s crazy the relaciones (relations) that are formed on the mish, but I know I´ll see her again and we´ll skype mucho despues la mision! (Skype much after the mission) I really loved Limache, but now it´s time for a new adventure and new milagros (miracles)!
This new swarm of missionaries came in this week. 33 in total. 17 hnas! It was a very spiritual change meeting. It was just powerful to think of this work moving on, growing more. Hna Riggs and her mom were there mom! I saw her and she gave me a huge hug from you, and she was crying! They gave me the package from you guys, and also they had brought me one too, with a shirt and earrings, so nice! Thank you for the package! Loved it. It was fun to see her and talk to her and hna Riggs before she leaves. Can´t believe that she´s gone. Strange.
But I got my new comp and this meeting. Hna Paicely from St. George! She’s great. She just wants to be perfect in the language now and it´s hard. I honestly feel SO blessed though with the language that I had and was able to communicate when I got here. It wasn´t perfect by any means, but I never had a melt down about it, and she’s had a few, but she honestly speaks good and just needs to have more confidence, so we´re working hard on that. She just wants to be a great missionary, has a strong testimony and a huge desire to work which is great. Reminds me of Brooke Foster sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I just start laughing cause it´s something Brooke would do!
My new area: its called Salamanca. It´s about 6 hours in bus from Viña going north, close to Illapel. It´s a small community, with farms and desert, just google it! ha!  We didn´t get here until about 1;30 in the morning Thursday and it´s a new area. There hasn´t been hnas here in this Branch for about 15 years! Everyone is SO shocked that there are hermanas here. The branch is small... like 30 people, I think it´s struggling a little bit, but it´s all good. They really just need help, lideres (leaders), and more Fe (faith).
Presidente came up to me after the change meeting and told me that he felt very strongly that I needed to be in this area and open it. Said it´ll be hard, but I want you to look for people who could be liders (leaders) in the church and teach them.  Pray for that specifically.  Then Hna Kahnlein came up to me after and said to Hna Paicely that she was lucky to have me as a trainer and that President trusts in me alot with this new place. So right now we are trying our best to know the area. We have seen lots of people open their doors and are just trying to find new investigators and work with the menos activas (less actives) cause there is like 300.
We have had at least 5 people tell us that we´ll convince everyone to come to church and be baptized because we´re way prettier than the Elders. ha! So funny. Skye always taught me flirt to convert, but that does NOT work on the mission nor do I want it to work here on the mission! Truly converted is my goal :)
Since we only have about 4 days here we are still finding lots of people. But yesterday there was this man named Oscar.  He has 92 years old and he understands EVERYTHING. I thought he was like 75, but we were talking to him and he told us that he is sick and it´s because of his pecados ( sins). He honestly feels bad for his sins and we talked to him about Baptism and repentance and he said I´d pay to live these last parts of my life with a path to God. It was just awesome. The only thing that will impide (is that a word?) is his health and getting to church.  But it´s Marzo de Milagros (March of Miracles) so it´s possible. It´d be so cute to see this little old man get baptized and know God before he moves on from this life! We´ll see what happens with him.
Lots of people here live together, like LOTS. But just gotta get them married and listo (ready).
Dad asked me some questions I´m gonna answer:
 Tell about your church time.  Do you ever have to teach? Which classes do you go to? How is leadership?
Well, this ward is way different than the others I´ve been in... we are in charge here to teach YW and every other week the Gospel Principios class so ya, we teach lots. My other wards, just once in a while. There were teachers for those. But the leadership is goodish, it´s just different than the states. This branch doesn´t have too many that are leaders, but the other wards there were good leaders. It’s just new still here I think to Chile! But they´re good. Just haven´t learned what the leadership entails. Does that help?

Do you ever get to the beach areas for Zone or other meetings?
When I was in Viña, yes. And we only go to Viña if there is a whole mission conference or changes. We went to the acutal beach once for an actividad (activity). But now I´m about 2-3 hours away from a beach, that’s what people say. So don´t think I´ll be seeing the ocean for a while :)

Well, I don´t even know if this email makes sense... just feel like it´s all over the place. But I am happy and that’s what matters. I´ve decided it doesn´t matter where I go to serve because it´s the same gospel in every place and everyone needs it! Love the mission. Glad I´m training again. It makes me a better missionary!

Also, one of the nuevos (new missionaries) came up to me and goes. Hna, I´ve been blog stalking you for about 4 months! Thanks for everything! ha. Glad my blog is helping someone :)

Glad to hear you´re all doing well. This week we want to find 3 people that can be baptized in March! Pray for us please :)

Love you all muchísimo!!

Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

p.s. Our house is HM. It´s seriously huge. and we step out and we´re in the main plaza here. I love it!

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