Monday, March 18, 2013

Hola Familia-
Another week that just flew by! Seriously, so fast. And sometimes I just don´tt know how I can keep doing this schedule, at times I feel beyond exhausted, but with a little pray and water I seem to find my way!
This week was great. We had to travel 2 hours in bus to go to a conference with a couple other zones. It was awesome. Just love to meet as a whole group of missionaries, president and hna Kahnlein! It´s just fun. We talked a lot about helping the members, how our prayers need to be better and how to act on the Spirit and have Faith. It was very good. Some of the things or quotes that I liked and want to share with you :
Pres told a story of a 90 year old lady who just recently got baptized and just received her patriarchal blessing and in the blessing it said that she should have had the chance to accept the gospel when she was younger but the missionaries who were gonna teach her decided not to serve or couldn´t. then Pres thanked us all for being there and being able to find those people NOW who need the gospel and not have them wait years. Just crazy how the plan all works out but how every detail counts.
Also this quote: experience is what you get when you don´t get what you want
I also really enjoyed talking to Hna Kahnlein this time. We were the only other hnas there so it was just fun to talk to her and to get to know her better. She´s awesome. Can´t imagine how she does it with her kiddos.
These week we´ve found some great people and seen progress with others. They seriously ALL just need to get married. I don´t know why it´s so hard for people here in Chile. Like, they´re basically married just with out the paperwork. Just go sign at the registro civil and listo!
But Evelyn- we found here and she wants the gospel for her family! We taught her the restoration because she had questions about the sacerdocio and everything after the new pope was named, but we taught her and we get to the BOM and are explaining it and she goes, ¨no normal man could write all of this, so it has to be from God!¨  WHO SAYS A QUOTE THAT ELDER HOLLAND SAID ONCE? Seriously, it´s like she was listening to Elder Holland right  before we came. But it´s so true. The LDM is powerful, anyone who reads it will change there life to follow what it teaches us. And if they don´t, they aren´t really reading it!
Oracio- he wanted us to speak to him in Ingles because he lived in the USA for years. Lets just say, I can´t speak English very well. Especially the gospel terms. So sad, but it was funny. Just all laughed about it. But he is great too. Soaked up the lesson like a spounge and said, you guys have a church here in Salamanca? We answered, yes! And he said. ¨I will go¨. He also talked about how the world is just confused with the religions and everyone should try to find the write one. Think he´ll be getting his answer here quickly.
Karina. Is still great, but doesn´t want to get married, so we are helping her with that, also she is moving soon too, hopefully she´ll stay in our area, if not, sad.
Oh my gosh, time is going way to fast today! But I want to send pics so i´m gonna send this off. I have so much more I want to say, but oh well. Life goes on.
Just know that i´m happy and that I love the mission. Like always. 

hna paicely is doing well. gets very very stressed about the language, just pray for her! even though she´´s doing great! just lack of confidence! 

Love you all,

keep smiling,
Hna Sargent

yes, i am a giant in chile. hope you get a laugh at these ones! 
one of Hna Paicely and i at the conference. right in a beach town if you can see it atras! so beautiful :) 

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