Monday, March 25, 2013

mi familia! espero que sepan que les quiero muchísimo! (family! i hope you all know how much i love you!)
this week passed so fast. like it was just monday to me. i still think this whole new area and all is why it´s flying by! can´t believe it. but it´s all good.
I´m just really grateful for the Spirit this week and the little promptings we get everyday from the Spirit and if we follow them how we can really receive more and more... this week we felt the little promptings lots, just want to share some experiences with you all...
Viviana and Ruben- we were walking on the street, on a way to a cita (appointment) and we passed a mom, dad, and 2 kids, with tons of groceries. we passed and then i just knew i needed to turn and talk to them. We talked to them for a while, got there address and had a cita with them. it was great. they have 3 kids, 7 year old twins (boy and girl) and then a 11 year old, Jordan. We taught them and they had met and heard from missionaries before, but nothing happened. taught them a great lesson and then invited them to be baptized. well, viviana accepts baptism, but can´t because they aren´t REALLY married (EVERYONE HERE- it´s crazy) but then her son, Jordan (11) goes... ¨but me, si!¨ and i asked him why he wanted to be baptized and he just looks at me and goes, ¨to be with Jesus¨ how precious is that. I know that this family is ready. they need it, they want it, Ruben just needs to put a ring on it!
John Henry- we were walking through the plaza to head to lunch, we are walking, get the the crosswalk and have to wait. it turns green, but i see this black man walking towards us. hna Paicely says... lets go, and i say, wait, i want to contact this man. So we wait on the other side of the street and we stop him, start talking, end up teaching him a lesson in the plaza, and at the end Hna Paicely asked him why he is here in Chile, because he is from Colombia. He answers saying, i don´t really know, and we testify that we know why and that he needs to hear our message. We invite him to church and he says he´ll try. Well call him sunday and wake him up and he was like.. we´ll see. The opening hymn is being sung and he hasn´t showed up yet. i felt to turn around, so i did and there is Henry, waiting to come in uncomfortably. but he came! stayed for church and is VERY intelligent in the bible, waas a missionary in the evangelical church for a while, and then got far from it. During the sacrament i gave him a folleto (pamphlet)  to read about the sacrament and repentance and baptism, ect... he reads a quote on Repetance and turns to me and says.. ¨i need this, this is how i feel¨ He is awesome. just like REALLY smart. beleives that God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost are one, but hey, we have the restored gospel and that trumps everything else, right? oh henry. he is great!
Sergio- this joven (young man) of 25 años (years). found him contacted one day and he doesn´t believe in God much, well he does, but i think he is trying to be more like artsy and not wanting to believe in God. but, we taught him and asked him to say the pray at the end. he accepted and we asked him who he prays to when he prays and he said ¨algo¨(something) ¨las estrellas¨ (the stars) but we taught him how to pray and WHO is was praying to and he says this prayer... no joke 10 minutes. prays for everything from kids in africa, to politics, to chile, to basketball. he really just expressed what he was feeling. afterwards it was funny cause he just said all these chilean words, but he was sincere and thats what really matters. who cares what he prays for, he prayed to God and i know that God was just SO happy that he was able to do it correctly.
Urbano. un menos activo (less active) went to his house but he wasn´t home but used the bathroom of his wife and while we were there, got home! taught him and told him that in church i´lm gonna have a post it with your name on it so you can´t miss church. and guess who showed up in this white shirt and tie and sat in the seat with his name on it! Urbano :) He told me that he saved the little paper in his suit coat to remind him everytime he wears it why he came back to church. now he says he will be there next week, and after, and after, and forever! just gotta get him to the temple to be sealed with his wife!
This week i guess in Salamanca is like crazy for Semana Santa (Holy week/easter week). it´s like one of the biggest fairias (holidays) in Chile. people come from everywhere to sell there goods and buy things that they probsies don´t even need, but i´m excited. i know there are tons of gatherings in the plaza, right by the catholic church with like celebrations of Chirst and stuff... i think it´ll be interesting. just sad to me that these Catholics celebrate the death of Christ and not his birth. He LIVES! i know it and thats what we should be celebrating. not the death. but i hope you all have a HAPPY EASTER. hope the easter bunny visits and that you can dye some easter eggs.
Plans for today... gonna go eat at this chinese food place that looks bomb. haven´t had chinese food in over a year, but it´s chinese people who work there. why they are in chile, beats me, but hey, everyone needs a taste of there culture! 
Know that i love you all mucho and am working hard to get these milagros (miracles) here in Salamanca. People are progressing, people are acercando a Cristo!(coming closer to Christ) that´s my purpose. So glad that we have the Espíritu (spirit) to help us and lead us to know what we need to do in our lives. live worthy everyday to be able to have a little bit more of the Spirit in your lives. Study it, pray for it, and recibirán! (receive)
Love you all.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

still a giant

this is a live parrot on my head!! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hola Familia-
Another week that just flew by! Seriously, so fast. And sometimes I just don´tt know how I can keep doing this schedule, at times I feel beyond exhausted, but with a little pray and water I seem to find my way!
This week was great. We had to travel 2 hours in bus to go to a conference with a couple other zones. It was awesome. Just love to meet as a whole group of missionaries, president and hna Kahnlein! It´s just fun. We talked a lot about helping the members, how our prayers need to be better and how to act on the Spirit and have Faith. It was very good. Some of the things or quotes that I liked and want to share with you :
Pres told a story of a 90 year old lady who just recently got baptized and just received her patriarchal blessing and in the blessing it said that she should have had the chance to accept the gospel when she was younger but the missionaries who were gonna teach her decided not to serve or couldn´t. then Pres thanked us all for being there and being able to find those people NOW who need the gospel and not have them wait years. Just crazy how the plan all works out but how every detail counts.
Also this quote: experience is what you get when you don´t get what you want
I also really enjoyed talking to Hna Kahnlein this time. We were the only other hnas there so it was just fun to talk to her and to get to know her better. She´s awesome. Can´t imagine how she does it with her kiddos.
These week we´ve found some great people and seen progress with others. They seriously ALL just need to get married. I don´t know why it´s so hard for people here in Chile. Like, they´re basically married just with out the paperwork. Just go sign at the registro civil and listo!
But Evelyn- we found here and she wants the gospel for her family! We taught her the restoration because she had questions about the sacerdocio and everything after the new pope was named, but we taught her and we get to the BOM and are explaining it and she goes, ¨no normal man could write all of this, so it has to be from God!¨  WHO SAYS A QUOTE THAT ELDER HOLLAND SAID ONCE? Seriously, it´s like she was listening to Elder Holland right  before we came. But it´s so true. The LDM is powerful, anyone who reads it will change there life to follow what it teaches us. And if they don´t, they aren´t really reading it!
Oracio- he wanted us to speak to him in Ingles because he lived in the USA for years. Lets just say, I can´t speak English very well. Especially the gospel terms. So sad, but it was funny. Just all laughed about it. But he is great too. Soaked up the lesson like a spounge and said, you guys have a church here in Salamanca? We answered, yes! And he said. ¨I will go¨. He also talked about how the world is just confused with the religions and everyone should try to find the write one. Think he´ll be getting his answer here quickly.
Karina. Is still great, but doesn´t want to get married, so we are helping her with that, also she is moving soon too, hopefully she´ll stay in our area, if not, sad.
Oh my gosh, time is going way to fast today! But I want to send pics so i´m gonna send this off. I have so much more I want to say, but oh well. Life goes on.
Just know that i´m happy and that I love the mission. Like always. 

hna paicely is doing well. gets very very stressed about the language, just pray for her! even though she´´s doing great! just lack of confidence! 

Love you all,

keep smiling,
Hna Sargent

yes, i am a giant in chile. hope you get a laugh at these ones! 
one of Hna Paicely and i at the conference. right in a beach town if you can see it atras! so beautiful :) 

Monday, March 11, 2013

well, this week sure just seemed to fly by, not sure about you guys, but really, it´s monday again. 

ok, Q looks so cute and seems happy! glad you´re treating her well. Be her family until hers gets home! 

Happy Birthday to Makenna and Byron this week! whoo-who! can´t beleive that you´re all growing up and getting so big. hope you all eat some yummy cake for me :) know that i love you and will be thinking of you that day!  

REally this week was just WAY fast. really can´t beleive it. We´ve found some great people, some interesting, and some from all over the world. 

First off because there are NO hermana missionaries in this whole zone it´s about 4 hours north and 4 hours south until you´ll see another everyone is just so happy to see us. many people let us in and teach them, but then they don´t want to really progress. not all, just some. but at least we have the chance to teach and tesify and thats whats most important. Especially with Hna Paicely in training. she´s doing SO good. she gets frustrated with the language lots, but she´ll get it. and her work ethic and diligence is awesome, so this gives her oportunidades to teach and testificar. but we have some great ones! 

Karina. ok, this girl, we just randomly knocked her door our second day here and we went back but she wasn´t there... so we passed by again and she let us in. she is looking for this gospel. She has a notebook and is writing the answers down to the questions of the folletos and is awesome. i think the best lesson 1- the restauración from my whole mission has been with her. she just understood everything. Asked us.. ¨so all the churches in the world now are wrong?¨ when we were talking about the Apostasía and loved hearing about Jose Smith. just loved it. The unica cosa is that shes convivo. living with her BF. blah, but we are working with her. Fam proclamation to the Workd, ect. She loves it. I just hope that she´ll get married, or leave that house so she can be baptized because she wants it. 

Perla and Glenny- these people, i with i was teaching with Melissa Marshall. i just know she´d love them and there accents. they are from the Domincan Republic (i know you all just thought of In The Heights) and they are HILARIOUS. like seriously. During one of the prayers this week Hna Paicely was saying it and right in the middle Glenny yells out. ¨Oiga, no te escucho, habla mas fuertepo¨ (wait, i don´t hear you, talk louder) Talk about the spirit leaving for a second. But they are good. they both have hard lives, are working here but have kids in the DR and are just spunky and full of life. have lots of faith in God and just need the gospel NOW in there lives. They are doing good, praying that they´ll progress. 

We found this lady yesterday who just opened her door, i felt super strongly when she answered that i had to testify of families and how our message helps us progress and ser mas unida. she let us right in, and it came down to that she wants her 3 hijos to know more about God and learn about Him and she likes how our church has classes for them. also liked hearing about Soc soc and how she can learn how to be a better mother. She said it was hard to be living with her BF, another one not married, but i told her that i´d bring her a copy of the Fam Proc to read and she was SO happy about it. i want to meet her bf too and see how he is! maybe this is my family! :)

The other day we had lunch with the presidenta de Soc soc and she gave us this yummy pasta with pesto. side note... EVERYONE gives us food, drinks, ect ect ect. it´s ridiculous. if we say no, they still give it to us. i´ve never been in an area like this. good think i exercise in the mornings. but anywho, this pasta was bomb but way too much. Hna Paicely was like dying, every 3 seconds i´d hear a small sigh and i knew she was about to give in. but she diligintely ate all of her food and then the hna brings out 8 peaches, 4 for each for dessert and hna paicely just belts out ¨CUATRO¨ i lost it, i was so full, i understood exactly how she felt and i was like... no way 4 peaches are fitting in my stomach right now, but after laughter i explained to the hna that we´d be happy to take them for later on when we´re hngry again. we left the house and just were SO full. ridiculosly full. but funny.  

There are lots of menos activvas here. we are working with them. We went and visited one and he said that he´d never let the elders in, but the hermanas always because he was baptized by hnas and just loves them. Reminds me lots of Hna Apablaza so i know that he´ll come back with time. Another hna Irma, she came back to church sunday for the first time in years. it´s just crazy what one small visit can do for others and how they just need a little reminder maybe. but sad story, when we were with Hna she fell in her house, shes like 80ish and is unstable, but she fell, i felt so bad but i was like 2 seconds too late to catch her, but i just dropped my stuff and sprinted over to help her. luckily she didn´t get too badly injured, just a bruise i think. but so sad. don´t want to get old. KEEP EXERCISING G&G, it´ll help you! everyone for that matter :) 

This rama is chico. but it´s good. lots of love, not a ton of support in the obra misional but we´re helping them. We are now teaching YW and also Seminary to the youth. it´s good to do, and i´m happy to do it. it´s just prep time that we could be using for investigators but i know that God will bless us for helping the ward. i just know that there are lots of people who are capable of doing it. sometimes i feel like the brach pres saw missionaries and says.. oh ya, they´ll do it, but there isn´t really revelation for these callings. It´s a small branch but i honestly think to give people callings, they´d be better members and more supportive, but it´s ok! I am happy to help. just gonna look for the liders still. 

well, I am happy here in Salamanca. the sun is still shining and i just hope winter doesn´t come too soon. need to mentally prepare myself for that. but i love this work. I just cant seem to do everything i want to do in one day. they just seem to go quickly. but know that i love you all. know that i have a testimonio of this gospel. i love it. I am so grateful for it. we are blessed. don´t know how many times i´ve said that this past year in emails, but i hope you all understand how blessed we are. 

hasta lunes. Keep Smiling, 

hna Sargent
fam apablaza before i left Limahce!

Hna PAz and Hna Contreras! 

this dog was hilarious... not really sure why. 

EVERYONE serves us sandía and it´s a forth of the whole thing... can´t complain though, i love it. 

Hna Paicely and I :) shes half somoan and half black!
activad today... completos. lets just say if hnas weren´t there it wouldn´t have looked this good.
last one and NOT for the BLOG!! 
sometimes this is just how i feel at the end of the day and my hair has to just be put up!! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Well, thanks for reminding me everyone, that my year mark hits this week... seriously, SO WEIRD. I don´t like it. I feel like I have like 6 months in the mish. just want to be a missionary forever! Lets just stick with Robbies countdown, not mine :) 
Well, this week was just SOOOO fast. Did anyone feel that? Seriously, maybe it was the transfers, leaving Limahce, or a new area, but it´s just SO fast. Anywho, it was still great.
Let’s just say it was sad to say bye to Limahce... after 6 months, lots of Love for the people there. I really didn´t feel like I was leaving, but when it was time to leave, I was sad. I remember someone told me once ¨when you leave an area it should feel like your heart is breaking, and when it breaks, it means that you´ve given your all.¨ But the last day there we moved houses and I had to help get that one ready for the next hnas that come, then Silvanas family took us to Viña! Silvana just cried when I had to say bye to her. So sad, it´s crazy the relaciones (relations) that are formed on the mish, but I know I´ll see her again and we´ll skype mucho despues la mision! (Skype much after the mission) I really loved Limache, but now it´s time for a new adventure and new milagros (miracles)!
This new swarm of missionaries came in this week. 33 in total. 17 hnas! It was a very spiritual change meeting. It was just powerful to think of this work moving on, growing more. Hna Riggs and her mom were there mom! I saw her and she gave me a huge hug from you, and she was crying! They gave me the package from you guys, and also they had brought me one too, with a shirt and earrings, so nice! Thank you for the package! Loved it. It was fun to see her and talk to her and hna Riggs before she leaves. Can´t believe that she´s gone. Strange.
But I got my new comp and this meeting. Hna Paicely from St. George! She’s great. She just wants to be perfect in the language now and it´s hard. I honestly feel SO blessed though with the language that I had and was able to communicate when I got here. It wasn´t perfect by any means, but I never had a melt down about it, and she’s had a few, but she honestly speaks good and just needs to have more confidence, so we´re working hard on that. She just wants to be a great missionary, has a strong testimony and a huge desire to work which is great. Reminds me of Brooke Foster sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I just start laughing cause it´s something Brooke would do!
My new area: its called Salamanca. It´s about 6 hours in bus from Viña going north, close to Illapel. It´s a small community, with farms and desert, just google it! ha!  We didn´t get here until about 1;30 in the morning Thursday and it´s a new area. There hasn´t been hnas here in this Branch for about 15 years! Everyone is SO shocked that there are hermanas here. The branch is small... like 30 people, I think it´s struggling a little bit, but it´s all good. They really just need help, lideres (leaders), and more Fe (faith).
Presidente came up to me after the change meeting and told me that he felt very strongly that I needed to be in this area and open it. Said it´ll be hard, but I want you to look for people who could be liders (leaders) in the church and teach them.  Pray for that specifically.  Then Hna Kahnlein came up to me after and said to Hna Paicely that she was lucky to have me as a trainer and that President trusts in me alot with this new place. So right now we are trying our best to know the area. We have seen lots of people open their doors and are just trying to find new investigators and work with the menos activas (less actives) cause there is like 300.
We have had at least 5 people tell us that we´ll convince everyone to come to church and be baptized because we´re way prettier than the Elders. ha! So funny. Skye always taught me flirt to convert, but that does NOT work on the mission nor do I want it to work here on the mission! Truly converted is my goal :)
Since we only have about 4 days here we are still finding lots of people. But yesterday there was this man named Oscar.  He has 92 years old and he understands EVERYTHING. I thought he was like 75, but we were talking to him and he told us that he is sick and it´s because of his pecados ( sins). He honestly feels bad for his sins and we talked to him about Baptism and repentance and he said I´d pay to live these last parts of my life with a path to God. It was just awesome. The only thing that will impide (is that a word?) is his health and getting to church.  But it´s Marzo de Milagros (March of Miracles) so it´s possible. It´d be so cute to see this little old man get baptized and know God before he moves on from this life! We´ll see what happens with him.
Lots of people here live together, like LOTS. But just gotta get them married and listo (ready).
Dad asked me some questions I´m gonna answer:
 Tell about your church time.  Do you ever have to teach? Which classes do you go to? How is leadership?
Well, this ward is way different than the others I´ve been in... we are in charge here to teach YW and every other week the Gospel Principios class so ya, we teach lots. My other wards, just once in a while. There were teachers for those. But the leadership is goodish, it´s just different than the states. This branch doesn´t have too many that are leaders, but the other wards there were good leaders. It’s just new still here I think to Chile! But they´re good. Just haven´t learned what the leadership entails. Does that help?

Do you ever get to the beach areas for Zone or other meetings?
When I was in Viña, yes. And we only go to Viña if there is a whole mission conference or changes. We went to the acutal beach once for an actividad (activity). But now I´m about 2-3 hours away from a beach, that’s what people say. So don´t think I´ll be seeing the ocean for a while :)

Well, I don´t even know if this email makes sense... just feel like it´s all over the place. But I am happy and that’s what matters. I´ve decided it doesn´t matter where I go to serve because it´s the same gospel in every place and everyone needs it! Love the mission. Glad I´m training again. It makes me a better missionary!

Also, one of the nuevos (new missionaries) came up to me and goes. Hna, I´ve been blog stalking you for about 4 months! Thanks for everything! ha. Glad my blog is helping someone :)

Glad to hear you´re all doing well. This week we want to find 3 people that can be baptized in March! Pray for us please :)

Love you all muchísimo!!

Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

p.s. Our house is HM. It´s seriously huge. and we step out and we´re in the main plaza here. I love it!