Monday, February 18, 2013

This week was great! I just want to share with all of you the miracles that we saw everyday this week. There are always miracles in the mission, just have to look for them!
Lunes (Monday): We finished internet and went to pay, we were talking to the lady working there. She asked us what we were doing here... and we explained that we´re missionaries... ect. ect... and we end up talking to her for a little bit, turns out that she basically invited us to her house to share with her. She has a few problems and wants God more in her life! She´s awesome. Just goes to show that really there are people ready for the Gospel EVERYWHERE! in every place and we ALL need to look for opportunities to share the Gospel with those that need it.
Martes(Tuesday): this is great. We were walking to a cita (appointment)  and run into Almas mom. We start to talk to her and she’s had this HUGE change of heart. When we first started teaching Alma she wasn´t really accepting of us, she wanted us to teach Alma, but she didn´t want anything. We have this conversation with her and she basically tells us that she wants to come back to church. She bears her testimony and it´s SO strong and she just loves the gospel. She knows it´ll be hard to come back, but she’s already come to church 3 times these past 3 weeks and whenever we talk to her she tells us to come to her house when we want! She´s awesome. Will be so good for Alma to see this change in her mom and have her there to really support her.
Miercoles(Wednesday): Somebody actually let us do servicio! (service) I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes it’s so hard to find a planned service project. Finally, members are letting us do it! It´s a miracle because really servicio  helps us so much and makes us feel great about how we are and the things that we´re doing. Find something you need done and ask the missionaries! They´ll do it. Even if it’s small. Then give them a treat to take on the run :)
Jueves(Thursday) got my valentines day kiss.... yes, it was from a 8 month old baby, but hey, I´ll take what I can get here on the mish :) no really wasn´t the miracle. Trinidad, one of our’s been SO hard for him to understand prayer. Something so easy for us is so hard for people to get. But she FINALLY understood and wants to pray correctly now and understands why it´s SO important and that she´ll never get an answer if she doesn´t pray!
Viernes (Friday): well, had the flu, not too fun, but the miracle was I had strength to leave and work for a little bit.  The nurse told me to rest and try to sleep it off, and I did that for a while, but I mustered up the strength to work for a few hours. Just couldn´t not leave! There is work to be done! Said a prayer and ya, I was ready. Then the next day I was fine. Not 100% but good enough!
Sabado(Saturday) ALMAS BAPTISM! It was just so great. I have been working with this family forever now, almost 6 months now and it was just SO rewarding to see Alma be baptized and know that her family is active and will help her lots. I was just sitting there playing the piano and looked at her family and just got an overwhelming feeling they are part of why I´m in Limache.  Maybe I’ll stay maybe I´ll go next change, but this family is saved. They have found their Master again.
Domingo(Sunday): well besides church, we just had some incredible lessons in the tarde (late afternoon)! People who can really progress. We are still teaching Daniela and Mingo too :) they are good. Just working with them so they keep there compromisos. (committments)
Obviously, lots more happened but when we focus little por (by) little of the milagros (miracles) that are in our paths throughout our days, really it´s incredible how many there are. Even sometimes the smallest things, missing a bus, investigator wasn´t there, studying one verse and it’s perfect for someone that we talk to through the day, there are ALWAYS MILAGROS (miracles).
Oh my... quickly this story... we walk into this house of a MA and one its SOO hot. 2. we sit on the couch and the decoration is this doll... SO scary, think of this dirty, raggedy, one-eyed doll that would come to life in a horror movie, that’s the doll, we both just about died when we saw it. But we were talking to them and the hermana was choosing what himno(hymn) she wanted to sing and I am looking at her and this huge thing of drool just drops from her mouth and she just continues like nothing happened...I look right at Hna Contreras to see if she saw and she’s doing the same thing to me... we just about lost it. It was just SO funny, oh these menos activas (less actives). Sometimes they just kill me. I love em, but they kill me.
I really just love the mission. I feel so blessed to be able to serve and help these people in Chile. I love them and I love this Gospel.
Pday will be next Tuesday! para que sepan!(just so you know) Not sure what will happen, I think I´ll be leaving Limache. It´ll be hard to leave, but it’s always fun to go to a new place too. We´ll see! 
Love you all SO much!
Keep smiling,
Hna Sargent

Alma bautismo! 

Fma Apablaza that are now activos!

LOVE these boys. will miss them dearly!

more of Alma

Hna Contreras and I :)

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