Monday, February 11, 2013

This month is flying by, always does when you get along SO well with your comp. honestly, we just have fun together but also work hard. thats how the mission should be too! its the best. 
this morning we had a acticity, played dogdeball and had a BBQ. dogdeball was hilarious. so fun, i think the tourneys we had in seminary payed off.. and of couse there was some basketball being played as well. i just love activities its so relaxed and is a good way to get to know everyone better in the district and zone.
I got tons of pics of the baptism of Kaleb and the family... everyone looks so cute! (i miss normal clothes) and Kaleb, felicidades! bautismo :) YAY!! the best decision you can make in your life. never forget how you felt, you should write it down. Dax also is precious!
This week as for investiigators and such.. it was a good week, lots of people, tons and tons of contacts, we´re trying to find those chosen ones:
Mingo- dont think I´ve mentioned him. But we contacted him en la calle (on the street) about 2 weeks ago, he was in a hurry, like EVERYONE else here.... really its just an excuse, but we gave him a folleto (pamphlet) (don´t remember the english word) and wrote our number on the back. Well, the other week he called us and wanted to meet with us because he really liked the folleto (pamphlet) he said, we had NO clue quien era and set a cita (who it was but we set up an appointment )with him.  When he opened the door we remembered. It was just a miracle contact and a reminder that we have to do them because that’s when you find the people who are ready. Well, basically Mingo has had a ton of experiences in his life, some hard, some good but he is totally accepting everything. The only bad thing is his work and Sundays, but we can fix that! He feels bad for what he isn´t doing and wants to change. This week one of the funny things he said was ¨can angels have girlfriends?¨ that just makes him sound crazy, but he isn´t.. he is awesome! He always calls us to tell us, ohhh.. can you come tomorrow? He is just eating this goodness up.
Silvana shocked us all and is thinking of a mission. Not sure if she will but I think so! She wants to.. just needs to feel that it’s right! She’s awesome. Really converted. Also Juaquin is preparing to go to the temple. Yay.
Alma- bautismo este Sabado!! (baptism this Saturday) she passed her interview. We talked to her mom for a long time because her mom has to support her. We had a lesson with the elders on obediencia(odedience) and I think it was better for her mom than for Alma! Then we went to pass for Alma for church Sunday and Alma said... espere, mi mama esta cambiando ropa a ir! (wait, my mom es changing her clothes to go ) WHAT?  Her mom hasn´t been to church forever. Years and it was SO great to see them there together. This was the whole purpose for Alma to be baptized to help her family and now it´s happening. So great.
Pedro. Dad... not the Pedro you´re thinking, but he is good. We just felt like we needed to knock this one street so we did and found Pedro. He isn´t progressing too much, but we´ve only taught him twice. He told us last time that he was baptized to God but in no church because he just hasn´t found the right church yet. So we´ll see with him. Lives with his wife and 24 year old daughter so it´d be good for all of them. Bien amable (really kind/good). we are hoping that he progresses!
Yesterday and church we had a milagro. (miracle)  We were just praying that someone would come that we didn´t have planned and in walks this family that are obviously members but with someone who obviously isn´t! We end up talking to them after and she lives in our area and wants to meet with us. We have a cita Martes con ella. (appointment Tuesday with her)  It’s just crazy how the Lord really answers prayers! 
This week the elders came to acompañarnos (accompany) in some citas (appointments) and then after our district leader said, ya, I´m gonna buy you all a treat, so we went to this bakery and chose something and then left and we said bye to them and I just turn to Hna Contreras and said... ¨I feel like we were just on a double date¨ she was like... ME TOO! We just laughed. It wasn´t really, just how he bought our treats for us. ha!
Today I read Jacob 5. I remember reading that in sunday school with Bro Wheelwright and hated that chapter, seriouisly, hated it. I remember just talking to KG, paige and Q during the whole class...  I was just so lame and didn’t realize the goodness that it has, but it´s just filled with doctrine. I loved reading it. I didnt want it to end. So applicable to missionary work.
My aim of throwing rocks at dogs is accuarte. Get them in the legs everytime! Hna Contreras just finds the rocks and I just throw them. These two that follow us cause so many problems. It´s SO bad!
Well, time is almost up. I just want you all to know that I love you and pray for you always. Really, love to be here on the mission and teaching these Chileans that I love so much!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargemt
p.s. Please pray for my pendrive. The pictures aren´t there but some guy in the ward is a computer junky and is trying to fix it! just lots of prayers please! It´s my whole mission :)

it was pointed in the direction of the herd...

this is mingo... so funny!

this is mingo... so funny!
this is from today. and yes, i won. :)

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