Monday, February 25, 2013

Hola Familia!
Well, we thought that the changes were gonna be today, but they changed the meeting to Wednesday. But we know our changes and I´m leaving and I´ll be training again. They called Saturday to tell us and I was just glad that I had the chance to say bye to the ward and the conversos (converts) here. They´re awesome! I really just LOVE this ward and am SO grateful for it and the many miracles and things that I´ve learned while here in Limache. Many were sad to see me go, but they know that’s just how the mission is. But on to new things starting Wednesday! New comp, new area, new everything. I feel so comfortable here in Limache... now it´ll be good to be able to start new and figure things out again.
This week was GREAT! We found lots of new people and people that are just good. But just in time for me to leave, right? ha! But really, it´s amazing to see that after 6 months here in Limache I´m still meeting and finding new people. They´re always here and ready to listen to the gospel. Just gotta have the faith to do it.
In the whole mission this week the numbers were raised and they want us to find 15 nuevos, weekly. Before it was 7.. so doubled basically. It´s alot to just switch in a huge jump like that but we decided that we were just gonna give it our all and go for it and we found lots! And these people are good too.
Jose Luis and Valedia- we left a cita (appt.) and we were walking in the other direction to go back to where we came from. I just looked back at this street like something was calling but kept walking, then hna Contreras did the same, so I said, lets go knock some doors here because we both felt it. We found this family who honestly just opened the door and let us right in, we hardly explained what we were there for. We both kinda felt scared because we usually have to talk to the people and then the let us in, so we were like... is it safe? But it was AWESOME.  It’s this couple, aren´t married yet, just moved here a week before, but we shared with them a couple times this week and we talked about the Proclamation to the World and read it with them. After Valedia asked if living with her boyfriend was a sin and we told her yes and explained casitdad (chastity) to her and they are just eating the gospel up like it’s milk and cookies.  Serioulsy, sad to leave them, but I know they´ll progress!
Eduardo- this man we´ve been trying to find forever! Serioulsy. like forever. But we FINALLY found him. It was great. Has tons of questions and believes in the priesthood, so it’s just a matter of dropping smoking before he enters the waters. I´m sure of it. But he has a cousin who recently just got home from the mission and served with Landon Winters in Provo UT. Small world. He asked if I knew him and I was like, ya! But this Eduardo has tons of familiy who are members in other parts of Chile so I know he´ll accept it.
Daniela- I´ve mentioned her before. She´s progressing well. We met her boyfriend this past week and he is great too. He says he doesn’t want anything, but he wants to listen and learn and he supports Daniela 100% in what she is doing and if she wants to learn more. We invited him to be there at their house whenever we teach her so he can understand what she’s doing and he agreed so just gotta get them married and throw them in the water.
There were lots more but who knows how they´ll be next week so I´ll just leave you to them.
We went for a menos activa, (less active) oh my.. he is living in a apostasía. He knows the church is true. But he is going to start preaching at another church and asked us not to come back. We told him we wouldn’t come back, but told him that it´s apostasy what he is doing and that in about 6 weeks other missionaries will pass by because they´re ALWAYS changing. Just sad to see this type of people.
Silvana and Juaquin and Alma are just ALL GREAT. Monsi and Ignasio are passing through hard times, but they´ll be good. But serioulsy, just love them all and will miss seeing them all the time, but know that they will be happy and stay fiel (faithful). Heard the testimony of Siilvana and Juaquin yesterday for why they were baptized and the changes they´ve seen so it´s just great to see it. Silvana has the goal to serve and get married in the temple so we´re on the hunt to find her a BF. ha!
This week we contacted this man on the street and he took to us and his family is members but he isn´t and when we turned to walk about he just said.. ¨hoy me encontré con dos virgines¨ (today i found myself with 2 virgens) it was just REALLY random and hilarious.
Today I was studying about Agency and I found these two quotes I want to share... ¨your Savior wants you to become something not just do some things...¨
¨the final judgement is not just an evaluation of good and evil of what we´ve done but its what we have become!¨
It´s all about the choices that we make family! We gotta make the good ones to BECOME something!
Still love the mission. who knows where I´ll be next week.. maybe if you get on the mission blog you´ll see pics of my comp and I before next monday!
Love you all, Pray for you always.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

typical guatemalean clothes from Hna Conhtreras! 

these adorable children from a nuevo that we found! 

Fam Valezquez from the ward

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