Monday, February 4, 2013

Hola familia! Como estai? (as they say here in Chile) espero que todo estén bien y que todos estén disfrutando tiempo con Dax! Congrats dyan and mark! so fun to have a new baby in the family :) wish i could just give it a squeeze and lots of kisses :) be sure to do that for me :) 

this week was great. we were blessed to have a baptism of Silvana! She was seriously soooooooo happy and excited. she really understands it and wants to do everything she can to stay fiel :) shes truly converted and thats the best to see. Her whole family was just as excited because her mom just got baptized about 2 months ago and Silvana was stubborn and never wanted to, but now she´s made a 360! After her bautism her mom just came up to me and gave me a huge hug with tears in her eyes and just said thank you about 20 times. it was nice to know that she was so appreciative. yay for Silvana. i´m excited to see her progress. 

This past week we also had an interview with presidente. it was good. they always seem short to me but it was good. one thing that made me happy was this.. dad will like it. We were talking about how dad served his mission here in Chile and Pres asked me what part of Valpo that he served, i told him Playa Ancha and he said that we are gonna see Hnas in that part of the mission soon!!! how fun would that be if i served there dad. I´d be STOKED! surely i´d meet someone that you knew.  but the rest of the interview was good. i still don´t feel like i know him all that well, but it´s all good. I respect him a lot and know that he recieves revelation! 

ya, i think all my fotos just got erased from my pendrive. my WHOLE MISSION. seriously, i really hope not.... think this comp has a virus of some sort... ya, just checked it with the person here in the place.. still works on her comp, but mine no. whew, almost cried! 

We found this new part of our area that we´ve never worked in before because its further, but we found lots of people in this area that are good. its a area thats super campo, hosres, sheep, ect ect.

one is Jose, he has a problem with the bebidas, but that´s ok, just gotta work with him on word of wisdom, but he totally felt the spirit the other day, tears and all, and wants to be happier and change, so we´re gonna keep returning to that area! 

Joysee- joysee is good. she´s reading lots, had read about 7 chapters of the LDM and then decided that she needed to read the Bilbe first, so we´re working with her. i think people just get scared of committment sometimes or are scared to accept.

we´re really trying to find new people, please pray that this week we´ll find people who will progress! thats all we need :) 

This week we were walking down the street and these two little girls yelled... hello! and then said.. mire, es ella! they were looking through a magazine and thought i was one of the models in this magazine, Hna Contreras told them yes and that i could sign there magazine and take a picture with them if they wanted so they like FREAKED out and were so happy. i know it was a lie, but they were just so happy and i just had to play along. so when we took the picture we told them to do there model poses and this is what we got. so funny! love these little chilean kids. also they did there model walks, that was the best of them all. ha! 

This week we have taught lots of menos activas, and yesterday we were talking to one and he was just full of excuses, so in a loving way i basically told him that when the judgement day comes does he think that God is gonna listen to his excuses when he knows what he needs to do right now to be happy and a faithful member. but it was good for him to hear, but i think it taught me more. REally they aren´t gonna listen to the excuses that we might have for them. there are no excuses to not go to church if we aren´t sick, there are no excuses to watch that movie because its about history, there are no excuses to listen to that song, wear that dress, say that joke, be offended when we know its right, ect ect. there are no excuses. we have this knowledge and we just need to get through whatever our challenges may be. it´d be the worst for God to say to us... that was your test... did you pass and were are sitting there trying to make excuses... just except it and move on faithful in the Gospel. ya, lesson learned for me. thank you Spirit. 

Kaleb Bell... happy birthday this week and baptism! I´m so happy that you´ll be able to be baptized. Hopefully we´ll have a baptism that day so i´ll help someone else the same day as you get baptized. keep your figures crossed that all goes well this week so alma can be baptized!!  hope you have a good day. 8 is a GREAT year. write me a letter with pics about your baptism! 

well family, time is short, this pen drive scare took some time out, but all is well. I hope you´re all doing well. Got a TON of dearelders this week, seriously, it was embarrasing, but they were just delayed because they were from before Christmas but still fun to read them. 

Love you all so much, the mission is the best. so pleased to be here and serving this wonderful chileans! the church is true! we´re SO lucky! 

Love you all y miss you all! 

keep smiling, 

Hna Sargent 
completos. ya, they´re so yummy! this is a papa size one. 

all these houses are growing grapes. can´t wait until they´re ripe! 

cowgirl natalie :)

this little boy. reminds me of Evan. Future missionary says his tag :)  
these little girls.. .story to come in the papa

Silvana and her family. her mom was SOOOO happy that she was baptized :) 

silvanas bautismo! 

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