Monday, January 21, 2013

What is happening to enero.(January) It´s seriously passing SO quickly. Who knows. Sometimes I feel like God makes time go by faster because there is so much bad in the world and he just wants it to stop. Who knows. But this week me fue bien. More changes... ready??

NUEVA COMPANERA. (new companion) Ya, yesterday after lunch President called us and I saw his name on the cell and was like Hna Paz.. ¨contestelo¨ (answer) but she didn´t want to... but ya, to see presdiente name on caller id is nerve racking, but I ended up talking to him and he told me that I have a new comp and that she arrived today! She got here last night to Limache and is from Mesa AZ, not a Toro. Thankgoodness, but she was serving in Guatemala and there was a change in her mission and now she is here with me! She has 15 months in the mission and is awesome, just a good missionary. Wants to be obedient, wants to learn, wants to see milagros (miracles) so now we´re here in Limache and the other 2 hnas are in the other part of Limache! Lots of changes always in the mission!

It is my 7th change and 7th comp. It’s a lot of changes, just when we start working good together we´re seperated, but it´s all good. I trust president and know that he receives revelation. It´s good to be able to learn from all of them!


bueno, por mi amado chilenas: (well, for my  beloved Chileans)

Blessed with a baptism for Monsi and Ignasio, it was great. Ignasio was scared of the water but did great and when Monsi came out of the water she gave peace signs... so funny! But they were happy. Monsi told me it was hard for her to have Hna Riggs leave after 7 months, but that she was glad I was there to teach her this past week because she felt confidence in me and reminded her of Hna Riggs, so there is always a purpose! But it was great! Love baptisms :)


Silvana is awesome. We taught her a lesson on obedience and following the profeta(prophet) and during the video clip we watched she took out her tounge ring and said ¨lleveselo¨ (take it away) and that was that. I was praying that she´d have her own desire to do it and we wouldn´t have to tell her anything, and just to listen to the prophet was enough. The ring is now in my journal :) She is progressing well. Came to church and just loves it! She´s awesome.


Patricio, well we changed the boundries for our areas so lots of the people we were teaching, like Patricio, are now in the other Hnas area. Sad because we had lots of people but now we can work more in other areas. Patricio came to church with a megaphone attached to his car for work and when he was leaving I just heard my name ¨SARGENT¨ SO LOUD. It was embarrassing and funny at the same time. Just hope that quickly he understands what the gospel means in his life! and can change.


We need new people, we have great people, but that are really progressing well, not many, just why don´t people understand better the gospel and the blessing that come from it! But I know that this week, especially cause its only one area, we´ll see miracles!


There is the CUTEST little kid in the ward and after 4 months here of trying to win him over, I finally did. He told his mom the other day that I was his girlfriend. So precious. I think maybe for Jayda in 20 years....


The Book of Mormon is puro PODER! (pure power) if a person reads it daily, even if its a little part, they won´t lose their testimony. The people who don´t read it, don´t understand the gospel and what it consists of. Seriously, I love it. Everytime I read it I just feel so blessed to have it as part of my life!


Hna Contreras shared with me a quote this morning... it´s better to be respected than liked! I love it. So true, here in the mission missionaries can be disobediente just so people like them, but it´s so much better to be a good obediente missionary so people remember that about you rather than... oh ya, he was a lazy missionary, but a good friend.


Well, the mission is great. I honestly love it. It´s just great to be here sharing the gospel with the people. If anyone is thinking of a mission, just GO! The best decision that you can make. God will bless you when you get back. Just do it.

The church is true. God loves us. Cristo vive y gracias a él podemos regresar y vivir con nuestra padre celestial.

les quiero familia. les extraño igual. (Christ lives and thanks to Him, we can return and live with our Heavenly Father. I love you, family. Miss you guys too!)



Keep smiling,

hna Sargent


the herd was with me.

hna Contreras and i quickly... not the best photo, but atleast you ca see her face! 

monsi ad ignasio :)
hna paz and I. 

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