Monday, January 28, 2013

I can´t believe it’s the last p-day en Enero! Seriously, where does time go? It just FLIES sometimes. It´s sad to think that we can´t be missionaries forever. Well, we can, but not in this way. I really do just love it. I love working with the wards, with the Chileans, learning about the Gospel, it’s just a great time! Can´t believe Q is almost done. Wow. Dad always says, ¨time does pass¨ and it sure does. Just send her to Chile to finish with me. Oh, that´d be AWESOME. Can you imagine... Q and Nat in the mission together! Ya, just a sweet day dream. 
Well, ya, this week was great. I really enjoy working with Hna Contreras. She´s an amazing missionary. It´s nice to have someone as my companion who has time in the mission. I feel like sometimes I´m training her just because every mission is different, but as teaching and things go it´s awesome we can just know that it´ll be ok with whatever the other says! It´s really fun with her too because we just speak Spanglish all the time. And it´s fun to be able to say words in English and she understands exactly what it is! We just laugh alot and are enjoying it together.
Silvana is SO ready for her baptism. It´s amazing to see this change. She just wants it NOW. Doesn´t want to wait. We were reviewing the baptism questions with her this week and she said as an answer to one of them...¨no creo, yo sé¨ It´s just great to see that she is really ready for this and wants it in her life. Tonight we have a NDH with Maricel (mamita) and another Hna. I´m excited.
Remember Alma... the little nieta of the Apablaza family. Well, she lost a little excitement just with lots of things, but we´ve started teaching her again and now she really wants it. She knows that she will be blessed to do it and accepted a fecha (baptism date) for Feb. The other good thing is that her abuelos (grandparents) are activos(active). I haven´t mentioned them for a while, but they´re GREAT! I love them. The hna has cancer and is waiting for surgery, but yesterday in church Hermano gave a talk and it was just great. Love seeing the gospel change people!
Joysee- she´s new. We found her in a little shop of veggies. We shared with her, she has tons of Faith and really wanted to know. So we´re gonna be working with her.
We´re trying to find new people.  The people that we´re teaching, we´re dropping like flies, they just aren´t progressing, aren´t showing ínterest, ect ect, but our goal is to find a family. We´ve both always had that goal our mission and seriously just want it. My goal is just to find a family who can one day just be like ours! :) pray for that.
We also have another goal, to baptize a black family, which I´ve NEVER seen in Chile. so... we committed outselves to if we see a black person we will just GO and talk to them. Well, the other day we were walking and we saw them! We started walking SO fast to talk to them, turns our they´re from Santiago, but are awesome. Reminds me of Freddie from the workout place and the accepted a BOM (Book of Mormon) and I hope the missionaries in Santiago go for them! But it gave me hope that there are black people in Chile.
Juaquin is great, has a goal for a mission. Said he´d like to serve.  Him and Silvana are friends so it’s great for them! Monsi is alright, she just thought her baptism was gonna change everything, but it didn´t. But now she is with the other hermanas in the other part of Limache, but I´d really like to visit her. She just needs animo(courage) and the strength to keep going and praying for her husband!
Oh my gosh... we sang this week in a lesson to this man, Love at Home, and in Spanish it goes... ¨hay amor, hay amor¨  (there is love) and al final of the song, he goes... ¨hay amor, labios labios¨ (lips lips) and I was like... what? Thinking that’s not what I heard! But then he said it again, and Hna Contreras and I were like.. nada que ver hermana. (It doesn’t matter) its talking about the Love in the house thanks to God. ya, needless to say... dirty old men still exist in Chile.
En the LDM (In the Book of Mormon) in Spanish there is a guide to scriptures, its like the bible dictionary, but better, I think. Hna Contreras and I have started calling it the Scripture App. ha.
The mission is great. I love it everyday. It´s just a blessing to be able to serve these amado (beloved) Chileans and bring hope to their lives! And more than that but to be able to learn from them, their faith and dedication is a testimony builder for me. I really just love it. I´m happy and healthy. The church is true. I love you all muchísimo! Think and pray for you always.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
hermanas en the micro en camino today! 
i know what the sign means, but it said my name next to it, just had to take the pick. please forgive the marajuana plant! 

hna contreras and I

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