Monday, December 31, 2012

Hola! I feel like it was forever ago that we talked, but just to start I want to say how MUCH I loved it. It made me realize that I miss you all more than I thought, but it´s all good. I got over that quickly, and still miss you, but not enough to come home, yet… you all looked great, sounded great and uplifted me tons!

I don´t think I thanked you enough for my Christmas package in Skype, but I LOVED it. Everything was just perfect. Gave Hna Paz a thing of hot tamales, sacrificio. And she loved them because they´re hot. But I loved everything! Thank you thank you!

We were blessed with a baptism this week! Juaquin! yay! Really, he has changed a ton, that’s one of the things I love of being a missionary is to see the change in these people! He showed up and was solo, and then about 5 minutes after showed up his WHOLE family. It was awesome. The ward support was super low, I just don´t get it. But he was happy, and honestly has changed and is now thinking of a mission slowly but surely. I think in a year it´ll seem more realistic to him! Good way to end the year!

Patricio... well, we got permission for him to be baptized which is a miracle. President approved it. Patricio wants to be baptized, likes church and everything, but doesn´t get it I feel like. He always has a TON of questions that are nothing to do with anything, but he wants it and thats what is important, just has to understand everything before he does it! The elders came and accompanied us on un cita (a discussion) with him. It was funny. With him I just need to have patience, fe (faith), and pray that he understands. He and his family came to a Noche de Talentos (talent night) (pic) and the miracle was that his ex came! She wanted to see what the Mormons were about and she liked it. Now I hope she realizes the blessing the church can be in the life of her kids!! Yay!

Alondra, she’s new. Found her, has 5 kids and is actually married. And accepted a fecha, (baptism date) we passed for her sunday morning to bring her to church and she was still asleep, but she got up, got a little ready and came with us with 3 of her kids! Her kids were tired and wanted to go home, but I honestly think she enjoyed it. Miracle that she didn´t stay sleeping. Hopefully she´ll come to see the blessings of the family the church has to offer and we can teach her esposo (husband) too. Familia!! (family) yay!

The other pueblo, elders in our district had a Noche de Talentos (talent night) in their capilla. We went because we had invetigadores (investigators) and participated in skits with the elders! It was really funny. Everyone loved them. I have them in film, but too big to send, sorry. You´ll have to wait until I get home to see the videos. But it was really good. A menos activo en our barrio (less active in our neighborhood) does magic, like, legit, and he came with his family and participated in the show. Super good that he came!

We also found an investigator there. It’s the daughter of a hermana (sister) that recently was baptized in that ward. Silvanna. She was so great, 20 years old, and wanted us to come to her house. Sunday we went and she is great. She’s met with the elders lots and has seen a change in herself since she’s met with them and wants it. She just needs to quit smoking! But we talked lots about it and she needs to talk to her dad because she lives with him. But she’s awesome, excited to see her progress!

Menos activas. (less actives) Seriously, I feel SO sad when they just don´t accept it. Or when they are too prideful to realize the real purpose of church, seriously. Sad. My goal for mission and aftermish is to HELP THEM! Mostly just need a friend and someone to invite them, don´t know why it’s so hard to do it for some people! But there are a ton here, and I love them all and my heart hurts more for them than for people who haven´t accepted the gospel because they KNOW!

I have a page full of goals for 2013, Luke 2:52 status. Thanks dad. I am gonna work on all of them!

The other day here in Chile was like our April Fools. Us hermanas played a joke on the elders and told them that the Hnas haven´t returned yet and we couldn´t find them. They were really scared and started running to the bus stop to come help us look, and we told them it was a joke. SO FUNNY. Mean, yes, but we had to. Gotta have fun on the mission.

Well, this was really scattered, but that’s how this week has been! Filled with goodness!

Love the mission.

Tonight we have permission to be out with members until 12:30. I’m gonna die of tiredness, but they have fireworks here and we can go, so I’m just gonna gut it up and do it.. only one New Years in Chile! Gotta do it right! Should be fun!

Happy New Years to you all. Where did 2012 go? Crazy fast! Can´t believe it! But it´s good. 2013 is coming and will be a GREAT year. I know. Lots that will happen.

Love you all. Thanks for everything!

Keep Smiling,

Hna Sargent

patricio and hijos and ex wife.

 otra con juaquin
 juaquins bautismo! his WHOLE familia came! so happy!

familia por Christmas Eve!

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