Monday, January 14, 2013

hola familia....
Can I just start by saying that the computer place we´re in right now has music on and it’s SO hard to concentrate because it´s music that I haven´t heard for 10 months now... ahhhh. All the classic oldies. Right now... Pretty Woman before this ¨its not unusual to be loved by anyone¨... ya, thats my worldy rant. back to the mish....

This week was good. Had cambios. (transfers) I´m still here in Limache with hna Paz and now we´re in a trio with hna Carrasco from Peru. It´s different to be in a trio, but we all were here in Limache so we´re used to each other. But its just for 2 weeks because new hnas come and ya, we´re not really sure what will happen but we just have to trust in the Lord. Hna Carrasco just finished her training, and hna Paz is in her training still (12 semanas)(weeks) so they´re young, but good. We are now all in 2 areas, it´s a big area, but it´s good. Have lots of people in the 2 areas so we just gotta work hard to teach all of them! But I´m happy to be here still. We´ll see what happens in 2 weeks.

Silvana, she came to CHURCH! It was a miracle. She didn´t sleep at all the night before but when we went for her she came and stayed all 3 hours. She´s doing good. She has piercings and when we taught her Ley de Castidad (law of chastity) and modesty she understood so hopefully she´ll stay strong. She really wants it. I think she has a little fear of her dad still that he won’t accept it but she´s strong and understands that its something she NEEDS to do. Just love her.

Alondra. sad news. I was really sad. We went to teach her on Miercoles (Wednesday) and she told us that she had bad news, Her husband doesn´t want her to go to church anymore. He doesn´t want to stay at home with the kids and I guess the other day after church it caused BIG problems. She feels like she can´t go if it’s gonna cause problems with her family and marriage. Even though she knows the church can help! So that’s sad, but we did pass by on Saturday and her esposo (husband) was home and we talked to him, so maybe it helped a little bit. Pray for them!

Monsi- she’s from the other side of Limache, the other hnas, but she got married Friday! yay! She was so happy. They got married in the church and Obispo did a prayer and everything. To be at her wedding made me SO grateful for the chuch and the power of Temple weddings that are FOREVER. I was listening to the person from the law (can´t remember in english the name of that person) but just was so blah what she was saying. I don´t know why people wouldn´t want to get married and be sealed for eternity after listening to her... but she will be baptized this weekend or the next! It´s so great. I feel like it´ll be hard for her because Hna riggs left, but not it´s really a test of her faith, I´m glad that I know her and her situation to help her really reach baptism soon!

Patricio... came to church again, has problems with Palabra de sabaduria, (word of wisdom) and has been super busy with work, but we´ll see. I think it´s either chau o bautismo. (goodbye or baptism) I think he´ll keep coming to church regardless if we´re teaching him or not, so there is hope. This week we´ll see! Also told me that when he saw a pic of the fam he was happy to see his ¨future family¨ (refering to me being his wife) ya... we gotta be careful with that....

This week some old man came up to me and asked if I knew the song.. New York New York (broadway) and if I´d sing it for him cause he´s always wanted to hear a gringo sing it... ha! So funny. So I did. Thought I´d make a wish come true. And no he wasn´t drunk, just old. Maybe he doesn´t even remember now!

I have had my testimony stregthened of God this week. Read Moises 1:35, incontables (incountable??) and that there are SO many worlds and stars and everything, but we are here in this tiny world to progress and He has given US the knowledge of how to return to Him. He has restored His gospel here on this earth for us. We have a prophet to guide us and to help us through these hard times. Sometimes its hard to comprehend all that God does. But one thing that I know is that He LOVES us and when we are following His commandments He blesses us.

Sunday Juaquin blessed the Sacrament. I feel like a mother. I just am SO proud of him and this change that he´s made in his life... we called him to put a cita, (make an appointment)  and he said he couldn´t because he had mutual. I was just SO happy. He is converting everyday more and more to the Gospel. His life will be forever different. I just pray that he´ll stay strong. His family life is hard, but he is solid.

This week I think I ate the best fruit I´ve EVER eaten in my life.... seriously, SO good. Have no clue what it’s called or where it came from but hna Paz and I are convinved it´s the fruit Adam and Eve ate. I´d have eaten it too.

Well, this week is good. We´re gonna be busy these next couple weeks helping people, visiting people, teaching people, helping the ward, ect ect. but it´s the best thing that I could be doing right now. I´m so happy here. I want to help people progress and understand the importance of the Gospel. It´s the best thing that we have in this world. It’s what everyone needs. It’s true.

I love you all familia, pray for you always and love hearing updates from you all :)

Until Monday...

Keep Smiling,

Hna Sargent
my comps now. trio

Monsi, just got married... not the best fotos. but she´ll be baptized soon! 

hna PAz and i
LOVE the fruit here.

yuseska. dauhter of alondra. CTR ring :) 

Elder Lino, Riggs and I, peace

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