Monday, January 7, 2013

Feliz año nuevo! (Happy New Year) Here in Chile, the people are still saying it in the streets. Kinda funny because in the states its like one day and ya, that’s it. But it was good to bring in the new year! We had a dinner with an investigator, and at about 10 I was tired, but I bucked up and tried to celebrate my very best! We went to the fireworks here in Limache with the other Hnas and one of their investigators who gets married this Friday to be baptized! Yay! But it was fun. Lots and LOTS of people, we had cute little party hats, and ooohed and awwwed at the fireworks! It was fun :) I have decided this holdiay is overrated, I love it because it´s a new start to things and goals, but the holiday in itself is not my favorite. Rather wake up the next morning with the desire to start all my goals and not feel tired! ha! Ya, I´m a 90 year old grandma! hahaha... 
This week was filled with goodness. I have decided I just LOVE the mission. It´s the best. There are days when I am tired, or when I just don´t know if I can take it more, but in that moment the Lord blesses us! a ver... this week:
Silvana, she´s awesome!! I´m so glad that we are teaching her. She hasn´t smoked in a week and yesterday accepted a fecha. She WANTS it. She has a testimony of the priesthood and of eternal families, and told us that she wants that. She was scared of what her dad would say last week, but yesterday said, ni importa (it doesn´t matter) what he says, I want to change. Now we´re just working with her and praying that for her b-day this weekend Word of Wisdom won´t be a problem! I´m nervous for that, but she´s great. Love her!
Juaquin, ok, I just love seeing the change in converts in the mission. I really think that is the BEST thing to see and the best way to see how people come to Christ! Ya, so yesterday, we were sitting with Alondra in Church and heard the door open, I looked to see who it was and Juaquin in a SUIT! usually comes in jeans and a bob marley shirt, so to see him in a SUIT I about died. Then we were listening to peoples testimonies and guess who walks past to go bear their testimony, Juaquin!! I wanted to cry, but I couldn´t because I was too happy. It was just amazing to see, I feel like this past week since his baptism he´s changed. Now he has the priesthood, and it was so great to hear his testimony. We´re talking to him about a mission, I want to buy him a PME (Preach my Gospel manual)  to study and prepare him to serve, because it´s a year away! I think just to see him at church Sunday was the ¨rose¨ of my week. The Gospel changes people.
Patricio- he lost a little of his excitement to do things and last week was SO hard to teach, just never could. He also didn´t come to church, tonight we have a cita, so we´ll see what happens. He is SO close and just needs to feel the Spirit more and talk less and listen to understand! But soon, he´ll be ready.
Alondra, she came to church again, she likes it, but can´t stay for more than the first hour, but shes super receptive! She’s progressing, gotta work with her to read, says she doesn´t have time with the 5 kids under 13, but she can do it! If she’s coming to church, she obviously feels something. Her daughter too came to church! I want her oldest son to come because I´ve seen the crowd he hangs with and if he was my kid, I´d want him in the church rather than with his friends. Haven´t met her husband yet either because he works everyday until about 10, but I want to meet him :)
Funny thing... so here transport is micro (bus) and my legs hardly fit in the seats so they’re usually in the aisle. I feel bad because when people walk by they always hit my legs, but there is no room. People always stare and laugh, oh when in Chile.
Also, this week, hna rigss and I were talking about the animals, the dogs specifically.. she goes ¨no puedo cantar, pero tengo amor por los animales¨ (I can´t sing, but I have a love for the animals) I lost it. It was so funny! It’s a talent some people have, I just don´t have it. Just want to express my love for Hna Riggs. I really love her. We are such good friends now, and I know we will be, for life, and will always have our time in Chile to remember. We´ve lived together every change except for 2 in my whole mission. We´ll see next week what happens. (p.s. email next week is Tuesday because of cambios) (transfers)
Today I mark double digits in months on the mish. Hard to believe.
Well, I love this work family. It´s amazing to see the change and the desire in people. The Book of Mormon is true. Everything we need to be happy in this life is in that book. It contains the answers to everything! I love it. I never get sick of reading it. Eveeryday I find something new that I can apply to change my life! It’s the work of the Lord. He loves us and wants the best for us! Christ lives. I know this church is true, I know that familias son eternas.  (are eternal) I am so thankful and everyday give thanks for allowing me this chance to serve here in Chile and to help people come to be feliz (happy) like we are!
I love you all, thank you for everything!
Keep Smiling.
Hna Sargent
 hna paz y yo en Chile.

 love these kiddos

Happy New Year!!!  haha...

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