Monday, July 8, 2013

What a week. First off, I was transfered for my last change. I was sad to leave Agua Santa because I really love that ward, but God knows best. I am now in a place called Mirador, Achupallis. It´s close to Vina still, like 20-30 minutes in Micro (bus) and I´m with Hna Zimmerman. She is on her 3rd change in the mish, and is also a Sister Traning Leader. Its awesome to be with another leader, just both have the same desire and its not like one is taking on everything. She is from Oregon, Eugene and we are SUPER similar. Really, the first day when she asked me if I prefer white or black men I just knew that we´d be fine together. We´ve really only found 2 differences, Hot Tamales and Harry Potter, neither of which she likes... Shes an amazing missionary who really understands her power and authority and we both just want to work and see milagros. (miracles) I was honestly really happy to be not training this change, I love it and all, but honestly, since basically October I´ve been training, and its sometimes hard, so I was just happy to be able to leave at 11am and work all day with someone who already knows how to do it. 
This little city is just filled of miracles though. This week we´ve seen many and I´m just really grateful to my Heavenly Father for the success that we are having. I wish I could give you an update on Agua Santa investigators, but really have no clue, I just pray that they´re progressing, oh, also... Hna Perez stayed in Agua Santa and is training!! (all of the sisters I´ve trained are or have trained... super fun to see them progress)
here for the milagros (mriacles)...
Ramiro. Ramiro is the husband of a hermana (sister) and she´s been a member for 20 years and her husband has NEVER listened to the lessons until about 4 weeks ago.. and it was like just a little message here and there and then he accepted to listen to the lessons. He completes with everything, reads, does his ¨tarea¨ (homework) we call it and I know he already has his answer, but HE isn´t accepting it. He likes learning and does everything we ask, but baptism. bug. but we have been praying and fasting that he´ll recieve his answer and just accept it. He believes in the profeta and i think he has a need that we haven´t found yet and thats why he won´t say yes, but this week... its my meta! (goal)
Paula- so we were walking down this street and I just felt all of a sudden, knock this door. so we knocked. Paula accepted us right in, she has una amiga (a friend) that is a member, we watched the Restauración with her and she was just diggin it. She said that she’s always heard things about the Mormon’s but never has understood until she saw this video and she has more of a desire to know. She was so close to accepting a fecha  (baptism date) but I know that she´ll learn more. The only bad thing is she left for vacation for like 10 days, but after we´ll get her! Just amazing how the Spirit sometimes just tells us something so direct and a miracle comes of it.
David. this joven (teenager) is really just seaching for his answer. he is 17 and beleives what we teach him but just wants to feel something huge in his heart. We went with him to a baptism so he could see one and he liked it because feels like he never really chose to be baptized, his mom did for him and now he just wants to follow what God wants him to do.. I just hope he lets his heart be opened to the goodness that God has preparado por él. (prepared for him)
Found a new favorite scripture this week... Alma 12,16. Really, I have really learned to love and know my Savior and these scriptures really explain how I feel for Him. I love the Book of Mormon. I am trying to finish that and the New Testamento before I finish and I feel like I´m learning SO much more of what Ii´ve read so many times!
There are so many other people that we´ve found and are teaching but time just flies sometimes, I had to download a couple videos off of to show for lessons. But just know that I am happy. Yesterday I was walking around and just was thinking, wow. what a blessing to be here to help other people 100% of my time. It’s the most important work and I know that it´ll be in my heart forever. My time to be a disciple of Christ doesn´t end here in Chile, this is just the training ground for the rest of my life!
love you all... muchísimo. besitos y abrazitos. (lots. kisses and hugs)
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
p.s. don´t send any more packages or dear elders because I won’t get them... I just barely got some from April.. so I don´t think it´s something I´ll get here. If you need to write me, just email me here...
nietos de Carmen (the bra lady)

Tatiana... so sad to leave her!!!  

20- 4th of july celebration with milkshakes we made!! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

July. wow. Can´t believe it. 
This week was good! Satan still continues to work on the people, but there are always people that are ready for what we have!
well, just a recap of last week...
Dany, ya, we had to leave him. Just wasn´t keeping things up and it’s sad, because honestly I want to help him, but we just can´t do that as missionaries. Really we aren´t helping him do anything if he isn´t putting in his part and if he doesn´t have the desire to change.
Tatiana. This week was SUPER SAD. So we go to her house to talk to her and the door is open. She is sitting at the kitchen table and honestly her face lights up to see us, and then.. her husband. He is working in their house, one with his shirt off. Nast. Two, doesn´t even let her talk and tells us that she can´t right now. I finally say ¨TATIANA, como esta?¨ so that she specifically responds. She did but her husband honestly wouldn´t let her get up to talk to us.. SO mean. ugh. But hopefully we´ll cross paths and be able to meet with her sometime!
This week we have found some others though.
Virginia. The mom of Bernardo, who is coming along. Ok, we taught her the restauacion, (restoration) and I should say that SHE TAUGHT US. But she taught us EVERYTHING about the apostasy, about the profetas (prophets) and what happened to them. It was incredible. I feel so dumb sometimes during lessons like that because when people understand it and want to accept it, it’s just amazing! The only bad thing is.. she doesn´t want to be baptized because she says she doesn´t have the time, aun que (even though) she’s been to church and has the time. But we´re working with her!
Guido. This man was basically a member 5 years ago and then got offended by an elder and hasn´t returned since. But we had a NDH (Family Home Evening) with him and a family, and he is a little confused because he is now studying with the Jehova Witnesses, but he knows where he needs to be and feels like he needs to get closer to Christ because he feels lost and lonely and has a bunch of member friends which is also great. He says he really needs to know to accept baptism again, which he already does know.. I think I´ll bust out Alma 12 10-11 with him soon.
Camila, this 17 year old girl, is just a delight. Super cute. She accepted a fecha (baptism date) and was progressing until church. She was sleeping. The worst thing ever, but this week we´ll get her there. She likes what we share, doesn´t have a religion, and we passed the other day and she wasn´t home but her mom answered and said.. ¨so my daughter is gonna be mormon?¨ and we started talking to her mom too, so hopefully she´ll listen too!
Susy. This lady we found one night late in her house and she answered the door super angry at the world and we just happened to be there and she just was angry and told us she is just waiting to die. Has had a harder life and everything, but we taught her that our Heavenly Father loves her and she wasn´t even sure if she beleived in God. And taught her about Christ and His Atonement. She has had bad experienes with mormons before and really was not happy, but listened to us and we told her that she needs to change her life to make it how she wants it and understanding the life of our Savior will help her. We left her a LDM (book of Mormon) with something marked and had a cita Jueves. (appointment Thursday) She was SO different. Told us that she read what we´d left her and felt a ton better and wants to have a better life and apologized for how she was the day before. She just won´t come to church because of things about the members, but we´re working with her on that! She basically has a testimony of the LDM, just needs to follow her actions!
just some funny things that happened this week...
One, this guy gave us his number and told us that he wanted to meet with us when we were close to his house, so we called him when we were close, but we didnt´know exactly which house it was.. he said that he was in Santiago now living with his grandparents, so we decide to knock some doors, the first door that opens, guess who it was.. HIM! And he saw us and then dodged and his gpa came out to tell us no. ha! It was just ridiculous and funny!
Carmen, this evangelica that we´ve taught a couple times. She’s out of control, but this day she was talking about bras and everything and was telling us about how her whole life her bra size has been the same and then after kids just changed, and that she doesn´t like it... then she was asking us our bra sizes so she could bring us on from her work. It was just hilarious. Maybe you had to be there or you have to know Carmen! ha!
Well, it´s going well here in Chile. Today the weather is amazing, love it. Usually cold, but today the sun is warm! Maybe I´ll get a tan. We´re gonna go walk around this famous park and just dink around a bit! I love the mission. The other day I was thinking about how much I have changed. I mean, I´m not different in personality, but now I understand what it means to be and how to be a daughter of God. It’s truly the best and am SO grateful that I have the mish to base my life off of!
The church is true. God Lives and Loves us. The atonement of Jesus Christ is real. Families are eternal. The BOM is the best book to get us closer to God and understand His commandments. Amo el evangelio!
Les quiero familia!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

Hermana Perez

                                                   just some beautiful pics of my area! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Well, another fast week. Really, so CRAZY! June is bascially over. one more week. How does it pass so fast. 
Ok, WHO LOVED THE BROADCAST LAST NIGHT?? amazing. really. SO good. I was just like, wow. this is gonna help the missionary work SO much. Really, it’s the best way to find people to teach. They are right here in our neighboorhoods, work, ect. And I was just so happy that it was a WORLDWIDE thing. Really, if the memebers really do what the apostles and profeta (prophet) are telling us, everyone will want to come unto Christ. I just imagine, really, this is Christ telling us what we need to do. Not just a man in the world. So I KNOW its revelation. I hope you´re all thinking about who you can invite :) I sure have thought about people.
So this week i´ve just learned that Satan works SO hard on these people. Really, I just want to tell him.. hey, back off, let them do this! It´ll CHANGE their lives. But they all have their agency too that I sometimes want to take away. I just know that God is testing my patiencia (patience) and making me work even harder so I stay focused on this last part of the mish!
Dany. So, we had a couple GREAT lessons. He was doing good with his progress, praying, reading, has asistido and smoking has gotten lots better. And then one day. bam. Just way too many tempations. It’s his friends, and his dad lets him basically do everything too, and his dad wants him to change but isn´t willing to put his foot down and tell him no. But who knows what will happen with Dany! The gospel is the best thing that can happen to him, but he has to put in his part. I´m not sure if will still teach him.. so sad.
Tatiana. her husband just really isn´t diggin it. When we go and he isn´t there, she always accepts us, but when her husband is home, he ALWAYS answers the door and says that they can´t right then. super fome. but we´re gonna seguir (follow up) with her! i just want to teach her husband and help him understand too and then they can have this together.
Erika and Danae, they left on vacations and now danae is sick, but i know that they´ll just eat this up if they get a taste of it.
Bernardo. He is fine. we´ve decided that we can teach him but really really slow so he understands everything. He isn´t 100% there so we need to talk to the leaders about him to see if we should teach him. The ward is supportive and wants to help him. he just has to learn the basic stuff, because he understands, but its like a slower process.
So this week we´ve taught lots and found more people, just are looking for these people who are ready al tiro (now) to accept the gospel. The other day though had a cool experience. We were in one part of our area and we had a cita (appointment) with just a contact on the whole other side of our area and then we had to return to the other side. We were deciding, is it worth it to go because its super far just to return, but we decided that yes, we needed to do it so we could follow our plans because God always blesses us. So we went. The cita (appt) wasn´t there. So we followed our plan and found a lady named Marcela. She´s young, like 30, she was catholica when she was a kid, but now has found Christ in the Evangelico church. We shared with her and she was super interested about Profetas (prophets) and the BOM. Left her with the compromiso (commitment) to read and pray and she told us to come back. She said that she thought we were other people that she was waiting for when she opened her door, and then felt bad to regect the word of God and now she can ask if its true! Really I have a huge testimony about planning. If we follow our plans and listen to the Spirit, God will put these people in our path who are ready now. We just have to be the obedient ones and plan and follow them.
Also, found the pareja (partner) of Luz who we taught a while ago, and he was like, come in! He listened to the message and now we can teach him and Luz together and get them married and baptize their 2 kids as well. Have a cita (appt) with them tonight, so we´ll see how it goes.
Had another intercambio (exchange) this week. It was great. I really feel blessed to have this assignment because I get to know lots of Hnas and other areas to work and everytime I just feel like I learn from them. I don´t know why I am a Sister Training Leader and they aren´t, but really am grateful to be able to travel around and do it! But the only bad part is my bed phobia. Luckily I know the girl who always comes to MY BED. But i still change the pillow case everytime. But sometimes I have to just not think about the persons bed I´m sleeping in. Maybe I´ll be better when I get home with it though. You´d think, right??
Well Family, Get out there and find these people who need the gospel. Pray daily to have a missionary experience and the Lord will bless you with what you need to say, and to whom you need to say it. Trust in Him. It’s the best message in the world and if WE don´t share it, who will?? I was thinking this week and decided if we love the people and the message we are sharing, it´ll be easy to open our mouths to share the Gospel. So love the people, and love the Gospel and the rest will come!
Love you lots!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

this statue. ya, have no clue. creepy. 

dany... this kid. loved his CTR ring that i gave him,

my mission is beautiful. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

a year ago today, Maritza, Hilding and Magali got baptized. And this week I´ve been informed by a few different people that they are now all working on going to the temple this month or next. 
now THAT is the joy of missionary work! 

How are you my dear family? I am happy! I really just love the mission. Even though it´s so hard emotionally, sometimes physically (con los cerros aqui en viña), and spiritually. It´s the most rewarding thing I´ve ever done in my life. And I know that my life será very different because of my mission. Eternally grateful that my Heavenly Father allowed me to come and to be here in Chile! 

Lets see, so this week we FINALLY found Luis. Had a nice converstaion with him. he told us that he purposly had distanced himself from us. but he felt bad about it and one night decided to pray, so he prayed and new that he needed to listen more and its something that he REALLY needs in his life. He is also in Mosiah in his lectura! So we had a great lesson. Told us he was gonna come to church. Talked to him Saturday, still was gonna come and he didn´t come! SO frustrating. but now i´m just gonna wait for him to contact us. I was fasting for him specifically that he´d be there and i just felt like him not coming is maybe a answer that its not his time. but super sad. but if God wants him to progress, he will. 

Tatiana. Still doing great. Accepted a fecha but shes scared to talk to her husband abaout it. They left of vacations this weekend, so hopefully when we go on Tuesday she´ll have talked to him and he´ll give her the go ahead. But she honestly has tons of desire to follow Christ! 

Erika and Danae. This littlefamily is precious. So we pass for someone that we´ve contacted in the street a while back. He wasn´t there but his dad answered and was kinda like.. no. we´re leaving, but his granddaughter was there who lives in Miami and is just visiting for summer so we started talking in English and then the dad tells us to come in so we aren´t in the cold. We end up teaching them a little about the Plan de Salvacion and this little girl talks so cute and english and spanish, but she tells me in English talking about her g-ma who died 2 years ago. ¨That is why i am happy because i know where she is, but i am sad because i miss her¨ We have another cita with them tonight. I´m excited. When we were leaving the little girl yells out.. ¨miss you¨ adorbs. 

Virginia and Bernardo- this lady too speaks perfect english and we taught her and she wanted to come to church with her son, 33 years old. They get to church and we are sitting there and after the Sacrament meeting we are just talking and he son asks us.. ¨cuando me podría bautizar?¨ it was the first time i´ve put a fecha in the middle of church! awesome! He just seems to like the social scene and stuff at Church, but we gotta teach him so that he gets his testimony. He doesnt read or write, so he learns a little slower, but that does not stop him from wanting to learn! just hope that he can really understand and have a testimony!

Fransisco- he is a menos activo that we´ve taught EVERY week since i arrived. and he always says he will go to church because he KNOWS he needs to and has a tesimony. he just doesn´t go because he moved from his old ward to this one, but it´s like 6 months since he hasn´t gone. We taught him the other day about the Santa Cena. He told us he´d be there, but i was like.. ok, (i´ve heard that before) and I walk into the chapel and guess who is sitting there... FRANSISCO! I was like. WOAH. it was awesome to see him there and the JAS( single adults) just were great to involve him and all. It was awesome to see. Last night went to a NDH witht the Jas as well. finally, Fransisco is back.

Well, just want to leave you with something i learned this week in my studies. I was reading about Pilot in Luke 23 and how he found nothing wrong in Christ and asked 3 times the people what he should do with Him. He feel into Peer Pressure even though i´m sure that he felt strongly, that he shouldn´t kill him. It made me think of ourselves. When we feel something, through the Spirit, and know what we should do, and we do that thing anyways, we will loose the Savior in our lives, just as the people lost Him when they yelled ¨Crucify Him!¨

I love the mish, Love the Gospel, Love my Savior Jesus Christ and I know that He directs His Chruch through the Priesthood. 

Hope all is well with you guys. 
until next week.
peace and love.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
chile and USA. a really wealthy area

intercambios this week. both went to USU. GO AGGIES. (its the only USU shirt i had here)

a family made us papusas for Hna Perez. typical el salvador comida. ricccos.


Monday, June 10, 2013

First off i just want to wish dad, grandpa, and my brothers and bro in laws a HAPPY FATHERS DAY this week. Don´t know why we cant call and talk for this day too, but asi es la mision. But know that i love you all and am SO grateful for you in my life. You are all such great examples to me and i love having you as my family! 

This week flew by! seriously. super fast. i think its because we had our leadership conference and one day i was in another city for intercambios, so really only 4 days in my area. but it was a good week! we have people that are progressing, still looking for this family that we know we will find and be able to help them become eternal. 
just some highlights of updates...

Luis. still nothing.well, we´ve contacted him at least but he told us he´d call when he can. nooooo. still have hope, but my heart hurts about him. so so sad. 

Dany. He has a fecha for next weekend. He is a typical 16 year old boy though. He understands what baptism means and everything, and honestly wants to do it. he just has way too much peer pressure. He is only smoking one or two ciggarros every day, better than what he was smoking, but its just his friends. Makes me so grateful for the friends i have and the influences they´ve had on me. Always willing to support me with what i do and really are there to help me! But Dany, he is recieving the lessons, just helping his really get his own testimony because that will be the thing to help his quit and keep his compromisos! 

Tatiana. She is a slower progresser, because we have to help her with her faith in christ because if she doesn´t really have that, how can she progress to want to follow him? but she is moving along and its fun to see this change from someone who just doesn´t know alot to be able to learn. It´s not like shes never heard of Him before, just isn´t really religous, but she is doing good. Her husband, meh, doesn´t listen, but one day, we´ll get him! 

Edita. we passed for this street and it was like 15 minutes before we had to go home and there was a light on in this house, thats like NEVER on, so we yelled.. ´halo¨ (like they do here in Chile) this joven came out, well, shes 22, and we started talking and she accepted us to come in and teach her. She looked on the outside a little harder, like her style, and i thought, she probsies doesn´t even beleive in God. But my surprise and lesson learned not to judge people on how they look, she believes TONS in God. Prays daily. Lives solo and is studying. We had a great lesson with her and at the end i could invision her in white like i try to visualize everyone i meet, because that is my meta! 

When i was on my intercambio we put a fecha with this lady. shes good! i don´t really know anything else about that lesson, but she was doing super good when i was there and wants to follow christ and the best way to follow Him is baptism. The hna i was with has one change in the mission and is training, she´s my ¨granddaughter¨ because hna Smith trained her.. ha! but shes good. i think she liked having me there because i could help her and she wasn´t in the ¨lead¨ but i hope that this lady progresses and they can see her success. 

Also, this morning I got a call from our Zone leaders. They called to tell me that i reference i had passed to them has a fecha and is progressing super well. She just eats up the Gospel, went to church, and loved it. I was happy to hear that even the work that we do in our areas for other people pays off. Ironically, we contacted this lady when Luis didn´t show for his interview, I remember being so sad, didn´t want to talk to anyone, just wanted to sulk in my sadness for a little bit, but i just had to buck up and keep working. Such a testimony to know that really God has a plan for everything and that we are always in the right place and the right time and if we listen to the Spirit, He will guide us to know where we need to go, who we need to talk to, and help us find the chosen ones.

Our leadership council was great, like always. I sometimes wonder, why am I one of these sister trainers, i learn so much on every intercambio i go on, and these siters are amazing, but i´m very grateful to be able to go on these intercambios, because I learn tons from them and hope that they do too. But in the council, there are now 4 more Hnas. Hna Paz (my hija) is one too! fun to see her and hna smith together! 
So much that i learned in the council but i just have a quote that i want to share from Hna Kahnlein... ¨God is not a God that works through luck, but a God that works with purpose.¨ I just loved it. its so true, He has a purpose for everything. 
Also usually they assign talks for a few people to do, but en vez de eso, every companionship had to stand up and say a Christlike Attribute that their comp has. Hna perez wasn´t there, but I was with Hna Smith and it was just neat to see everyone talk so highly of their comp. Really, the best way to have unity in a companionship is to just love your comp and find the good in them! Hna Smith is great though. It was EASY to talk about her. She has all the attributes but she has tons of Faith, and really has a strong testimony of the Gospel. 

Well, thats a wrap up from the week. Really, who knows if time is gonna slow down, i don´t think it will anytime soon. its basically half way through June. and then July and then... ya, well. you know. 

But Family, I love you all SO much. This church is true. If we seek the will of our Father and come to know His ways, He will bless us with His Spirit. The BOM is the word of God. How grateful I am for that book in my life. Read it. Study it. I love Jesus Christ and His atonement. I will be eternally grateful for Him. He Lives. He leads His church through a Prophet of God. 

Love you all. 

Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent 
found this huge foto on my intercambio this week... watching over me in my sleep

the other... there are 8 horses. too good to be true for our familia! 

con Hna Smith! stole it from the Blog! hahaa

Monday, June 3, 2013

JUNIO! what......... ya. ever month i know i say it, but really this may, what happened. i think time goes by faster with these intercambios, and leadership things. it´s great i love doing it, but just FLIES by... anywho, 

this week more than anything i learned that God answers our prayers. We had so many experiences with pray this week that really just strengthened my relationship with God and made me SO grateful to have Him in my life. Just some of these experiences with pray for you all. 

Monday night it was raining, SO HARD. umbrellas really didn´t help, luckily i had rain boots because these hils and the rain basically drentched our bodies. just wanted a boogie board to sit on and float down the hills. ha! but really, no one was accepting us, not very many people in the streets, but we kept working obviously. we had a cita with Luis at 8:30 and the hna that was gonna come called and said.. no way in this rain. we called SO many people and noone could, or didn´t want to because of the rain. We needed a female to come with us and it was a crucial lesson with him. at 8:15 we stopped in the street, under our umbrellas and said a pray that SOMEONE would be able to acompañarnos, After the prayer, we called one last hna and she answered and said, ¨si hermanas, donde?¨ It was seriously such a miracle and so fast. The lesson went great and we survived the rain. 

Another, we were fasting on Wednesday to find nuevos and we went to this area we really haven´t been to at all since i´ve been here. We had no one to contact besides a few menos activos and we decided to say a prayer with specific goals we wanted to accomplish. We finshed the prayer, chose a calle to start contacting and found 2 nuevos. one is Tatiana. Shes never really shared with religons, doesn´t know much about God and Christ, ni la diferencia but she was willing to listen to us and told us that she liked what we were saying and how we could come back and everything! he husband is ateo.. um.. is that athiest? and was there too. didn´t really listen, but accepted us in his house. thats a start. and he bro is LDS too, just in a different city! 

Then we found Amy and Eline... another day went and knocked on a door and opened and they said, ¨pasen¨ (come in) and we went in. Turns out that they have an exchange student in there house and thought i was there to see her. but we explained that we were there to share with them and we talked alot about our relationships with God. they both believe in different things and are sisters 18 and 20 and were just so open to talking and all. en final, they accepted to pray and find out if God exists. 

also... i was SO tired one day.. like exhausted and i prayed that the night could be longer.. and it worked. woke up with lots of energy thinking that i slept for days. it was heavenly. 

Ok, now for the bad part of the week. Luis, had his baptism interview scheduled for Sabado. He was SO ready for it. We went to pass for him to meet in the church, wasn´t in his house. We called him like 5 times, never answered, all day long, tried to contact him, never was home. Finally 9:30 Saturday we contacted him. and he just said he forgot... reminded him about church and he committed to coming. Didn´t come. And we haven´t been able to find him since. So needless to say, he was not baptism this week and won´t be baptized next week because he needs to come to church. I really don´t know what happened. I cried. Its just emotionally exhausting sometimes to see these people fall. I was sad for a while, but then realized that we all have our time and God has a schedule. Maybe Luis has a concern with something that we´ve taught him that he hasn´t expressed. thats the only thing i can think of, i just hope that we can find him and talk to him to be able to help him progess to baptism because he needs it! 

But this joven, Dany that i talked about a while ago. he came to church with his dad. We just gotta get him to have a testimony and stop smoking. He likes church. has friends there and his dad is like... Hnas, please come to our house when you want to teach him! he needs this. His dad does to, but he is too concerned about Dany to realize it. but he like what we teach! 

this week i had a taxi driver propose to me. turned it down. no worries. also had a Hermana in the ward tell me that my hair is the prettiest of ALL the hair shes seen from all the gringos that have been to her house. ha! she just couldn´t get over it.

Well, all is well. this week we have a consejo de lideres de la mision! i always love them. fun to see the other missionaries and the hnas. hopefully he´ll call more hnas entrenadores. We need more, there is a waiting list for the intercambios!  

I love this Gospel. God loves us and is so kind. There are so many blessings and the more we look for them, our love for Him will increase. Christ Lives. The atonement is real. Repentance is such a blessing. The BOM is the work of God. I love being a missionary, I love my Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesucristo, and I love these chileans, and I love all of you guys!

hasta lunes,
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent 

lots of rain this week!! 

just an idea of where i work everyday!!

Hna Perez and I

our activity. not much of a soccer player, but with a bunch of gringos and some latinos scored 2 goals :) 


Monday, May 27, 2013

Can´t believe it´s the last week in May. I was thinking about Janis and Gordon this week and how they only have a little time left. Like a month...and what they must be feeling after 3 years. I just imagine Janis laughing, breaking down in tears and excited to see her grandkids :) but anywho, this week was good! We had changes and I stayed here but am training again with Hna Perez from El Salvador. She’s new and just turned 19 in March, but she´s a good missionary. A little homesick, but she´ll get through it! 
Well, Luis finally got back this week and his baptism is planned for this week. It´s all fast so we´ll see if it happens, but he is just super sincere. Really one of the most sincere people I´ve ever met in my life I think. We taught him Chastity and Tithing the other day together in the same lesson.  He was just so chill about them both. Told us that he is gonna get money back soon from taxes and that when he gets it, it´ll be a big tithing! ha! Totally just understood it. ha! Also, he thanked us for doing what we are doing. For helping others understand how to live en acuerdo (in harmony) with God. He is excited and wants to do it... for his brother to be able to support him and help him change his life too!  The big brother of 6 and wants to be the example for all of his little bros.
Veronica. remember her? ya, she was awesome. We met with her a couple times this week and she was telling us that she was just so confused because everyone talks about different churches and stuff and then she just goes... ¨but what I know is that I believe in Christ¨ It was just so powerful and we taught her more about Christ and His church, the BOM, and everything. I was so happy to go visit her again and when we went her husband answered the door and basically told us never to return again. I was just SO sad, I want to talk to her because I know that she loved what we taught her, but her husband... who knows. Just left feeling... What happened? Hopefully we´ll find her when he husband isn´t there...
Natalia and Juaquin. We just decided to knock this small area of houses and she opened the door and explained to us that she was baptized when she was little with her family but hasn´t been to church in about 15 years and now doesn´t really believe in God because of what she´s studied. But she wanted to sing a hymn that she remembered with her little boy, Juaquin who is 9 and she was SO happy to sing it. It was cute and to see her feel so happy about a hymn and then we taught her little boy about the BOM with pictures and he just goes... wow, que bakan! (like.. how cool :) and is gonna read about Nefi and Laban with his mom.
We had an activity en our barrio (ward) this week and there was karaokee. it was hilarious! Good ward bonding with investigators and lots of menos activas (less actives) came. Now only if they´d come to CHURCH!
I was reading in 2 Nefi 15 this week and I love in versiculos (verses) 7-11 when it talks about have we asked God. I was thinking that if we don´t understand something it’s because we haven´t asked God. Even if we don´t undertand something he´ll make us feel good about it or that it really isn´t important to know. Also I was reading in Marcos when Christ ascends to live with His father and was thinking about that reunion between Christ and God and how happy God must have been to see His hijo (son) return having been 100% obedient and that because of Him all of His children can return to live with Him :)  I just love the scriptures and the things that I learn when I study them.
Well, this week was good. Changes are here.. and we are gonna hit the pavement and work hard. There are so many people that are close to accepting, but just haven´t yet! Just a little extra push and they can do it. I love this work. It’s SO wonderful to be here and help people come unto Christ.  
I love you all so much! think and pray for you daily!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
Familia Larrain.. they treat that dumb dog like its a child....

Angelica and Silvia... we had to leave them behind and move on!

Hna Perez and I :) 

Monday, May 20, 2013

I just think the months pass faster and faster, not really sure how its possible, but it always seems to happen like that. 
This week was lots better than the last week. Not really sure why it was so hard, but I learned lots and learned that patience is sometimes super hard and the fact that people have agency and deny this message just breaks my little heart, but one day I pray that they´ll accept it.
Ok, this week in intercambio(exchanges) I was with a new hermana, she turned 19 in Feb I think she said. It´s crazy these youngens, but awesome too. But I just have to say it was hilarious to be with her because ALL she talked about was high school, and I was like, Hermana, high school was like years ago for me. I just forget that these newbies are really just finished with High school. But she´s a great missionary. These new missionaries are the prepared generation. Really, they are just pure power and have every desire to work and do things correctly!
Ok, so you asked about the other people that we have been teaching. Luis is still good, but still with his family in the south. Come back already!  He should be getting back today or tomorrow. He went to church with his brother in the south and had lots of questions answered. He really could be baptized this weekend if he feels that he´s recieved his answer and I think he has. I´m just excited to  see him. It´s been forever. Hard when it’s someone that is super good just leaves for a while. But he´ll return!
This week we found some stellar people. Just a couple stories...
Ed- So we were knocking the door at an investigators house and this guy walked by that we had just seen like 5 minutes before, I thought.. talk to him, but then didn´t. The investigator wasn´t home and we left to walk down the street, we turn the corner and its Ed, again (3rd time) walking towards us. I start saying to my comp.. it´s the 3rd time, we have to talk to him and when I am saying that he goes... ¨oigan, tienen un Libro de Mormon¨  (do you have a BOM) we start talking to him and turns out that years ago he met with missionaries. Read the LDM (Bof M) and prayed about it and received his answer that it’s true because he felt it in his heart, and wants to know more again. We were able to teach him in his house right then and he accepted a fecha (baptism date)! He has an addiction to cigarro, (cigars) like everyone else, but he knows he has to give it up to progress. So now we´re working with him.
Veronica- we knocked this street and this lady opened her door and was speaking half English and half Spanish to us. She tells us that she moved here from India with her husband about 2 years ago and that she has recently started looking for a church, but just online, but better to join one that she knows someone, and know she knows us! She wants to hear the lessons in English .. she understands better (which is torture for me.. really, can´t speak English) but she is great. Told us that we can´t share in her house cause she lives with her in-laws, but that she´ll come back to her house and share with them the ¨good word of God¨ (her words)
This week I finished the LDM  (B of M)again, love reading it in Spanish. To read it in a different language really find different things and have to concentrate more on what it´s saying. But really, Moroni is a stud. Just by himself, basically waiting to die, but the last part of the LDM is SOOO crucial. I can´t wait to talk to him to know what happened after he hid the plates. But I started it again and was reading in Joseph Smith testimony and it says that when Moroni appeared to him in the night that their ¨convesations¨ lasted all night.  Then every year when he had to return to the plates he had a interview. Can you imagine what they talked about?? MY mind went crazy. Interview with Moroni. Conversations, it´s incredible. So thankful for these two men that made it possible that we have a Book of Mormon in our lives! Love this book.
Grandpa- Happy Birthday this Saturday! Love you and will be thinking of you! Party it up for me :)
We taught this joven,Cristian, he is 22 and really really likes to party and drink. We taught him the word of wisdom and he said the prayer at the end and asked God to bless his liver that it could withstand what he puts in it! He knows it’s bad, just think it´s crazy not to drink when your in the universidad and young.
Menos activas (less actives) here are still many and many are coming back to church in this area. Makes me so happy to know how to work with menos activas now so I can really help those who are in my wards in my whole life!
This Wednesday we have changes.. not really sure what will happen. 23 hermanas come again and president wasn´t sure if he was gonna have the Sister Leaders train or be in a companionship together. Also he is opening lots of areas, so we´ll see Wednesday what happens! I don´t want to leave Agua Santa. Love this area and ward. Next week I´ll let you know!
Well family, love you lots and am so grateful for you! I pray for you daily. The Chrurch is true and we are so blessed. God loves us and Christ Lives.
hasta lunes, keep smiling,
Hna Sargent

Sophie and me :)

her slippers... raaaaaaaarrrrrrrw.

love my view. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

It was so great to see you all and talk to you yesterday! It´s crazy but it always feels like i just talked to you even though it was like 5 months ago. I remember at Christmas i was sad to hang up and was like... i still have so much time left before i see them, but this call just was happy! Still have lots of time left here in Chile, but soon i´ll be seeing you all :) Glad that you´re all doing good and i was able to touch base for a few minutes. 

 Forgot to make a shout out to Savvy and Grandma for their b-days this week! know that i´ll be thinking of you and that i wish you a happy birthday!! 

Like i said last night this week was probably one of the hardest of my mission. It was just like nothing was working out how we wanted it to, nobody was keeping there committments, nobody was in there house, ect. There was one day i´m pretty sure we walked ALL day except for lunch. literally noone. but the Lord knows why and we kept working, never gave up, and still saw miracles. even if they were tiny. I think I´m just at the point of my mission were i should be excelling and i am in my teaching, language, i feel comfortable, but the baptisms, the people who really want to change there life just aren´t there right now. but i know that the Lord is gonna bless us this week. Last week of the change and we just need these people to accept or chau and onto the new ones! but enough of my pitty story! 

This week we were teaching this family. Dany (16) wants to be baptized but he really isn´t into the whole commitment thing, remembering to pray and read, and has a problem with palabra de sabiduría, His dad, Jorge, is the one who is doing all of that, but lives with his pareja so can´t be baptized and he wants nothing more than Dany to be baptized because he knows he´ll be in the good path and the path he is going down right now... not too great. but anywho, we watched the first vision with them and we were sitting there watching it and the first vision had just happened and Jorge goes... ¨tengo calor!¨ (i´m hot) and everyone else was like... what, no its cold. Hna Valencia and I knew why he felt that way. The Spirit was testifying to him that this really happened. The Jose smith saw God and Christ that day. I LOVE being able to hear and see these people be touched by the Spirit. 

Ronald. Honestly i just love him, but he always says he wil come to church and then he doesn´t. we pass for him and everything. I think that he is embarrassed because his dad is menos activo and doesn´t really want anything to do with the church, so i think he just feels like peope are going to judge him. But he KNOWS he needs to do it, knows that it´s true. just is scared i think that he´ll be like his dad and know that it´s bad. but he is doing everything we´re telling him to do just not coming to church. 

Luis. He is good. He traveled to the south this week to visit his family, so we really haven´t seen him. but he said on Saturday taht he was going to go to church with his brother sunday. Still haven´t spoken to him, but I´m sure he went. He is awesome. just gotta get him solid with ley de castidad and palabra de sabiduría. but other than that he is good to go. 

We had the consejo of lideres this week on Friday. I really like being in the leadership position. It´s fun to see the mision and really how it works, what the leaders do, ect.. but they changed alot with how we are going to teach now. before it was all scripture and testimony, but we have pamphlets here in the mission and they want us to start teaching with those so that the people have them and are reading them with us. Honestly think it´ll make a huge difference. they are just more people friendly than the scriptures for people who don´t have a basic understanding. 

Also in the consejo talked lots about repetance and the importance it is for us to repent everyday. even if we don´t feel like we´ve done anything huge, it´s so necessary. I think thats one of the biggest things i´ve learned here on the mission. Repentance and really what the Atonement means and how to apply it to my life. its really just so important and such a gift that we have! 

well, the week was hard, but still good. Love this work. I am SOOOO grateful that i decided to come on the mission. Its crazy now looking back to when i was at USU and seeing how my life has changed since then. I loved it back then but know I know that the Lord is guiding my life to do the things that He wants me to do and how i´m going to be happiest.
Christ Lives. He is our Savior. The Church is run by Him and is true.

Love you all. until next week,

Keep Smiling, 
Hna Sargent

just some graffiti i find beautiful

sometimes my legs feel like that in the buses of chile... 
can you see the skelton???

the herd

found my pedro dad :) 

my district and there nasty HUGE hamburgers... only 2 really finished. hahahah! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hola Familia! 
How are you all? Can´t believe it’s May and that Mothers day is this week! SO FUN. I am excited to talk to you all and the call will be about 4 your time :) This week was great as usual. I really just love the mission.
I was thinking this morning during my studies on how the gospel honestly gives us SO much purpose in life. We are teaching this kid who is 22, parties a ton, ect ect, and I just look at him with no goal o propósito (or purpose) en his life. But really, you don´t know very many LDS people without goals, without a understanding of why they are on this earth, and without the knowledge that God loves them and that this gospel is what they need to be happy!
I learned lots this week. I feel like the investigators are helping me more than I am helping them sometimes, but that is the way the Lord works, right?
Ronald: this little 14 year old boy is just a delight. Really, just full of questions and wants to know but is a little scared to know the truth. But this week we were teaching him about the Atonement of Jesucristo and we told him that He did that for him. Ronald like was like... He did that for me?? and we told him that he did it for every single one of us but it hit me. Really the Expiación de Cristo (Atonement of Christ) is individual. Yes, everyone has the great blessing of using it, but it’s for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. When Ronald realized what He had done, you could see the light in his eyes go off and his desire to do better and do what God is asking of him. Accepted fecha (baptism) for the end of May. Finally.
Victor: we haven´t been able to find him forever, he is studying and working, and every weekend goes to Santiago because his rents live there. But we both felt like we needed to go to this one street that we like rarely go on, and while we were walking, lo and behold, VICTOR. He was so happy to see us and we just happened to be right by the church and told him that we wanted to give him a tour of the church so that he could see how it is. We took him on a tour and then he just started talking on how he never walks on the street and it was for something that he had to walk there and it was us! He just kept saying, for something I found you guys.
Luis: we clarified that I am like his little sister. Because he just turned 35 and I told him my brother is about that age... (sorry if its younger Kenny, don´t really remember) but he was like, so I´ll be your brother while you´re here in Chile and watch out for you. So cute! But he is progressing super well. Doesn´t want to accept a fecha (baptism date)  because he wants to be 100% sure to tell us because he doesn´t like saying yes and not completing it, but he loves what he hears and told us that he wants to see his brother that was baptized a few months ago and everyone says that he has changed drastically and he wants to see this change himself. Went to stake conference in a 15 passenger van with him and a couple other investigators and a family from the ward. So funny to pile in to that car... just imagine, Chilean van with no leg room.
Daniel: this guy stopped us in the street the other day and wanted to talk to us. We put a cita(appointment) with him and set it up to be in the church because he only rents a room in a house. We both just felt kinda weird about him but we had to go and let him hear the gospel. Basically told us that he has been in the dark, has done lots of things and has basically been to hell. Now he doesn´t want that and never wants to return. He wants to walk in the light. What better way to do that than the gospel, right? I think everyone in the world wants to be in the light, they just don´t know how to do it.
Luz and Lysette- this adorable Peruvian familiy! Super nice, way accepting, and Luz, the mom has heard of the mormons before, but never met with them so we are clearing up lots of things for her luckily! She´s great though. She wants to make us arroz con leche (rice pudding) because Hna Valencia es de (is from) Peru and I´ve been there. Just love this people. They make me so happy. Just want them to understand what we know.
This week had another intercambio, (exchanges) I will have them everyweek now, and in more time will have 2 everyweek. It’s crazy, but I like it because can help these new hnas that have arrived here and maybe now are training. But it was raining here on this intercambio and we were outside talking to this man and he got a phone call and answers it and instead of saying, ¨halo¨ he busts out with the song...”singing in the rain.”  But mostly just the tone because he doesn´t know the words. It was super funny!
Well, those are the highlights from the week.  Just gonna keep pushing, keep working with those we have and keep finding those that need the gospel.
The gospel is true. Jesus Christ is our Savior. The Priesthood is on the earth. What a great blessing and knowledge we have. I know if we read the scriptures everyday we will never lose our way. God hears our prayers. He loves us. This is the one and only true gospel, it’s the only way we will come to know our Savior completely, and the only way to return and live with Him.
Well, I´ll be see ¨seeing¨ you all Sunday :) hasta domingo (until Sunday)
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

Monday, April 29, 2013

lots of good happened this week! always does. Really, the Lord is Kind and always looking out for us making sure that we are ok and finding those that need to be found right now!

Lets see here. just some of the people that we are teaching... 

Angelica and Siliva- Angelica is a little bit more receptive, but if she accepts her daughter listens so its good. they are older like 65 and 40 and live together and are passing through a time SUPER difícil in their lives, but they are getting through it. Angelica loves what she hears from us and in church and activities, ect, but she has this hard catholic tradition mind set that is holding her back. She also smokes so we are working with her on that and she is progressing slowly but surely. these Palabra de Sabiduría problemas are the hardest for these people. I´m just SO grateful it´s not a problem for me, honestly, least tempting thing= smoking. gross. but we asked her the baptismal questions and she is super close. not 100% converted, but she will be. just need to help her see those blessings that have come into her life since she started listening to the missionaries. 

Luis- shirtless Luis. ha! Hna Valencia... so funny. now we just joke about it, but i still think she feels awkward around him! Obviously he doesn´t know, but i can tell. ha! love these latin comps. make me happy. but he is progressing well hacia bautismo. yay! Yesterday he came to church for the first time and had to leave after Sacrament meeting because of committment he has had for a year. and i asked him what it was and it was his BIRTHDAY! turned 35. but he said that he was happy to have started this year living a commandment of Sabbath day. and that he liked church lots and wants to come back. He also is in 2 nefi 11 in the LDM. crazy. he is just ready for this change in his life. can´t wait to see him in white! 

Jessica- its this lady that stopped us in the street and wants to know more about Historia Familiar. shes solid. she has this great grandfather that she feels like she needs to find and figure out why he came to chile, ect ect. She was telling us what she knows about him and its like a movie. I want her to find this great grandfather. we testified that she has this feeling because he is trying to help her find something to help him and that its the Gospel of Jesucristo. The member that was with us is all about Fam History and they have plans to go together Friday to the center to look for him. Love when members are helpful with Investigadores. I want to be like that after the mish. 

I had another intercambio this week and guess where i went... back to Limache! ha! it was so strange to be back there for a day. walking my old turf. but it was great to work with the Hna there. got to meet her investogdores and all and shes new. it´s her 2nd change in the mission and she just was full of questions, but it´s fun to be able to help these Hnas. but the best thing is that I saw Juaquin and he is doing great. Also Silvana came with us on citas. she is also great. shes the 1st counselor in YW. But this just shows how kind the Lord is....

we´re sitting on the metro going back to Viña after the cambio and pull up to a station and guess who gets on... HILDING CARLSON (from my first area- he was baptized, my chilean father, ect) I WAS SOOOO happy to see him. he wanted to give me a hug, but i told him i was still a missionary, but we just sat there and talked to him for about 40 minutes to go back to vina and he is doing awesome. He is the 1st couselor in the Elders  Quorom Pres in the ward and always jokes about being Bishop (one day) His wife who was baptized with him is the secretary of R.S. and had her first talk yesterday in the church. It serioulsy made me so happy to see him. 

I really don´t know if there is greater joy that seeing the converts and seeing that they are progressing and are doing well. And that you have the feeling that you helped these people change and now there goal is the temple! the mission is challenging at times, but when you see people that have changed it just gives you a bigger desire to find more. just makes me so grateful to my Heavenly Father that He is taking care of them and that He wants them just like I do to be successful and understand this gospel. 

Hna Valencia is good. She has a really tough family life so if you could pray for her and that they´ll write here and stuff. she´s the only member so its hard for her. they hardly have anything and her parents have tons of health problems so she´s worried about them lots. this week was hard in particularmente.  but just if you could say a pray for that. But her english is awesome. can basicallly understand everything and is practicing lots so it´s good! also if the spanish speakers in the fam want to write her a dearelder or something in spanish that´d be great. its the same address as mine just with her name... Yamilet Valencia. I´m sure she´s appreciate it. nothing long, just a short note with your testimony, no sé, lo que quiera! 

Well, life is happy. it´s just great here. still loving the ward. i feel like this ward is the most like the states that i´ve been in here in Chile. not sure why.. maybe a longer time it´s been a ward. who knows. but they are just great people. 

The Church is true. Read the Book of Mormon. DO MISSIONARY WORK. pray for missionary work in your lives. i want to hear about the experiences that you are having as missionaries. the lord will bless you. just open your mouth, its the best thing that you could say to someone. If they regect, its their loss, not ours because WE HAVE IT and it´s out duty to share it. Love you all.

Keep Smiling, 

Hna Sargent
los elderes en mi distrito 

just a view from my area. no big deal

HILDING! (first area baptism with Riggs) yes. i saw him. will explain more in my papa. SOOOOO hAPPPPYYY!!! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hola Familia! Como están? Espero que todos estén bien y están disfrutando el primavera en AZ (o mom y dad en CA)! 

This week has been good! I´ve just loved being close to the ocean. I think i say like 100 times everyday. Its SO beautiful here. really, almost every spot in my area you can see the ocean. gives me more motivation to get out and work! 

I want to share with you 2 experiences that happened this week,

Monday night, we passed for a menos activo, but he wasn´t there. But his son was. We asked if we could share with his 14 year old son, Ronald, and he was glad to talk with us. We taught him the restauración and he was just soaking it up. We invite him to be baptized, to read, to pray, accepts all of it. he is just a little sponge, but 14 so sometimes inmature, but so funny! So when we were walking out the door I turned to him and said, I´m going to close the door and you should go pray RIGHT NOW so you don´t forget. he said yes, but i was like... ya, he´ll probsies forget. (ye of little faith) So we walk out the door, i close it, and i look in the window to see what he does, and i see this 14 year old boy with his head bowed, his arms crossed, and he is praying. It was one of the sweetest moments i think i´ve had on the mission. I´m not sure why it hit me like it did. but i really just felt like in the year 1820 a boy with the same age, did the same thing, and thanks to that prayer MY life is changed as well as many others. Now ronalds is in the process to change. 

Another experiencia, we have to travel about an hour in micro (bus) to our meetings. So after the meeting we get back on the bus and i sit next to this man. I share with him about the gospel, but he isnt really havin it. So we sit there for a while and i´m thinking, I REALLY want to go talk to that lady sitting there solo, but i felt weird getting up and moving after i´d already talked to this man, but i just kept feeling it. So i say goodbye to this man and change seats. I sit next to this lady and start small talking with her. Then we start talking about the church. She tells me that years ago she told the elders to go to her house, and when they got there her husband got really mad and told them to NEVER come back. Well, turns out a few years ago her husband died and now she´s remarried. She told me that maybe i had to talk to her now on the bus and that now is her time to hear about the gospel becuase her husband wouldn´t get mad. We were talking about baptism and she accepted to be baptized if she felt it and then asked me.. ¨what happens to those who don´t have missionaries like you where they live?¨ I explain to here that there are missionaries in ALL parts of the world and that the number is increasing just so we can share our message! I took her address and all, and passed it along to the leaders. I just hope that she accepts. she´s ready, just needs to hear all of this! 

This week had intercambios for this new position i have. it was good! I like being able to help other people understand the importance of obedience and helping them feel more comfortable. still new at this, but it´s also a good way to get to know other Hnas better. 

Also interviews with Pres Kahnlein. Really he is just awesome. one day he WILL be in the 70 or something. just waiting for the day to hear his name announced in Conferencia. I just feel like he is getting to know me a lot better. Who i am, how i work, ect ect and can really help me and really understand now. I asked if i could stay until Jan but he shot that down quickly. but told me to work twice as hard everyday and it´d be like i´m here until Jan! liked that advice. He also asked me in enlgish.. ¨are you happy?¨ totally reminded me of dad! 

Luis read 11 chapters of the LDM. he is awesome. so funny... the other night we passed by his house and he opened the door without a shirt, he is a personal trainer so it´s not like he is fat or anything, but we put a cita for him and left. we just laughed because we haven´t seen anyone like that in a while now. but i totally forgot about it. we went back to teach him and while we were teaching Hna Valencia was being all weird, just not herself. After the lesson i asked her.. ¨esta bien?¨and she just starts laughing of embarassment. She then goes on to tell me that she just couldn´t take him serioulsy after seeing with wtihout a shirt. Now it´s just a joke, but serioulsy, Luis is good. he is progressing well and wants to know. just hasn´t recienved his respuesta yet! 

Yesterday we taught a jewish man, interesting to teach him when he doesn´t believe Christ has come, but he accepted a BOM and is gonna read when Christ came to the americas! i was wishing that dad would be there because he took that jewish class and all. i´m sure it could have been helpful. but hopefully he progresses and likes what he reads. 

ahhh.... tiempo, well, anywho, we are doing work here in Agua Santa. Love being back here. really, so great! I know that this is the MOST important work there is here.... open your mouths, invite, it won´t hurt ANYONE. God will only bless you with people who need it if you keep doing it! 
its the best thing that you can tell them. saw a quote this week that says... ¨We have the greatest message in the world! We should be SO excited to jump out of bed and set the world on fire!¨ -L. Tom Perry so lets do it. set this world on FIRE!! 

Love you and pray for you all,

Keep Smiling, 

Hna Sargent
Hna Valencia and I :)


view of Valparaiso

 i just can´t get over how beautiful it is here... missed the sunset at the beach!
 tourist stuff this morning... literally one street from my area! 

just love being close to the beach... we´re looking at the same ocean mom! :) 

foto de mi zona! last week! thought you´d want to see it. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Well, Cambios came. I am now back in Agua Santa where i was serving before. Mismo ward and everything, but honestly Im SUPER happy about it. This was the ward where i was with a harder comp, so now i can work with my new comp. Hna Valencia de Peru. I am finishing her training, she has been here for 6 weeks and honestly is just full of love. Shes great. has every desire to be obedient and work, so i know that well see milagros.

I was sad to leave Salamanca because i felt like id JUST gotten there. I really think its been the fastest transfer of my whole mission. but the last day i had there i really just wanted to go say bye to Urbano and Henry. But urbano wasn home and we hadn´t had time to go to where Henry works. So i was just kinda sad, but oh well i thought, i´ll write them a letter. but we were walking to a cita on the main street in Salamanca and i look up and up walks Urbano! I was SO happy to see him. I told him i was leaving and he was super sad, like almost started crying, abut told me that he was gonna keep going to church for us. I told him if he was going for us right now, that was ok, but that he needed to look for God and change that desire to go to Church for Him. He promised me that he would. Then we walked a little more and bam, there´s henry! It was a blessing from God. to be able to see both of them. amazing. but anywho, we talked to henry for a while. he said that he met us right when he needed to most, so I guess that some work was done in Salamanca. Just hope them and the other wonderful people i met there will progress to baptism!

My first 2 days back here in Agua Santa we put 3 fechas. they are all awesome! I really like being here again. I went to the ward yesterday and it felt like i was at home again, super strange. everyone remembered me and seemed happy that i was back! NOW i will work with this ward and help it grow. ITs awesome though this area. Every 20 seconds you can see the  ocean and itś just beautiful. love it. itś colder because the ocean, but worth it! also, lots of hills. :)

Thursday, i got a call from PResident. They now have Leaders in the mission that are Hnas and pres called me to be one. the term is Sister Traning Leaders. Basically what it is is that they want that ALL the Hnas are trained well and know how to work. so we will be doing lots of intercambios with the hnas in the whole mission. There are 4 others. Me, Hna Smith (mi hija) and 2 others. Iḿ really excited to be part of it. Every month we have to go to a council with the Zone Leaders and we had a meeting Friday with all of them Pres and Hna Kahnlein. It was GREAT to be part of this council. Its just pure power, all these liders of the mission and to be able to work with them is a priveledge! plus i get all the insights of whats happening in the mish. It´s cool too because now i will work closer with President Kahnlein. So if there is a problem with the Hnas or the Zone leaders want them to work different or something, they call and we set up an intercambio! should be good. Still new with it, but weĺl see how it goes. Everyone calls me... the Hna Zone leader, but thats not what it is. I'm new to it as well, so iĺl keep updating you once i get the hang of it and know more. we had lunch with all of this council Viernes and i was sitting by Pres and Hna Kahnlein and since he served his mission in AZ i was talking to them about going back and told them that our house is open if they ever decide to go visit... hope thats ok :)
They also told me that at one of the conferences the other week Silvana spoke, and she said that the reason she accepted us to go to her house because she´d never felt such love from someone that she´d just met! made me feel so happy. oh Silvana, i miss her and love her!

We were challenged to ask our parents, mom and dad... what kind of missionary to you think i am? and then when we get the response BE that missionary or better. so please tell me... what kind of missionary do you think i am??

this week we met some great people. some are now in progreso de bautismo. yay! Victor, Luis, Karina, Angelica. We are working with them and one thing i LOVED that karina said one day is that shes been looking for the right religion for a while now. And we related her to Jose Smith and how he found his answer and what she needed to do to get hers. I just KNOW that there are so many people here waiting. Definitely gonna go back for those that i was teaching while i was here the other time.

I just want you all to know that i LOVE being a missionary. there are hard days, long days, tears shed for the people, lots of changes (10th comp), the spirit felt muchisimo, and more than anything, lots to be learned. But honestly, its a priviledge (sp?) to be able to help people return to God. To be able to look at these people on the streets and imagine them in white and look for their potential and maybe not really how they are now. To help people understand the NEED for baptism and how they can feel that same happiness every week to take the Santa Cena is incredible. To see these people in darkness find the light of the Gospel is the best thing that i see while i´m here on the mission. I was reading this morning in Alma 33 and loved versiculos 19-23. go read them and pay attention to if we are the ones looking or the ones who lack faith or are just to lazy to look. or how it is talking here be saved from our Savior Jesus Christ who has made the way for EVERYONE of us. pay attention to the last verse the last 5 words. we have our agency. What a gift. God loves us. read it. i know you´ll love it.

Well family, here I am. about 2 minutes from the ocean and can literally hear the seagulls chirping. love it here. i am happy! Let me know if you guys need anything from my part. I always pray for each and every one of you, but if there is more i can do, let me know! LOVE YOU!

Keep smiling,

Hna Sargent
Hna Smith and I :)

some views from my new area

mi comp.