Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Well, this week has been kinda crazy. Just lots and lots of different things that happened.
Well, first we had cambios.(transfers) Hna Smith left. Super weird because the training program is 12 weeks in total, and she left halfway through. But all is well. I am training again. I don´t know who my comp will be, I´ll find out today at 4:30ish. I do know that she is Latino though. I´m excited. Sometimes I think the Latinos have a more relaxed way to be a missionary, just more problemas con obedencia con exacitud.(with obedience and punctuality) not all. There are stellar ones too, but I´m excited to have a Latino so she knows that it’s good to have a schedule and follow every rule! So next week I´ll let you know who she is and where she’s from. Plus I miss Spanish so it´ll be good! You should be able to get on the mission blog this week and see pics. Usually they have them up! Yesterday Hna Smith left and I stayed the night with 2 other Hnas that will be training. We were working in one of their areas, they´re awesome. I felt that they were training me. Both are in their last 2 cambios. Awesome missionaries.

Hna Smith was super sad to leave. She was just getting the hang of it and was really progressing, but it´s good to have 2 trainers. I loved it. It was awesome. Because the first part was just getting used to everything, and then when Hna Tamayo came is when I felt like I really took off and was able to progess more and feel more confianza. (confident) I´m happy for her! We hope we´ll at least live together again one day! I was sad to see her leave, but am also excited to start again and help the new missionary get the hang of the mission!

Well, onto the week.

Investigadores. This week was really hard to find people in there houses for some reason. All of our investigators just weren´t home. So thats always frustrating a little bit, but I know that we were also blessed on finding others. I just don´t get why people don’t want to listen to the gospel all the time! It´s just such a blessing in their lives.
Irma. We had to drop her. It was SOOOOO hard. But I just felt like it was what she needed. I´ve been feeling it for a few weeks now. It´s hard though because ya, she had a fecha(baptism date) and was reading and all, but her desire to be a real member just wasn´t there. I think she was doing it for us. It was hard. I cried. Hna Smith cried. Irma was mad that we couldn´t come anymore, but for now I think it´s right. Sometimes I wonder and am seeking revelation to know what we should REALLY do.
Patricio, Tomas y Bruno. This random guy stopped his car one day to talk to us and said that his 2 boys needed help in English. We went by the other day and taught them a little English and talked about the BOM with them, invited them to church and put another day to come back and teach them. Sunday morning, guess who showed up to church and stayed for ALL 3 HOURS? They did. I was in shock. Patricio, the dad really liked it. Told us he wants to come next week. I think the sons were a little bored, but probsies didn´t understand all of it. But it was just incredible that they came. Patricio said he has always been looking for the truth and wants his family to be united and have good examples. He has some weird views, but really just needs the Gospel to help him! After church Sunday, he called us and asked what scripture in the Bible they used in the class. Pretty Solid!

Veronica- this lady is living the gospel with her family, just doesn´t know it yet. Has so much family unity, wants her kids to be happy. Eternal life is inticing to her, it´s awesome! We just have to go back this weekend to teach her!

Juaquin- still progressing. He is changing. He is way more alert in classes and honestly his aura has changed. His eyes have a light to them. Pretty sure he´ll be getting baptized soon, just gotta make sure it´s ok with President because he is younger than 18!

This week there was a RS once.(activity) It was all Christmassy (view fotos) it was really really good. I realized here at this activity what it means to be a member of the church. At this RS activity though, it was sad. There are lots of ¨cliques¨ in the soc soc here and it’s totally noticable. When there are investigators, it’s like pulling teeth to get them to sit and talk to them solo. It really makes me sad. We have these people there who are SO excited and people say hi and greet them, but they don´t talk to them, don´t ask anything about them, don´t invite them to their house por un NDH, es triste!! (for a Family Home Evening, it’s sad) It´s really made me realize that the mision is teaching me how to be a member of the church and how to be more Christlike and really help people come unto Him. That is why the church has so many menos activas, (less actives) mostly it’s because they don´t feel welcome, they don’t have friends, they don´t have a calling. We have to make sure they´re included and involved in the church and not just floating by!

This week we were talking and I realized that... to believe isn´t sufficient enough. We always need to be doing more than just believing. We need to act, we need to show God that we´re willing to do everything possible and when we are doing that we´ll believe more and our faith will grow.

We had lunch this week with a Hna en the ward. Real yummy. But that’s besides the point. We shared a message after lunch, like always, and her menos activa daughter was there. During the scripture, on prayer, she started crying and then was just opening up like crazy. Telling us everything she felt, how she knows the church is true, ect ect. it was AWESOME to hear from this one simple scripture that she felt so strongly the Spirit and that she was opening up to us. It taught me that the morning studies are so important because Hna Smith and I both were thinking that we should share prayer with them, and then this happened! Revelation is real everyone!

Oh my gosh... Hna Smith would kill me for saying this... but I´m gonna tell you anyways. She was walking and her 2 fingers brushed up against a cactus. She got all these little thorns in her fingers. So we went to find some tweezers to take them out. It was so sad, but so funny too.

Also, this guy who owns this store we always pass by invited us to go to the ¨aguas verdes¨ in Valparaiso. We told him that we couldn´t and he was like... don´t you want to go swimming with me? Ya, gross. We´re gonna try to avoid him the best we can!

The mission is emotionally hard I decided. So many ups and downs. One day it’s awesome and then the next, no one wants anything to do with you. You start loving these people, whether its companions or investigators or miembros (members) and then they just sometimes get ripped away from you. But that’s just how the mission is. I am learning tons and really figuring out how I want to be in my life with my family and as a miembro de la iglesia! (member of the church)

Well, time is about up, but know that I love you all dearly and miss you all. The church is true. The priesthood is on the earth. Stay worthy of it men! It´s powerful. I love the gospel. The mission is changing me for the better and I´m so grateful for that!

Love you all.

Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
found this oasis! lovely
 best present of the year to all of you :) (just remember who your favorite is!!)
don´t know how this happened. you think it would have hurt.. right?
Hna Daine. love this lady. reminds me of Aunt Suzanne lots. 

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