Monday, December 10, 2012

Hola familia!
This week was really good, we´ve been running like crazy I feel like, but have found some solid people and have enjoyed working together!
6 changes, 6 comps, 6 reunions de cambios... I´m basically pro. It´s crazy. HOPEFULLY I´ll have this comp for 2 changes.. with my track record though, who knows!
My new Comp is Hna Paz from Mexico! She’s 23, 5 years in the church, and has a desire to work! I love that about her… always looking for ways to find people and talk to people. I feel like she already has lots of time here in the mish because it´s way different than with Hna Smith. Hna Paz talks lots, Hna Smith, not too much… just a funny difference. But she´s great. We get along well and I´m excited to cook some comida mexicana (mexican food) with her… I miss it SO much! Ha!
So last Tuesday we went to the mission home to pick them up, met with president and his wife with the nuevos. (new ones) I really do like seeing them. Sometimes I feel like we NEVER see them, but when I do I just feel love for them. They´re great. Solid members and obedient children of God. President told me as we were leaving. ¨hermana, tengo mucho confianza en usted, gracias por todo¨ (Sister, I have lots of confidence in you. thanks for everything) made me feel good to hear that from him! But we finally got back to Limache Tuesday night, and had about one hour to work and went on the hunt! Found a mom and her daughter that first night that accepted a fecha, (baptism date) but then we could never find them in their house through the week… reoccuring problem in the mish, never can find people! But I know that this week we´ll find them! They´re golden. But it was a good first day and I was glad to be back in Limache after 2 days away… I felt lost and like I wasn´t where I needed to be! Ha!
This week we saw a miracle, one of those stories that you´d read in the Ensign.. ya, it happened to us... prepare yourselves....
So we´re sitting in Ward Council and we hear somebody call out and yell, ¨hola?¨ The bishops counselor went to see who it was. He came back in a few minutes later and called us out to go talk to her... we went and she told us basically she wants to participate in a church and she has passed by this one lots and it’s always closed, but when she saw it was open she decided to pass and see... so we put a cita (appointment) with her that night, last night I guess. We went to her house and she let us in we began talking to her and asking about her life, ect ect. Then we asked her why she decided to come to our church to find us? She told us that the other day she prayed to ask God which church she should go to... and she felt ¨the Mormons¨. She told us that she was looking for us the past couple days to talk to us in the street but never saw us like she usually does, so Sunday she woke up and felt like she needed to go to the church and look. She went, and that’s when she found us. We taught her lots about Jesucristo (Jesus Christ) and she has so much of a desire to follow Him. She accepted a fecha for 30 of dic (baptism date dec 30) and was SO happy. It was a miracle. Erika is her name. We have a cita (appointment) with her tonight and I´m excited to go back. It´s just a huge testimony builder of 2 things.. This is the true church, she wouldn´t have felt that if it wasn´t, and that there are people who are ready for the Gospel NOW! No need to wait, people want it, they´re hungry!
Patricio, Bruno and Tomas vinieron (went) to church yesterday! We haven´t been able to teach them yet and they´re coming to church. This is another miracle. Everytime we´ve gone to teach them something happened that we could teach them or they had to go.. I think it´s Satan, but this week! When they get baptized.. I have the faith they will, just to tell you as a heads us, Patricio will need at least 2 people to baptism him. He is a big boy! But I think it´s awesome, good story at the least! I think his kids think church is so-so, but they just need to have friends in the church! and our ward is not that great at befriending people!
Yesterday we had ward council and it was the only church meeting I think in my life I have felt that much sadness. It´s sad. Seriously, I was thinking, this ward needs help. How are we as missionaries going to help people come to Christ when the ward has its problems. The leaders that were there were like, bickering, there was contention, and these are supposed to be the LEADERS! This ward is great, I love the members, but what they haven´t come to realize yet is that a ward is a team, there were so many times said, well I did that, and that other thing is your responsibility I just sat there in awe. thinking... no wonder that there are so many menos activas (inactives) en chile. Super, super sad. Sometimes I feel like they need Priesthood or elders to maybe help with those priesthood responsibilties, but we´ll see. Pres and obispo (bishop) have their own revelation!
This week I feel like I came to understand the Atonement better. So many times we hear people say.. ¨God understands that I need this thing¨ (cigarros (cigarettes), alcohol, café (coffee), Sunday to shop, ect) but it’s NOT TRUE. God does not understand because He sent His son, Jesus Christ, who felt every single thing that we´ve felt. It doesn´t matter if we smoke or drink because we´re stressed or sad, what we need to do is look to Christ for that extra lift of support and love to overcome what we´re feeling.
As for others, we have lots progressing and lots of people to teach, just gotta get them to understand the Restoration because honestly its the most important! It’s why we have our gospel.
It´s decided.. I will NEVER have a dog. I hate them.
In Eter 9: 19, what are cureloms and cumoms. It says they were most useful along with elephants, but what are they? anyone know? I was thinking maybe llamas or something??
Can´t believe I hit 9 meses (months) this past Friday.. really weird. We celebrated with pizookie. Hna Riggs hits 16 months today! CRAZY!
Well, life here in Chile is good! We decorated the tree mom! Thanks! Love it, and with the polarbear on´s perfect. Christmas is rapidly approaching!
The gospel is true, we are so lucky to have it in our lives! Love you all a ton!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

sister missionary tradition here in chile. should be self explanatory!

love this photo. my ¨mission mom¨
hna Paz and i! from mexico!

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