Monday, December 24, 2012

FELIZ NAVIDAD a todo mi familia y amigos que no estan aqui en Chile conmigo!(Merry Christmas to my friends and family who aren’t here with me in Chile) Sepan que siempre estoy pensando en ustedes, y aun mas este Navidad! (Know that I’m thinking of you, and even more this Christmas)

This week was just filled with goodness. I´m not sure if it’s because everyone is more focused in the Navidad, (Christmas) if it´s the warn weather, or if i´m just happy to be here. Probably a little of everything!

This week I was focusing on the service that was given to us as missionaries. It was incredible to see the smallest little things that people do for us make the world of difference. Really, I don´t think we as missionaries focus on the service that others give to us because we´re always trying to give it to others, but when we accept it and realize it, it´s amazing.

This week we had to go get something notarized for Hna Paz and her visa. We went to another Pueblo (town) to do it and we walked in and it was SO full. People waiting outside and everything, and it´s never full, usually empty. So we walked in and grabbed a number, it was number 76 and they were on 50! Ugh... we only had about an hour too, but these places take forever! We were waiting there for about 5 minutes, or less, and this young man, our age, walked up to us and introduced himself. Told us that he just returned home from his Mission to Asucion Paraguay the week before, found out that he met Shauna once... he arrived with the group of Hna Jara... I think, when you were training, and then he gave us his number (55) and told us he could come back in the afternoon. It was honestly such a miracle. One he had a number WAY ahead of ours so we didn´t have to wait too long, and two he knows Shauna. Christmas Service, number 1.

We were in a area of our sector late one night, it was like 9:30 and we left from the lesson, walking is about 30 mintues and the latest we can be in our house is at 10. We decided to go in a collectivo. (taxi) We asked him the closest he could take us and he brought us right to our neighboorhood, it was out of his course, but he did it and didn´t charge us anything extra like others usually do! Christmas Service, numero 2.

It was raining, all day one day... kinda weird because the weather has been warmer and then it was just a day of winter... I unfortuntely had to use my coat.. ugh. But we were visiting this menos activa (less active) family, the familia Tapia. We shared a message with them and then had to leave to get back to the house. In the rain. But after walking all day in it, I was used to it, but still, not my favorite. As we were packing up our bags to leave, Hna Tapia tells her brother, Rodrigo, to get the keys for the car and they´ll take us home! It was SO nice. Plus more time to share with them. Christmas service, numero 3.

Our house has a small yard in front of it, and it was OUT OF CONTROL with leaves and weeds and who knows what else. 2 hermanos from the ward, with permission, came and weeded TODO. (it all) Seriously, our house looks so different and it was SO nice because we didn´t have to use our time to do it, plus we don´t even have the things that we´d need to do it. Christmas Service, numero 4.

We as a ward went and sang to a retirement house. It was so special. I was on spot selected to sing a solo, but during the song I was just watching all these people, who have lost their minds, have bad health, and are celebrating Christmas without family, without anything, just each other. I had the most overwhelming feeling that these people are close to Christ. That they, just like us, are Children of God. They may have thought that it was service to them, but I felt like it was a blessing and service to me to be able to go. Christmas Service numero 5.

Those were just a few of the things that happened. But it really made me more focused in the true meaning of Christmas and think more of Christ through the week,

Patricio and his kids can´t get baptized. Found out this week that Patricio is divorced but his ex and him still live in the same house, and the wife has all the rights for her kids and doesn´t want them to be baptized. But they are progressing, reading, coming to church and everything! Just more time and patiencia (patience) with them.

Erika, still good. Went to the north with her family for Christmas so we won´t be seeing her until the next week. Kind of a bummer, but she’s good. Just needs to read more. She believes it, but needs to keep her compromisos. (promises)

Juaquin, had his interview and will be baptized this Saturday! YAY! Finally. He honestly has changed a lot and is talking about a mission. The BEST thing for him would be to just GO!! He has a tough family situation at home, so that makes it hard, basically is the support for everything, but he has a great understanding of the Gospel and can see the blessings in the lives of the people who have it contra (them that don´t have it!)

We had a Christmas conference... it was SO good. Learned a ton. Presidente told us Hnas that in Feb there are like 15 hnas (sisters) that are coming and then when April comes there will be about 50 hnas... I asked him what we´d do for training and all and he said some sisters will have to train 2 sisters at once... wow. Our zone did a FLASH MOB. It was bomb. I had to start it, but we did the song, 12 days of Christmas and changed the words... ha! It was awesome. Also watched the Christmas devotional. LOVED IT. The music was amazing.

Well, I can´t wait to talk to you all tomorrow. Yes, 3 your time! I am excited to see you all and be able to hear your voices.

Remember the meaning of Christmas and why we are celebrating it. Look to share your testimony of Christ with those who are around you and I know that your testimony will be stregthended. He Lives. Without Him, the Prince of Peace, there would be no way to have peace in the world. Through Him, everything is possible, and Christmas isn´t Christmas if Christ isn´t in your hearts like President Monson said.

Love you all. Feliz Navidad!

Keep Smiling,

Hna Sargent

 our zone this morning!!
the Hnas at the Christmas conference we had this week!

there are cherry trees here. I love them!! just ipick them off and eat them all up :)

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