Monday, November 26, 2012

Where does time go? I swear, it was just October about 2 seconds ago.. or maybe March.. who knows. Dad always says, time passes, I guess it’s true. Sometimes too quickly I think! But all is well here in Limache. This week we were blessed with milagros (mriacles). Mucho. God is kind.
Well, the investigadors that we have:
Irma, the famous Irma. So we went to our cita Miercoles (appt. Wednesday) to drop her. That means tell her that we can’t come back. I felt good about this decision. I felt sick to my stomach because I knew she wouldn´t like it, but it´s what needed to be done. So we go to her house and she sits down and goes “I have two things to tell you¨ which is normal. We listen..the first is about her daughter or something, don´t remember.,and then she goes... ¨Voy a bautizarme!!¨ ( I’m going to get baptized). WHATTTTTTTT????? I was TAN FELIZ. (SO happy) seriously, had the biggest grin on my face, trying to control my happiness cause I just looked like an idiot I´m sure. Hna Smith started to cry, it was awesome. We asked her why she decided and she just said that she prayed to God, Catholic or Mormon and she´s just felt Mormon since that prayer. It was honestly a miracle. Just as we were going to drop her, she tells us this. I was then thinking, why did I feel like we needed to drop her then? And I honestly think it was a test of Faith. To trust in God and he´ll bless us. Amazing. Now we´re preparing her for her fecha(baptism). Helping her with Diezmo (tithing) and the importance of it. Ya, basically it was awesome. Love being a missionary when things like that happen.
Juaquin- not sure if I´ve mentioned him, but he is the bf of a YW in the ward here. He´s been coming to church for about 3 months now and stays for everything, all 3 hours. Last week he came up to us and said, “I want to be baptized.” It was like, woah, ya, well, when can we visit you?? The only concern is now that he is being baptized for his girlfriend and not for himself, but that’s why we´re here. To help him develop his own testimony. He is 17 and the goal is to get him ready to really serve a mission in a year! That´d be awesome!
Michelle- ya, talk about an ivestigator of GOLD. Seriously, we found her and we started talking to her. She told us that she just barely has had time to sit and think about her life. Just graduated high school, 18 years old. If we would have gone a day earlier she wouldn´t have had time. She was telling us that she has a desire to go back to her church that she always went to, but it’s just really far. She has SUCH strong belief in God, tons of faith, seriously I felt like she was teaching us! She was talking and saying things literally that I was going to say. Shared about the LDM (B of M) and she said that she knows God can give her a response. She committed to read and pray about the Book and then accepted a fecha (baptism date). Also wants to go to church with us Sunday. She’s amazing. God has prepared her to accept the Gospel. I know that she´ll progress.
Karen and Patricio- Patricio is a member, inactivo. He is working on his divorce from his first wife, but living with Karen. Karen knows the LDM is true and everything, totally gonna progress, just has to get married first. Always a problem here in Chile. We were with them on Thanksgiving night and were talking about in many years they could go on a mission together and teach, and they were so excited. It was a great goal. Patricio, I feel bad for him, he was just a little lost, but he knows what he needs to do to come back into activity. Just with time.
We´re teaching lots. Have lots of people that can progress and understand the Gospel, just have to have the Faith to receive their answers.

Oh my, Saturday, it was super super warm. We were walking on the street and had just bought a pie thing for Irma for her b-day, but she wasn´t gonna be home for about 30 more minutes and the pie would have melted. So we walk into a business and I ask the worker if I can leave the pie in their drink fridge, ya know, where they always have like gatorades and stuff. He tells me yes after I assure him that it´s not a bomb! So that was just funny. When we leave the store we´re going to an investigators house and this lady walks up to us. Turns out she’s a menos activa(less active) from another ward and she says, your hands are red, want some lotion to help you feel ¨refreshed¨? We say yes and she then puts this cream on our hands. As we walk away from her we realize that it´s almost just like glue. Seriously, it was hot, I was sweaty, and this lotion turned into a paste on my hands. It was just so funny. We both just died laughing. Really gross. We tried to take it off with water, but didn´t have kleenex or anything so these two older ladies walking down the street are bound to have tissue, right? So we ask them, they have some and gladly give it to us and we happily wipe off our PASTE! Out of control.

Hna Smith and I played the piano for the primary program yesterday. Her right hand, me left. It was good service. Why did I stop taking lessons. You were right mom. Moms always know the best.

Another story.. this lady stopped us on Saturday as well, and she thanked us for our love to animals because there are always dogs following us. I almost started laughing because seriously, my love for these dogs consists of trying to lock them in places, throw rocks at them, and call them Satanás. Glad she can see our loving example of Christ though.

This week I am really trying to desarrollar (develop) more Fe (faith). It´s so important in missionary work and I hear incredible stories and it all depends on peoples Fe. I just gotta work on mine more! Also the mission is hard emotionally sometimes. We are doing everything we can to help these people and when they don´t want it it makes me sad. I just don´t get why people don´t want it. Maybe, they don´t understand. Even though we might not know all their needs or what they want, God does. When we are working with the Spirit, God will help us to know how to help them, and that’s when the milagros(miracles) start. Love the Spirit.

Well family. Sounds like you all had a great Turkey Day! I definitely thought of you all. So thankful for you in my life and the example that every single one of you are to me!
The church is true. It´s who we are. Share it!

Keep Smiling,

Hna Sargent

 happy thanksgiving!!!
these magazine. her face. ha!

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