Monday, November 5, 2012

So great to hear from you all and see how it was for Robs to leave and all. Shauna sent pictures,
What happened to Robs? When I left for the mission he was a little boy, and I´m still on the mission and he is a man. Seriously, so handsome in his suit and all. So happy that he is there. I´ve thought lots about him and all of you this week and have re read lots about the MTC now that he is there. He will LOVE it. I just know it.
This week was good! Every week is good on the mission. It´s just amazing to me that honestly my testimony grows and grows everyday of the mission. The church becomes more and more true with the more studying that I do! (hey, that rhymed) Honestly though I just want EVERYONE to understand the importance of the gospel and the effects that it can have in their lives.
This week with investigators:
Irma. this women is so close. I know that she can just taste it and she told me she´s gonna get baptized. just is stubborn with a date! So this week we taught her one lesson ONLY on the Espiritu Santo.I honestly thought that she wasn´t really feeling the lesson. Just being stubborn and all, but we left and i was like... well... we tried. And honestly, it was a good lesson. But then Friday she calls us.. and she tells us that she passed out in the grocery the day anterior, and was unconscious went to the hospital and all. Scary, but then she tells me.. .at the end of the conversation. The real reason I called was to tell you that during the lesson the other day and afterwards i felt something i´ve NEVER felt before! I explained that it was the Spirit and that she finally recognized it. I was SO happy. Yesterday we passed by to see how she was doing after her fall. Shes a fragile little thing. We honestly were SO close to putting a fecha with her. She told me... a la mejor, voy a hacerlo 24 de Noviembre. Put she will not say yes or no. It´s just if she feels it, she´ll do it and i know she feels it. WE´re close. This week. I know it. She just has to make a decision and then ask God if it´s right and i know that he´ll respond. But Irma, love her. Can´t wait for her to make up her mind!
Nefra, we found this other lady whose bro was a member, but died a couple years ago. We taught her. She´s super catholic. Has way too many questions that really aren´t gonna effect her salvation. And other questions that we have the answers to, but she´s not really willing to listen. I think she asked them, and then when we started explaining she just interrupted. But it´s good. Shes totally willing to learn because she has these questions and wants to understand why we have this other book and the catholics don't. So that's good! Lesson with her this week, we also have this priest coming with us on the lessons to give him more animo for his mission. I think he likes it!
Franchesca- so willing to listen, basically agrees with everything we teach her, but she feels like it´s the same to what her Evangelico church teaches. And yeah, it´s similar, but she just doesn´t realize yet the importance of this message and why ours is different. But right now shes in the stage where she is willing to accept, just has to feel the Spirit more in her life!
Alma and Genesis- doing good. Still teaching them. And it´s good because there grandpa and grandma are coming back! They´ve assisted 3 times in a row and that's huge after 8 years. I really really really just want to get all there kids back too. Its scary to think that alma and genesis could get baptized, but there support from there moms and other family is nothing. They just don´t give them much about it. So i don´t want them to fall away like there moms and siblings.. maybe it´s a lack of faith, but it just scares me for them! I want them to be fiel.
This week I found a scripture that perfectly descirbes menos activas or inactives. Alma 24:30. read it. Honestly, my heart hurts for these inactives. I just don´t get it, they all knew it once, had a grand testimony of it and now, there lost. I just wish that they could all realize whatever you´ve done, no matter how long, the Atonement of Jesus Christ is there. Waiting for you to use it and have a hope and remission of your sins so that they can be happy again. Many think there happy, but they really aren´t. They know it too. And know the happiness they can have through the gospel because ya han vivido!
This week to celebrate Halloween we had a NDH. it was fun. taught about the ¨holy ghost¨ (get it?) even though in Spanish it doesn´t make sense, and had some yummy treats. people here were semi celebrating. Some kids looking for dulces. super cute!
These week I got asked the questions ¨de donde viene Dios?¨ Where does God come from? anyone have a response to that? I just think there are somethings we don´t know and need the faith to believe.
Also we have a saying... ¨you know your a sister missionary when...¨ and today it´s that phrase and follows ¨when going to Liders (the chile walmart) is a fieldtrip!!¨ it´s so true. so stoked to go. they sell walmart brand stuff. happy day! were going after Internet.
I feel so blessed with the gift of tongues with Hna Smith. I don´t know if I´m honestly just improving my Spanish or if the Lord is blessing me, but i honestly feel blessed. I love Spanish and how i can communicate with the people here!
Dad, got the letter you got from Pres. Pretty cool to read. thanks for sending that!
Hna Smith is improving everyday here. Just am trying my best to help her and make her take the lead on things to learn!
Well, this week was great. La misión es el mejor. Yo sé sin duda que es la obra del señor y El siempre esta ayudándonos! La Restauración es real. Somos bendecidos a tener eso conocimiento! Los amo familia. Gracias por el apoya que me dan.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent


found this in our house.. when in Chile

happy halloween NDH! 
made this b-day sign for the son of the mamita. ha! so funny.

can´t you see the resemblece. really thought?

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