Monday, November 19, 2012

I love being a misionara! It´s the best. I started the week with a little menos encouragment. Lack of faith or something. But I could feel it and knew that I needed to change it. I did things to help me and we saw milagros (miracles) this week. It´s great!
This was the quote of the week I tried to live by ¨ We don´t have time to try to convince anyone of anything. Look for those that are ready. Now!¨ Isn´t that good. So true. Was an answer to prayers and because of this quote one of my friends wrote me we´ve been dropping people this week. Always hard, but it´s for the better!
So the run down on investigators:
Nataly. She accepted another fecha, (baptism date) which is great! She honestly has the desire to be better and learn more about Christ and how with His gospel it can help her life. I also think she just wants to be a better example for her daughters too. When we went to her house the first time, she wasn´t there. But this other guy, their neighbor, was like ¨vengan¨. At first I was hesitant, either he is a snake or he is a member. So we started talking to him and he is a menos activa (less active) from Argentina. Where Brandon Walters served... but he told us to not give up on her and that she needs this Gospel. It was just kinda cool to hear it from him! The only bad thing is that every weekend she goes out of Limache to visit the dad of her kids... so thats the hardest struggle. There is a church where she goes, so if she can go there, it´d be awesome. Just gotta work out the details and get in contact with the missionaries of that barrio.
Carolina. We found her in the street one night, she was sitting outside waiting for her dad at her dads house. She told us to pass by on Saturday. So we did. She lives literally 20 seconds from the church too. It´s a sign. ha !We started teaching her and explaining to her our purpose. She was so into following God and Christ in her life. She wants her son, whose dad left them, to grow up with good morals. She told us that these past few months she’s been really far from God. She is Catholic, like everyone in Chile, but she doesn´t agree with some of the things that they do, like the confessional and such... so we were explaining to her. Taught her lesson 3 and she accepted a fecha too! It was just awesome. Can´t wait to go teach her again with a member!
The best lesson of the week was with Trinidad. It was seriously one of the best lessons in total de mi mision.(in all of my mission) We got there and she straight up told us she didn´t read. We started to read with her the chapter we left, 2 Nefi 31, all about bautismo. We talked tons about the example Christ set for us and how we need to follow it. When we first invited her to be baptized she said no because she was already baptized, but then we started explaining that her bautismo was different than Christ and how we really need to follow Him and His example. She then said. Now I have doubts that my baptism wasn´t right if it was the way Christ was baptized. She then accepted a fecha and the invitacion a orar. (baptism date and an invitation to pray) We left that lesson and just felt SO good. It was awesome.
Raul- this man is very evangelico. He said when he got baptized in the Delaware (spelling??) River he came out of the water speaking in tongues. So we asked more about that and he started speaking it. It was like parseltounge from Harry Potter. I wanted so badly to say.. I can do that too... ¨ihfiosfhweotghweiohfgweihghgw¨ but I didn´t. I felt so weird when he did that. Understands lots about the Gospel just not the authority yet.
Victor- menos activo que encontramos. (less active that we found) He has the true desire to change. Moved to Limache and has never been to church here, but knows he needs to talk to the bishop and come back. We have a cita with him and his wife on Thursday. He is so nice. His wife is a little scary, but just gotta win her over. A stranger is just a friend you haven´t met yet a wise man once told me :)
Irma. Best lesson yet with her. Came to RS activity too. But still in the air about seguir (follow)or dejarlo (drop her). My idea changes everyday. Excited to see what Janis wrote about her. The liders (district leaders) are telling us to follow with her, keep teaching her and stuff because she says often, I know I´ll be baptized. but she just doesn´t want a day. It´s sometimes hard when the liders say one thing and sometimes I agree but other times I feel like her time is up. We´ll see. Lots of prayer with her!
We´re teaching other people as well. Found family that is great. Pray that we´ll find them to teach them this week!
A family here in the ward, Guajardos. They´re awesome, but we had lunch with them this week and there was a missionary that served here in Limache and then came back and lived with them for an internship thing and they were talking about him and want to set us up when I get home. So funny!
Hna Smith is improving EVERYDAY! Really she still is a little low on confidence sometimes, but I know that she´ll get it and she is getting it. It´s fun to see her improve and I love her desire to really improve and want to work and be obediente! It´s the best. We get along really well.
One of the Hnas, Hna Riggs comp snores SOOOOO loud. It drives me insane. I need to buy earplugs if they sell them here. Or nose strips for her. It´s got to change.
I love studying the Gospel. Really it´s perfect. I just don´t get how people don´t get it. Everyday in studies Hna Smith and I are just amazed how true it is and it all depends on other things as well. We´re always like... ¨What the heck? How do people not get this??!!!¨
The weather is getting warmer, actually this week was kinda cold. But it should be warmer everyone says, but even when people are DYING I don´t find it too bad. The only bad thing is the pulgas.... uhhh.. fleas. They are coming more, but I have things to prevent them so I hope it works. Not a huge problem for me, yet.
Mom asked, biggest struggle. Having people come to church or really helping them understand, and if they don´t I just feel sad for them.
Biggest joy. When someone gets it and you walk out of a lesson just pumped up! Also just learning about the gospel more!
What I´ve studied recently that has made a difference in me or the work. I was really focusing on Helaman 6 this week and how it talks about how there is peace for years and then something happens and they start to have wars again. It’s a pattern in the BOM. It´s usually when people are focused on the things of the world or prideful. And how we are living on those times. If we can help people really understand the imporatnce of the Gospel/God in their lives and to not focus on the riches. Or to not be prideful and be more humble, the world would be SOOO much better.
What’s everyone saying about Obamas win? Anything?
Happy Birthday this week to Kenny. Eat some pie for me :)
Well Family, the work goes on. And goes on quickly. Can´t beleive how time has passed. Craziness. But I love this work. So grateful to be here in Chile. Thanksgiving this week will be different, especially since its my fav holiday, but I hope that this day I can help people realize the blessing of the Gospel so they can be grateful for what we have been so blessed with in our lives. The Church is true.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent

me y Rosio. love this child. 

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