Monday, November 12, 2012

Hola mi querida familia. Este semana fue bueno! Mucho milagros y mucho lecciones! (Hello my dear family. This week was good! Lots of miracles and lessons!)
Love this quote by elder Holland... ¨if we listen with love, we wont have to wonder what to say¨ love it. It´s my goal to really listen with amor (love) and then listen to the Spirit to know what to say!
Bueno, it’s really good with Hna Smith. She is definitely progressing. Her language is coming. I feel so blessed to have had a little Spanish before I came. Honestly, I think it´s really hard for her sometimes and I just never felt that. Obviously there were times I didn´t understand or anything, but I was always easily informed or had a little clue of what they were saying. I think that’s her biggest struggle right now, but that just takes time. And with paciencia and fe (patience and faith), she´ll totally get it. I´m trying to help her the best that I can! We always seem to be laughing and happy so that’s good… and I´ll get to this later!
This week was great for lessons and things. I just want to find people who really want it and just understand from the principio (beginning). Why is it so hard for people to accept the gospel? It totally makes sense and is true, but people’s hearts are just closed to accepting it! But we really found some good people and are teaching them!
Irma.. who knows. Sometimes she gets it. Others no. I´m praying to know what we have to do with her. I don´t want to drop her because I love her, but she´s not really progressing tons. But hopefully this week I´ll receive some revelation with her. Dropping people is the worst!!
Nataly- automatically shes awesome because of her name, right? Jaja. She is 24 years old and has 2 little girls. Not married and is really nice and open. We taught her last week and she accepted a fecha (date)so that’s always great! She lost it because didn´t come to church, but honestly I think she´ll really progress. She just seems kinda lost to me and the gospel could help her muchoooooo. She told us she was Catholic but hasn´t been since she was like 16... and when we asked her to be baptized she said, ya, I need to go to church, I haven´t been in forever! So thats great! She’s totally willing to accept.

Mirta- we contacted Mirta on the street one day and finally went back to her house. When she let us in she asked... how did you remember me? We taught her and I asked her what it would mean to her if the church of Jesus Christ was really on the earth and she knew it? she said... ¨llegaría pronto¨ (i´d arrive soon) BAM! That´s the answer I was looking for. She had lots of questions and really seemed interested. Almost accepted a fecha(date for baptism) but wants to read first! She has 2 kids and her spouse, he wasn´t there... but her kids were and were so kind. Loved talking to them!

Trinidad.. her son was killed when he was 16, she likes to learn about religion, and has great belief in God. solo tenemos que seguir no mas con ella! (We just have to keep on moving forward with her!)

We have lots of others that we´re teaching, they just need to have that desire to learn, but the elders gave us a reference of a family that they were teaching that was at the point to getting baptized and then moved and are now in our area! yayyyy! I´m excited to meet them.

We found a menos activa (less active member) this week.. Hna Jones. She was the RS pres for years and has had so many great experiences with the church. It was a miracle that we got to talk to her because she NEVER lets us in. Never. But she was outside and she told us to come in. We started talking to her and she told us that her son was paralyzed in his legs when he was young. After his baptism, he could walk and run! How amazing. Then we sang How Great Thou Art with her. She was super stubborn and was like.. I don´t remember the hymns. But as soon as we started singing, she started crying and began to sing along. She then told us that now shes evangelico... and has no intention of coming back to church. But I know she knows it’s true. She left the church because a member in the ward (still in the ward) said something bad about her kids clothing.. so bad! ugh. I just don´t know why people say things. Gotta just keep loving and supporting people. Don´t say mean things!

Okay. Just need to give a quick recap of Saturday. We went to lunch and it was the darkest room EVER! And you know me, I don´t like eating in the dark, I seriously couldn´t see my food. I felt like it was good, but I couldn´t tell you what it looked like. Plus it was just really crammed. So funny. Then, we went to a cita(discussion), we got the giggles. BAD. We couldn´t sing, barely made it through the prayer, it was just bad. Luckily the hna was super nice and was laughing with us! Then we went to a lesson with Luz, and she yelled ¨pasen¨like come in so we passed. I was first..and to get into her house we have to duck, but I noticed she wasn´t wearing pants so I turned to Hna Smith and said.. ¨she doesn´t have clothes on.¨ (she thought literally nothing) but we sit down and start teaching pantless Luz and we´re talking about repentance and luz goes ¨permiso¨ (excuse me) and starts to put on her pants right in front of us. I couldn´t look at Hna Smith because we had just came from the other lesson of laughter. But needless to say when we left and were talking about it I was hunched over laughing. SOOOOOO FUNNNNNYYYYY! and weird.

Cool LDM (B of M) insight. In Helaman 5 they hear a voice three times, also in 3 nefi 11, I think when Christ comes that we will hear a voice 3 times. I hope I am spiritually prepared enough to hear it the first time and help others recognize it.

Also, in Mark 1:13 when it talks about how Christ was tempted and how he overcame it I was super interested in this and the temptations of Christ. I started to study it and Christ could have sinned but he didn´t have that will. He wanted to always overcome it and he did. So I think when we have that desire to do something bad and we do it anyways, what are we lacking what Christ had??? food for thought...

Well family, know that I love you lots. I think of you often and am so happy to have you as my family! I pray for you all the time and look up to all of you as examples.

The church is true! La expiacion es real. (the atonement is real) Cristo (Christ) lives. Love the church and the mision!

Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
doggies... completos. never thought i´d eat there.. but they were good!
its super famous here in chile!

district breakfast made by our district leader. love being the only two gringas! so funny!

 strange people or people that cant pass.. who knows. but i passed anyways!

hna riggs and i. love her!

 hna Carrasco with hna Smith!
 outside the micro to take us to stake conference with the ward!

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