Monday, October 29, 2012

Wow. what a week. But first shout out to Dyan, happy birthday this week! i hope you have some fun plans! Also ROBBIE, my little gus gus is leaving in 2 days! WOWWWWW. I honestly can´t believe it. I remember i was here in Chile when he got his call and i thought, that day will never come and now, it´s here. Wow. Robs, good luck. know that i love you and i am thinking of you and praying for you all the time. The MTC is the best. take advantage of it, the language, the spirit and everything. do work boy!
Now onto the week here in Chile. Sometimes I just feel so normal here I don´t even feel like I'm in Chile. or maybe i´m just used to it now, who knows but this week we have been blessed with finding people, the language, and everything!
So I´ll start out with the investigators this week:
Alma and her cousin Genesis. I love them. really, can they just be mi sobrinas? they´re precious! From the ward we have direction to teach them slowly so that their abuelo can come back and stay active in the church to baptize them, so it´s a longer process, but we taught them this week Sueño de Lehi (1 nefi 8) and it was so funny! they were SO into it and thinking what could happen and it totally reminded me of reading this story with los sobrinos. loved it. They are progressing and their abuelos are regresando a la iglesia tambien! This family is coming back and i love it!
Next.. Irma. Seriously, my heart grows more and more for her everyday. I am sad when shes sad, happy when shes happy,etc. To be honest I was nervous to go to this cita, 2 gringas, one who doesn´t know Spanish all that well, and Irma has a hard time understanding sometimes. but this lesson was awesome! I was just really upfront with her because she needs that, she is so frank so to be frank is good sometimes i´ve learned. maybe not frank, but bold. She told us, when she feels like she needs to be baptized, she´ll tell us. but she also told us that she´s felt different when we´ve been teaching her. but we taught Dia de reposo and she came to church and all and totally understood the importance of this day! Love Irma. Funny thing.. she´s reading the LDM from the principio and she was asking where was Lehi when Laman y Lemuel we´re bad to Nefi? Then she asked... does Lehi die? and said maybe but that she was close to finding out and had to keep reading to find it! about 20 minutes after the lesson, Irma calls us.. and only says.. I know that in 2nd nefi, chapter 4 is when Lehi dies. that was it. so funny. she just had to keep reading to find it! also, she asked me to record a CD of hymnos for her.. so i think we might do that one day.
Luz. We found this lady Luz, started teaching her, and she was really confused on if Jose Smith was higher than God. We clarified and taught her all of lesson one. She accepted a fecha! She read what we left her, and she didn´t come to Church. but that's OK! We just have to teach dia de reposa again so she understands. but she had lots of questions about ley of castidad y Word of Wisdom and totally agrees with us! Gonna teach her again this week and put another fecha!
Fabiola. this work her divorce should be finalized so that she can get married! yay! She is so ready for baptism.
Franchesca- we found this lady on the street and she couldn´t talk much then but said to come by any day after 7, so we went a couple days later! She let us right in and just started telling us about her life and her concerns. Her mom died 5 months ago of cancer of the face, at age 56, super young, and i guess it was really bad. She told us that a month after found out that shes pregnant with her 5th child. and she´s married.. that's huge in Chile. but then she tells us that she´s mad at God and doesn´t want to be that way because she knows she shouldn´t be. She asked what book we share and how it could help her. She´s gonna read it and everything because she is looking for how not to be mad at God. We have a cita Tuesday with her and I´m really excited. She need the Plan of Salvation in her life big time!
Victor- Menos activa. Told us that the missionaries have passed by for years and he NEVER has talked to them and always said he is busy... but when we showed up he felt like he needed to talk to us. He hasn´t been to church for about 15-20 years and lives with who knows how many people in this house, but said that he has given up, we talked about his purpose! it was good.
the elders in our district found a family in our boundaries and put a fecha with him. Eduardo, I don´t know who he is, but we have a cita tonight to meet with him and his family!
whoooo.. that isn´t even all the people from this week but the ones that I can really see progressing! I really hope they do because every single one of them needs the gospel in their lives! The mission is the best when there are people to teach and help.
Hna Smith. everybody has been asking! shes great. I think shes really overwhelmed at times with the language and everything. but she is willing to try. Really she hardly speaks at all. she told me that she didn´t use language study in the MTC like she should have. DO IT ROBS! but she´s great. always has ideas for the investigators and wants to be obedient and everything. People ask if we´re sisters all the time and you should see the looks we get in the streets from people. ha! I think it´s just different here. Chile, the mission schedule, and everything, but she is adjusting well. The hard thing is to know when to speak Spanish and English to her. I want her to learn Spanish, but I also want to have good unity together. that's probably the hardest thing to figure out. Also i have lots of the responsibility in everything because her language. but the Lord is blessing us and together we´ll see miracles! I really like training because I feel like I can help her live how she wants to live her mission and It´s making me better everyday!
Mom, the mamita. She washes our clothes and that's about it. we pay her every change and every week she washes them. She loves the missionaries. sometimes she wants to be super involved with everything, but she´s super helpful. A lady in our ward about in her 30´s.
This week the quote of the week was from Hna Smith. She´s amazed by the dogs her in Chile and she said ¨We don´t have any dogs on my street, well i´m sure we do, but they´re pets, not wolves.¨ we were laughing SO hard. it´s true. Chile and it´s perros. still don´t understand. never will.
This morning I read a talk from Elder Packer in the Octubre Liahona. have you read it? SO GOOD. LOVED LOVE LOVED it. read it.
Well. This work goes on. always people to help and things to preach. The Church is true. God loves us. The Atonement is real. LDM is true. I love the Gospel.
Love you all, I will pray extra hard this week for everyone of you as Robbie leaves. Really though, it´s the BEST thing that he could be doing with his time. Nothing else in the world is better for him at this stage in His life!
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
 foto de el coro con Elder Oaks! 

 Alma, Genesis, y otra primas!
Hna Smith y yo

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