Monday, October 1, 2012

Where has this year gone? Really, October. CRAZY!
I wish I could just pick up the phone and call you all to give you an update, but can´t so this email will have to do!
This weeks rundown!
Last tuesday in our Reunion de Zona, President was there... we had our weekly planning in the capilla as a zone and The asistants, president, and zone leaders all came around to help us! It was good to get there help. They are all just good people. I really wish we had more time with President to get to know him better. He didn´t even say anything in our meeting all together, which i thought was a little strange! but we talked to him for about 5 minutes or so during our planning. I think he is still figuring out how he wants to be on the Mission. Time will tell, but really he is a great person!
Fabiola, I think i´ve talked about her, just needs to get divorced to get married, to be baptized. She´s in the process! finally! But we taught her this week about the Temple and Family History. During the lesson i just felt like it was all over the place, we had a member there who would talk to long sometimes, just not a good lesson and i just wanted it to finish! I could tell that Hna Gatica felt the same way. We asked her to say the prayer and i was just thinking, Did she even understand this lesson? Honestly, just felt frustrated, but she started her prayer and it BLEW ME AWAY. She understood everything! She asked to have the chance to go to the temple, make convenios, help her family recieve the Gospel, and whatever else you can think of, she said it. I was in awe at the end of the prayer. It was a lesson to me that the Spirit really does speak to people. Maybe I wasn´t feeling it, maybe my hard was hard that day, but her heart was open to listen, and that is whats important! Thats the number one lesson I feel like I´ve learned her on the mish, People will never recieve there answers, or change, if there heart aren´t open to the Spirit and to act on whatever impressions they recieve.
Irma, the abuela. She is so funny. Kinda fiesty, but i love her because she just says what she´s thinking. for ejemplo, the other day she said something along the lines of.. ¨how are the other future mormons?¨ hahaha. And she was dead serious about it. she is finally opening up! POR FIN! everytime she tells us a little more about her life, she is reading, praying... not so much, but she understands and wants to learn. Eventhough she doesn´t want a fecha for baptism, i just know it´ll take one thing and then, BAM, she´ll want it. she´s been looking her whole life, and now she just has to accept it.
Pablo- He got baptized about 6 weeks ago, we were teaching him and he expressed the biggest desire to be sealled in the temple. yay! now his girlfriend just has to feel the same way. She´s not a member, but slowly meeting with the missionaries. I just love that people get it! and realize the blessings that can come!
Pedro- Still progressing. He told us her has a problem with committments, and i think that is part of the reason he doesn´t want to be baptized, it´s a life long committment. but he told us that he has recieved answers to prayers since he has started meeting with us, so with him i just know it is time!
Alma- doing great, just need to talk to bishop about her to get a plan to make her stay active in the church!
Victor- menos activa we found in the street, about to knock on his door, he was drinking before and openly told us he is in the wrong and knows it, and needs help. He was sobbing, and really i think has the desire to change. We have a cita with his this week on Friday! yay!
We also found lots of nuevos this week, we found a lady, named Teresa (shout out Grandma Sargent!) and we were talking to her and she told us that she´s always thought about coming to Church, she´s Catholic, but she met missionaries a while back and they invited her to church and she´s always thought about coming ever since that! Amazing how just a simple invitation can really make a difference. She seems like she could progress. If she´s thought about coming to church, just needs a little extra push.
The work is progressing. everyday i just feel like we´re running because we´re busy and sometimes i just want time to think and really do my best! but i love being busy so if the people keep coming, I´ll keep running! :)
This week Obispo asked Hna Riggs and I to talk in Mutual about EFY, because they are doing one here in Chile for the first time and he wants all the youth to attend. Talking about EFY made me realize how awesome it is. and really how it prepared me for my life, and now i´m applying things I learned in EFY on the mission. I also decided that the mission is EFY on steroids, minus the little romances! It was really fun to talk to the youth about it, i think it got them really excited!
I love the practices we have to sing for Elder Oaks! It´s been ever Friday and Saturday in the mornings in Viña, it´s about an hour of travel, but it´s so worth it! and just to know that I´ll be singing for Elder Oaks in a few weeks is great! I am trying to focus my studies on Jesucristo these next few weeks so when I sing ¨I believe in Christ¨ I can sing with my testimony! funny thing though, one of my zone leaders is in the choir too, there are only about 10 of us total.. and he called one morning and asked me to help him find his notes, so over the phone we were practicing. ha!
also, hna gatica and I were thinking how funny i´d be to have a dance party with the missionaries. all from different countries, different personalities. one day...
I heard something the yesterday in church that I loved. ¨We know Jesus Christ, but the question is Do we believe in Christ?¨ then he was talking about how we know the things we should do, but do we have the Faith in Christ to really do them and know that we´ll be blessed from doing them. Really the example that Christ showed to us are the things that we should be striving to do everyday. and we can better ourselves everyday through His Atonement. We can repent everyday and we we receive perdon if we do so with a sincere heart and have the desire to change!
The mission is incredible. I seriously learn something new everyday and am so happy I decided to serve. I love the Chileans. I love helping people recognize the truth and seeing light and purpose in this life. At times it´s hard, but the littlest blessings are always there. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God loves us. The Priesthood exists. We have this knowledge. Lucky us!
I love you all. thanks for all the love and support that i feel from letters and prays.
Enjoy conference this weekend. Know i´ll be watching all 4 sessions thinking of all of you and looking for those of you who will be there! :)
keep smiling,
Hna. Sargent

Here is what Limahce looks like... mas y menos! :) 

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