Monday, October 8, 2012

What a week. First off. How amazing was conference? I really can´t believe the age change for the sisters, for the elders, ya, that´s good. get them out, but 19 WOW! I was a little shocked. I think there is gonna be a wave of sister missionaries getting ready to serve. I think it´ll be good and yes, i thought after that was announced, i think I´ll be training a 19 year old in the mission a little later on, but honestly, the Lord needs more missionaries, and this is a way that they can do it and more people will want to serve and leave and then return when they´re 20 to really start school and such. Great revelation!
Conference was amazing. Really, it was the fastest conference of my life. i didn´t want it to end. Here are some of the recaps of conference so I can get to the rest of the week as well.
They have a room of Conference in English, it was so great, i saw a little in Spanish, but its just not the same. the voices, it´s harder to focus, so it was great that Hna Riggs was there because we went to all sessions in English. I want to write commentaries on all of them, but here are just some of my favorites that really helped answer some questions I had going into conference. Elder Nelson (thought it was great for those who were watching for the elections in USA), President Uchtdorf, Elder Anderson on Faith, Elder Holland- talk about power, wow. Elder Bednar, loved the 10 virgens parable, I loved Elder Perrys love for his parents. It made me think of you mom and dad, and honestly, i feel the same love. I am blessed to have you as my parents. Really, all of them were amazing. I really felt like a good theme was Be a disciple of Jesus Christ by love. Such a simple message, but sometimes hard to do.
During the sessions we left to do contacts on the streets and invite people to come watch. We were super close to my first area Villa Norte because the stake center is close to the centro we went to do contacts and found MARTIZA, from Villa Norte. It was SO fun to see her and talk to her, she is doing so good, has names to go to the temple, is proud to be a visiting teacher, and the cutest thing, she pulled out her cell phone and it was a picture of me and her grandson playing the piano back in June when we went to a baptism! how cute is that. Definitely a highlight to see her and know that she is doing ok. Also, mom, she told me to tell you to respond, so maybe you can have shauna help you and write to her via FB :)
Irma, our investigator also came to conference, that was great! she brought us in her car, which almost broke down and we had to pull over in the rain to check it out.. ha. so funny. but she enjoyed it. sadly that´s the only investigator who came of ours, it´s far from Limache, the stake center, so it was hard for people to come, and it was raining and the people her think the rain is gonna burn them or something because they will NOT leave there house. but conference was great. loved every second of it, and the solo singer in one of the songs, that was something i´ve never seen in conference before, pretty cool :) Sad its over, but i know i´ll read it. Mom, when the Ensign comes out, can you mail one to me.. we don´t get them here until a month later than everyone! thanks!
Now, onto the week. We´ve had a good week. We´ve taught alot, but i just feel like no one is progressing. I think it´s time for new people. Sometimes its hard in an area because you get in a routine of going for the same people, but we´ve found lots of new people and its our goal this week to really pass for them and start teaching them. sometimes i wonder why these people aren´t progressing, or if they are progressing, they don´t want to be baptized and make a committment (Pedro y Irma), it makes me think if it´s me, our companionship, or just the person! who knows. But they are all great people, just not sure how much longer will be teaching them. Quick update:
Pedro: told us that he´d be baptized, but in years. lame. why not now? he still wants to learn and i think we´ll keep teaching him, just not lots, maybe one time everyweek because it´s taking time from another person who wants to make los convenios with God.
Irma: I love this lady. she is probably the most frank and upfront person i´ve met, but i love her for it. We had a lesson with our District Leader about profetas y conferencia. She finally PRAYED aloud for us, this was a first. she has a saliva problem and always says she can´t, but she finally did. she is making progress. I think she may have received some sort of answer in conferencia with Elder Hollands talk :) Can´t wait to go see her and see how she really felt about it.
Silvana: not sure if i´ve mentioned her, but she lives with a menos activo who served a mission, not married.. but she really wants to learn and is open to do things to change, the problem with her is that her time is short so it stinks a little. but i really do see progress with her and i hope we can help her boyfriend come back too.
Dyanira: found her last night and she let us in. 21, has a 2 year old, and seems more mature, but she was so kind and willing to listen. taught her about the BOM and shes gonna read and we have a cita este semana con ella.
Mariana: this lady is stellar. we met her in the grocery store one day and finally found her house to teach her. She´s very very smart, but wants to listen and learn, i hope this week that we can teach her and put a fecha. we talked lots about baptism with her, but she doesn´t really understand why she needs to be baptized so we left her 2 nep 31 to read and she said she´s read it and write down all her feelings to discuss the next time!
We definitley have people to teach, I just want them all to progress more, but with patience and faith i suppose!
Funny quote of the week: A lady that we were teaching asked me if my mom sends me special clothes because i´m tall?! I was just laughing, yes i realize i´m tall, but i´m not a GIANT! there are tall people here in chile too. ha.
This week was the birthday of Hna Gatica! She turned 24, and she told me that she´s never really celebrated her birthday before, how sad huh? her family just never could because of finacial issues and problems with her parents, but us Hnas woke her up at 12:00 (we set an alarm) on her b-day and sang her happy birthday and she doesn´t remember it! ha! so funny. but then throughout the day we had random celebrations. Investigators knew, we had a NDH that night with lots of b-day things, and then in our house that night we celebrated some more! just a day of parties :) She was very grateful for it and felt really loved i think!
tomorrow Presidente is coming to our pension to do interviews with us, i´m excited. Should be good.
Well, time is about up, too fast sometimes. But Know that i love you all. I am so happy to be here in Chile serving these people of Limache. The mission is great. The smallest milagros mean the most and i just know that the Lord watches out for everyone of his Children. Jesus Christ lives. We are his disciples and need to really follow His example in everything. We are blessed to have this Gospel in our lives. keep doing the basics and you´ll be blessed.
Love you all, Keep Smiling,
Hna. Sargent

 we did servicio to help the RS president set up her daughters wedding reception
always with the herd...
Hna Gatica cumpleaños

misioneros en conferecia!

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