Monday, October 15, 2012

really can´t believe it´s half way through Octubre. donde fue el tiempo?? LOCO. the mission passes quickly. sometimes i think... it´s forever, but honestly, so fast. get ready Robs. take advantage of every minute!
This week was good. we are teaching lots, and i love it. Still don´t have people with Fechas. well, we did, but they didn´t come to church, surprise, so they lost it! bummer, but this week we´ll get them back!
Monday night we were at a NDH with Pedro. and we were playing a game and eating treats and Limache had a black out! it reminded me of in the heights! ha! I started singing it but nobody got it.. but it was SO DARK. pitch black, but honestly it was kinda fun. we planned in the dark and then the lights came back on! ha. so funny. love south america.

also this week there was a Temblor, pretty big too. 5.7, not a earthquake though, but i FINALLY felt a temblor. now i know what to expect if it was a real earthquake!

Tueday we had interviews with Presidente. He came to our house and had interviews in our cuarto de estudios. It was honestly really good. Sometimes i feel like it´s so rushed with him, like he just wants to leave or something, but the interview was good. Just gave me excitement and everything to work more! I know that he cares and everything, but his life is hectic. 4 kids, and 256 missionaries. crazy. but he is a powerful president. Really his desire and visions for the mission are good. things have changes since he´s arrived, but nothing huge. oh ya, he told me i could wear my rings. yay! just the elders cant.

Tihs week with Investigators:

Alma. i love this girl. we were walking with her to a house to watch the testaments with Irma (felt like i was with Skye the whole time because the actor in that movie) but as we were walking i asked her if she had the chance to read and pray and ask God if she needed to be baptized. She told me. ya, i read and prayed. What happened? She told me that her heart and her stomach hurt. I said, hurt? and she described it like lots of pressure in her chest that couldn´t leave. then she told me that she prayed again because she didn´t think that she´d recieve an answer. and the same thing happend. I told her that it was the Holy Ghost and that it was talking and testifiying to her. She then told me she´s ready for baptism. She is so great. We talked to bishop and he told us that it could be a ward baptism, but he wants it for a convert baptism because she has really not much support from her family. He is working with her grandpa to be able to reactivate to baptism her, so we´ll see this week how that goes! But shes so GREAT, love her.

Irma: watched the testament. She cried. Definitely felt the Spirit. She knows what she needs to do, just scared to accept it I think. But it{s so great because finally we got to see some emotion from her! With her its just paciencia, need to keep loving her and helping her do what she needs to to progress!

Silvana- she is just filled of questions and lots of knowledge of the Bible. Makes me wish i knew more of the bible. but Hna Gatica knows it so it´s good. and i know more of the LDM so it´s good together. She is now living with her boyfriend, so we gotta teach the ley de castidad with her. She is going to return to Peru in Deciembre, so now it´s even more convinent to live with her BF. So we´ll see.

AHHH, an amazing thing happened. Hna Apaublaza came to CHURCH. it{s the grandma of Alma and hasn´t been in about 8 years. we walked in and it was like... WHAT? I was shocked because she always says shes gonna go, but never does, but she CAME. it was like christmas morning, but better. ah, she bore her testimony in RS and everything. i was so happy to see her. the work is paying off, all the visits, songs sang, scriptures read, ect.. she is in the process now of coming back! yay. and i hope it helps her family.

this week we did a NDH with the familia Alamos, whose children are addicted to video games. if there is a stronger word than addiction, use that. but we used the talk from conference of Ann Dibbs and then we all wrote our slogans and shared why it was our slogan. It was so good and everyone paticipated. not one was playing video games, it was just great. (view photo of all the slogans)

Pday next week is Tuesday, para que sepan, i´ll write tuesday and i hope i´m still her in Limahce, if i leave again after one change i´ll have questions for presidente!

We had a zone meeting this week and they were talking about Hyrum and Joseph Smith and how they were incredible missionaries. there was this quote but it was in spanish so i tried to translate it. hope it makes sense. ¨if you have a day of discouragement, visit in your mind, Hyrum and Joseph in Carthage, then ask for the Lord to sustain you, just as He did with them¨ I loved it! super powerful. It{s so true, they suffered so much so we can have this Gospel in our lives. and what am I suffereing in comparision to them. hardly nothing so i have no excuse to not give it my all.

I love the mission. I really do. I am almost always happy and when I´m not happy, all i have to do is loose myself in the work. It´s great. I´m so excited for robs to serve. super soon. I was thinking the other day about the monday before i left when dad had the great idea to go around and have mom, dad, and robs say the thing they´re most excited for about my mission and the thing they´ll miss the most.. talk about tears that night. but I remember Robbie saying that he was most excited to be serving at the same time and how we can share experiences together. Now that I am here and he is so close I am even more excited for him to be experiencing the mission at the same time!

This is a little shorter today, but we have an activity today. Dodgeball. I´m stoked. should be good. Know that I love you all and that I am happy here in Viña del Mar.

This Saturday we have a conference with Elder Oaks. Super excited for it. I know it´ll be great!

Love you love you love you. besitos a todos.

Hna Sargent

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