Monday, October 22, 2012

Feliz Cumpleaños a Alexa mañana! whoo.who! 10 years old. Hope its a good one lexi!
Wow. this week was different! Just gonna go day by day because there was lots that happened everyday!
 Monday, we had our zona activity. It was this lago, and we played dodgeball with socks because we didn´t have balls. it was hilarious. and the man who took us to the place, stranded us so we had to walk lots to find a bus to take us back into the city. it was just funny! Then that night we had a noche de hogar with our mamita because it was her birthday! She was very happy and does lots for us as missionaries so it was a way to pay her back!
Tuesday: We were in the middle of planning that night and the zone leaders called us and told us that they had cambios. We thought it was a joke because cambios are ALWAYS Saturday. but they were serious and told us that i´d be staying and Hna Gatica would be leaving. She was super sad. Its hard to leave areas because really we love these people and get attached to them, but I think that's the good thing about the mission is that there are changes so people can progress or not. But i´m glad to be staying. Honestly i was like... 5 companions, 5 transfers. what in the world, but I just have to have trust in President and I think there are lots of hnas with problems so he has to move them around lots.ç
Miercoles: We were just about the leave for the day and the phone was ringing and said Assitantes. They called me and informed me that I would be TRAINING this change, TRAINING? I honestly was really surprised. Usually people don´t train until there in the 2nd half of there mission and i´m still in the first part. I was just really shocked. But he told me that this was revelation from President and that it was a sacred calling of God and that i was one of the best and this is my time to teach the nuevo to be obedient and enjoy the mission. IT was a good phone call with him, but I really was more than anything just surprised. I actually had to feeling a couple time the last transfer that I would be training, but I just pushed it aside and didn´t think much of it because I´m young still in the mission and gringa who doesn´t always understand every Chilean word!
Thursday: Went to Viña to drop off Hna Gatica, she went to La Serena, it´s in the north! We had the reunion de cambios, then choir practice for the choir and then a training for the trainers. Hna Gatica left and I was with Hna Riggs because she too is staying in Limache and training. We then came back to Limahce and worked in our areas juntos for the night. Cleaned up our house, we figured out the dirty ones left, and now it´s LOTS cleaner :) IT was great to work with Hna Riggs. I really love her. Can´t wait for BYU with her and others that I´ve met here in the mission!
Friday- We left after our lunch in Limahce to go to Viña to pick up the nuevitos. went to the mission home and met with PResident and got our ¨hijas¨ I will be training Hna Smith from Alpine Ut. She came straight from the MTC and speaks very little Spanish. I was at first nervous because shes gringa and i was afraid i wouldn´t understand everything but honestly I have been blessed with the gift of tongues big time since she´s got her! I can speak Spanish, but at times i feel frustrated with it. I think its all about patience. Its hard to know the balance of Spanish and English with her because i don´t want her to hate me if I only speak Spanish, but i want her to learn so we´re still figuring that out. Shes really great though, has the desire to learn and to speak and wants to improve everyday! also she is my height, strawberry blonde and played b-ball in a junior college, so we get along just great and everyone stares at us! ha!
Friday night we stayed in Viña with the senior hermanas for the night. there house was deluxe status. and to stay with them.... it was HILARIOUS. we got there late and they go to bed at 9 so we couldn´t even leave to work because we had to be in there house when they went to bed. They ordered us pizza and it was fun to talk to all of them about there lives. We stayed there in Vina because Saturday we had a conference with Elder Oaks!
Sabado: conferencia!!! wow. amazing. Presidente spoke and the area 70 Elder Arnold and their wives and then the choir sang. Everyone said it was really good and it was good to sing for all the missinoaries! :) then la esposa de Elder Oaks spake and then he spake! He spake all about revelation and it was a open mic thing. He wanted to hear what we had learned about revelation and then he would comment and teach us more on that and I felt like i needed to say something so I did! I just talked about how we won´t receive revelation if we aren´t willing to act upon the answer that we´ll receive. I learned lots from him and it was just amazing to be in the same room as an apostle. they are special people for sure!
Also he talked about how an elder (from AZ) was in his house once and he said that he missed his horse more than his girlfriend. then he said, those arizonians love there horses! it made me laugh because it´s true. love the herd back in AZ!
We finally came back to Limache Saturday and left to work! First day for Hna Smith. I think she feels a little overwhelmed, but it´s good together!
Yesterday at church the Fam Apablaza came, the Hna and her husband! and Alma and another of their nietas we are teaching that wants to be baptized. its so great to have people come to church. makes a huge difference because when they come to church they know that they are doing good and will receive their answer!
ahhhhhh... time is running out! my computer wasn´t working so i couldn´t write everything I wanted to about the people we´re teaching, but this is how the week was, just kinda running from place to place! so sorry it´s a little scattered but at least you got something!
quickly, this morning i was reading in Helaman 10: 1-5 and i loved it. It was talking about how Nefi was meditating and then he received this gran respuesta de Dios en versiculo 4-5. read it! I loved it! I think we can all take more time to meditate because that´s when we´ll receive more revelation for our lives!
The mission is great. I feel honored to be training and know that it´ll help me be a better misionera! I know Christ lives and thanks to Him we can be happier everyday in our lives. The church is true! God loves us!
I love you all and think and pray for you all the time! know i´m happy and hope you all are as well.
Keep Smiling,
Hna Sargent
 dogs sign, ugh...
Hna Smith and I

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