Monday, September 24, 2012

Hola Familia!
This week was full of festivitites for all of Chile, i really think this holiday is bigger than Christmas here. People were off of work and no school for practically the whole week! Crazy! it was fun to be here in Chile to celebrate with them though, really really hard to find people to listen, but igual, we had a good week!

So last Monday was the ward activity! we had a blast. Really it was fun to interact with the ward in their prime. Everyone was happy, eating, playing games, dancing Cueca, the typical chilean dance, i learned how :) and it was just fun! Great way to spend my P-day. Sometimes i want to be selfish and spend it doing things for myself, but i realized that honestly, way more fun when there is an activity going on. It´s just like a party, and i think being new to the ward it was good to interact with the members in a more relaxed setting for the first time! We even had a couple investigators come which was good.

Tuesday was the real day, 18 de Septiembre. Honestly it´s just a huge holiday. i can´t believe it! we didn´t have lunch that day so we decided to go celebrate, there was a carnival type thing that had the typical chilean food, lots of meat for this holiday, and we ate lunch there! it was so fun. We have 1 1/2 hrs for lunch so we utilized that time to celebrate. There were tons of little stands, like a flea market, but huge, with cualquier type of stuff that was being sold. Lots of kites being flown (one including ours)! We thought we should have done our own stand that said ¨porque mormones no toman el 18 de Sept, pero igual tienen un buen tiempo!¨ (why mormons don´t drink this day, but still have fun) hahaha. Not really, but it was a joke. I really think we could´ve found some people by doing it though. May have been drunk, but still... they need the Gospel too, right? ha! This day was really hard to find people because everyone was partying with family and friends. Luckily we had a service project for a family in the barrio and we still looked for people and tried our hardest to teach!

Wednesday we had intercambios, I was with Hna Riggs! It was so fun to be with her again. She´s such an example to me of someone who can have lots of fun but is SUCH a good missionary. She loves the people, the people love her, and her knowledge and love for the Gospel is just huge. I really look up to her and can´t wait to be in BYU together after the mission. We taught people in her area that seem to be progressing so thats good! Yay for investigators that are progressing!

This week we´ve taught lots of menos activos. it´s a push in our mission right now to find news, but reactivate the old. Really, my heart hurts for these people. It´s just sad that they don´t get it. they think they do, but they don´t, they´re menos activas and not fullfilling the commandments. I just want them to come to church, and some of them have the strongest testimonies, but still don´t come to church! ahhhh!

We taught this family, Familila Paulaza, menos activas, and they know they are. Hno used to work with the menos activas and go out and find them and help them and now, he is one of them! super sad, his wife, Hna, wow. her testimony is one of the strongest i´ve heard. She has uteran cancer and they cant operate because she has heart problems and she really wants to go to the temple before she dies. She was in tears, i almost was too, talking about her desire to go. But her husband thinks that she´ll heal and then in more time they can go. I really just want to help them, get them to assist so she can go to the temple. This sounds depressing, but the good thing is we are now teaching their granddaughter, 8 years old, not baptized and she is so cute! I think to be able to teach her and them juntos can maybe bring them back to the Gospel. Ojala!

We got rid of the dogs! the pound came, i think it´s not really a pound, i think they just kill them, but maybe not. I´m realived to have them not following us, it was a little sad to see them get driven away in this truck, but within about 7 seconds i was over it. ha! just was a distraction and i was always scared walking in the street and contacting people with them! It was an answer to prayers that they came!

Pedro is progressing well. He told us he doesn´t want to be baptized, but still wants to learn, he is reading, praying, and came to church, so it´s just a matter of time! And his dad, the converso, we taught his Eternal Marriage this week and he has a crush on a lady in the ward but he wont tell us who! I told him we could do a NDH and invite her and him, do a little match making. he was laughing so hard! ha!

All of our fechas fell this week. So sad, it´s just getting people to come to church and this week was just hard to teach people. But this week now were healthy, no festivals, i know it´s gonna be great!

We had others come to church too, one is Fabiola! She´s been taught now for a while and wants to be baptized, comes to church every Domingo, reads LDM and prays, the only thing is shes not married! Shes waiting to be divorced so she can get married, and then she can be baptized. tan fome. The law here is so weird. if people live together and aren´t married they receive more money, its so dumb. Whoever made that law did not understand the plan of God.

I was thinking this week alot about how i can improve as a missionary and i think the thing i really need to focus on this week is what do i have to offer my investigators that can change there life? and i know it´s a lot, and i always think of this. But lots of time we teach investigators just another thing that they have to do, and promise them the blessings, which is great, but i really want to focus on how they can really see these things as a blessing in there lives and that they really WANT to do them and it´s not a burden.

Oh, Friday the assistantes called us! and whenever we can see their names its like... ¨uh-oh, what did I do wrong?¨ even though i know nothing is bad. But they called and the asked me to be part of the Choir for when Elder Oaks comes!!!! (did i tell you he is coming in Oct?) I was so excited. there are 5 Hnas and then some Elders, we´re singing Creo en Cristo, we had practice and i´m so excited to participate. I´ve had some incredible experiences singing for apostles in my mission! it´s just crazy. I love it!

also i am reading the Bible more steady and love it because it´s ALL about Christ! i feel like i´m learning lots from His life just from reading. He lives, He is our Salvador, our brother, our friend, who really cares for us, who sacrificed His life for us. He is amazing.

well family, I am doing good here in Limache! I really feel like this week to come is just gonna be successful. Nothing stopping us now and I am feeling more comfortable with the people, the ward, the area, ect. Know that I love you lots! Thanks for the letters and love. I love reading them even though i don´t respond to everything!

The Church is True. Keep Going and share the Gospel. We can´t be shy about it, it´s who we are!

LOVE YOU ALL. xoxoxoxoxoxoxx

Keep Smiling,

Hna. Sargent

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