Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to my little gus gus this week! 19... what what. big year ahead. Hope you eat lots of yummy food because who knows what you´ll be eating the next birthday! ha!
This week has been good here in Limahce, minus that every single person en our house was sick. Started with Hna Gatica, then Hna Riggs, then me, and now Hna Mamani. So bad. and not just a little sick. We all had fevers of 101-103... no fun. and when we have fevers we aren´t permitted to leave because it can make others real sick. no fun. I just feel bad, all i want to do it go work and when i can hardly get out of bed there is no way i can walk miles a day. but today i am feeling better. not 100% but better. Still gonna take my meds and vitamins and lots and lots of water, as if i don´t drink enough already! ha! but this week to lots and lots of work to catch up for what we missed.
ok, Limache, it´s totally campo here. way diferente than Viña. I miss Viña but i like it her alot. It´s more humble and I honestly like that part of it. more people are willing to listen and try to figure out how they feel. The house we live in is good. there is just lots of disorder and the hnas i live with aren´t the cleanest which drives me crazy at times. Maybe why we´re all sick? but i´m trying to order it up everyday and they know that we need to, when we have time and everyone feels good we´ll do it good. the bad thing is that there are these dogs that are ALWAYS outside of our house. and they follow us in the day all day long sometimes. I HATE IT. seriously i have no heart for these dogs. they aren´t bad or bite or anything, just annoying. and they have an owner, but she lives in Santiago in the week and is never home so they just decided to stay with us. I think it was because before there were hermanas that gave them food and everything, but now NO WAY. we´ve tried to call the pound, but they never came, so i think we´ll just have to keep calling. ugh. but oh well. life goes on!
Lots of investigators here in Limache. We have 5 con fecha. thats awesome. our zone on Thursday had 24 con fecha. super bueno. recap of those that we´re teaching!
Matéas. 15 years old. Drug problem. (here lots of people have drugs problems) He told us the other day that ever since he´s been praying and reading that his life is different. He doesnt have the desire for drugs like he has had, his mom is better with alcohol, ect ect. it was so great to hear that he is really recognizing it! At first, he didn´t accept a fecha, said.. no sé, but then we explained the proposito de bautismo y he accepted and if he feels that its what he needs to do, he´ll be baptized! yay. i can just see him in a few years on a mission!
Silvana- also has fecha. she´s super smart, dating a RM, but inactivo. I just don´t get that. RM and inactivo. So sad. but she´s really really smart, and just always wants to know. she likes to read, but doesn´t want to ask in prayer. ugh. the other day she was like... ¨define perfecto¨ I honestly have never thought of it before, but she is just in depth, at times hard to teach people like her, but it´s all good.
Sandra and Javier- sandra is the mom of javier and her husband doesn´t do anything to help her. Seriously just treats her bad. pobrecita. he just wants her to do everything and he is lazy. but the problem with ella es she doesn´t have a steady work so every sunday is a huge faria (farmers market) and she goes to sell at that to have work and to have money. we passed along to her some jobs from the church so hopefully on of those works out, because she wants to be a member, but can´t just be baptized because, she needs to really understand the imprtancia de dia de reposo!
Irma- ha. this lady is so funny, but is solid. She´ll be baptized one day. She´s been looking for a church her whole life, and really likes to read and listen, whenever we ask her questions she asks the same back to us, she´s just funny. I think there is something more with her that she´s not telling us but is hard to get to open up! She sells perfume and i bought some because i needed some. super yummy!
Pedro, yes another pedro. He is a SOG. He is the son of a converso and slowly but surely we´re teaching him! ha. It´s hard because its always in his negocio with his dad and sometimes people come and they need to help their customers and such, but it´s good. he has a real interest in the Priesthood so i know that he has questions and the desire to learn!
This week we were teaching a man named Ricardo and we invited him to come to church with us and were explaining to him all about church and he goes, ya, i want to go, but i don´t want to go in a white shirt and tie, i want to go in a tunic (dress) because that´s how Jesus Christ dressed. SO funny. who thinks of things like this... i love chileans.
Lots of fiestas this week because 18 de Septiembre. today is a ward activity and tomorrow is just a huge party for everyone. i think it might be hard to find people willing to listen tomorrow, because it´s just a day to be with family and friends, drink, eat, and be merry! but it´s fun to see all the traditions here. everyone has a flag up in there house and is so excited. there is a huge carnival here in Limache tambien . it´s like 4th of july times 10!
We had a conferencia with Elder Viñas who is in the presidency de Chile. It was super good. President Kanhlien spoke first on really working with the menos activas to reactivate them and help them understand the importancia de la iglesia. it really got me excited to meet the menos activas here in Limache.
Then Elder Viñas spoke on the Atonement and the Sacrament and how the fruits of repentance is baptism and that people need to understand that. but for us as members that have already been baptized, for us the frutas de arrepentimiento es the sacrament! it was so good. He said a quote I really liked ¨ Faith in Jesucristo is the confidence that leads us to obey¨ (that was hard to translate into enlgish ha) but it´s so true. If we didn´t have faith is Jesucristo, we wouldn´t obey one commandment. It´s really our way to show our faith!
Hna Gatica is great. we get along really well. Honestly, i´m learning tons from her. She is an incredible missionary and it´s only her 3rd cambio! She just really wants to work and find those people and that i love about her! We get along well with personality as well. Also laughing and stuff! it´s good.
cant believe that is the 17th of septiembre. super fast this month. Augosto was a little long, this month, tan rapido! crazy!
Well Family, I am happy here in the campo de Limache! This week i hope to recoporate and that i can have all my strength to work work and work. I really know that people are here waiting for us and it´s just a matter of practicing our faith to find them! The mission is great. So much to learn and to preach to other people! The gopsel is true. Brings us so much happiness. and i just know people are waiting for it!
Love you lots think and pray for you always!
Keep Smiling,
Hna. Sargent
 Hna Mamani, Gatica, Riggs, y yo en la conferencia!
Hna Tamayo y yo. Love her!  
hna Gatica y yo en la conferencia con Elder Viñas  
18 de Septiembre. our street is filled with flags. actually, every street! I love it! 

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