Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First off.. happy birthday to the best mom in the whole world tomorrow! I wish that i could be there to celebrate with you, but know that i´ll be thinking lots and lots of you and that i love you more than you know! :)
and also, happy birthday to Ryder on Sunday! give him a big kiss for me :)
well, transfers came and i got transfered. I was very very surprised to say the least. Sad too because i just felt lots for Agua Santa, loved the area, felt like people were waiting for me, but i was there for a short while and enjoyed it lots. I told the R.S. to pray that i´ll return one day! its great there. But I am now in Limache, it´s the interior of Vina, about an hour away in micro. It´s definitely more campo here. reminds me of Paraguay a little bit. I have only had about half a day here... not even, but i love it already. It seems that the people are more receptive, more humble, ect. My comp is Hna Gatica from Santiago, Chile. She has one transfer LESS than i do. So we´re both new in this. But honestly, i´m SO excited to work with her. She has the desire, the attitude to work and i love that about her. She´s a convert of 3-4 years and has a solid testimony! Talvez, no sabemos todo. but we´ll learn together. Also, Hna Riggs lives in the same house as i do as well, so it´s WAY fun to be with her again :)
well, recap of the week with the investigators in Agua Santa.
Hna Parada was sick a little bit again (i think that´s why she stayed in Viña, closer to medical, but one day, i knew that she could leave if it was just for 2 hours because the pills she was talking were helping and she seemed just fine. I asked her, Hna, can we leave for a couple hours, bring the pills and if you don´t feel good, we´ll come back, she didn´t want to and i was talking that we have citas and that these people are waiting for us and i started to cry. Felt so dumb, i was just frustrated more than anything and wanted to work and help people. We didn´t end up leaving that day, I think she felt bad because she apoligized for not being able to do it, but we still got some work done this week so that was good!
Ivana, went to mutual with us, and met the mujeres jovenes. She enjoyed it. She´s so great. We taught her on saturday as well and really focused on church attendance. She told us she didn´t want to go to church so we asked her why, she said, she doesn´t want to go solo, we told her we´d pass for her, ect ect... but she just didn´t want to go. I think it´s because NO ONE in her family asiste so why would she? Her grandpa was there too and was just like, we can´t go! I wanted to say.. YOU hermano can walk just fine, maybe not your wife but you can take your granddaughter to church!! but i refrained and said it in a nicer way! ha! I think with Ivanna it´ll take time, she understands and wants to learn, but just time she needs.
Pedro came to church! oh, i was SO happy. we went to talk to the Bishop and then entered in the Chapel and he was sitting there with his mom! My smile i think was so huge. but my heart just felt so happy that he was there. As for his drinking, still doing it, but for him to actually come to church and sober was HUGE! oh, i hope he sobers up and really understands the importancia de the gospel.
Elizabeth. i can´t get over how solid she is. She is a golden investigator. We weren´t really sure if she´d come to chuch, and we walked outside to see if we could see her walking and right at the moment she walked up the stairs. SHE CAME! She stayed all 3 hours (which is also hard for chileans because they all think they need to prepare lunch) and took notes the whole time, asked questions, ect. Later that afternoon we taught her and she had lots of questions about baptism for niños so we left her with Moroni 8 a leer and i know she´ll read it. She is amazing. Understands everything, wants to learn, just needs to accept a fecha.I think it´ll help to have more friends in the church too. lots of mujeres su edad.
Omar- he didn´t come. that little stink. but i love that his wife is so open about the gospel with him. We passed by to say chau to him and his wife was saying, when they get sealed, they want to go to salt lake and that i´ll come to their sellamiento. I´m gonna write him a letter and really really invite him to read the book of mormom and be open to change. thats one thing i´ve learned here on the mission. If people don´t want to change, they´ll never recieve their answer. but if they have a heart open to change and recognize that they can be happier, thats when the change happens. and it´s SO fome (lame but a little stonger) because we can preach and teach but we can´t force them to do anything! I just wish we could sometimes but everyone has their agency.
Here in Chile September is a huge party. 18 de septiembre is just a grand festival and everyone is off of work and school and stuff. lots of Chilean flags up this month, i love it. the typical dance, called Cueca (i think). It´s fun. The ward here has a big party next monday and it´s good because it´s our pday so we´ll go to that after studies and internet and todo! also this area, it´s only one ward, but the area is so big that there are two sets of missionaries in different parts! kinda interesting, but it´s fun because we have lunch together and everything!
we had a noche de hogar last week and the little girl with the fam was conducting. and she goes, ¨la primera oracion por... no las misioneras porque siempre son largas, entonces..you lo hago¨ (la first prayer by... not the missionaries because they´re always long, so i´ll say it) it was SO funny. it was Laura, the pic i sent. her and lexi need to be penpals. Laura to practice her english and lex to learn spanish. if you want to jac, get on my facebook and can do it from there.. she added me, just have to accept her! ha!
Also, my new comp, like to run! oh, i am STOKED. and there is this little park super close to our house and it has exercise equipment. it´ll be go great. seriously to leave in the morning for exercise make all the difference in the day!
This morning during studies we were talking about the difference between the word Preach and Teach. To teach is just to talk, people can learn, but to Preach is to put committments and really help them change. I thought it was interesting that the word Preach is used so often in D&C and not teach, and also Preach my Gospel, not Teach my Gospel. food for thought.
Well family, next week i´ll know more about the people here! I´m excited to meet them all and start working with them. Right now there are 3 fechas and we´re gonna put more! I love you all, think of you often and am so thankful for this knowledge that we have of this gospel. It´s true.
Keep Smiling,
Hna. Sargent


hna parada and i en el micro

Laura en agua santa.. she was like my little Alexa!  

this street had two different names... hard to find the house for sure!
Omar and his wife. i´ll miss them...  

Hna Gatica and I

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