Monday, September 3, 2012

Can´t beleive it´s September this week. This week I will hit my 6 month mark in the mission. Crazy!
This week was good, Hna Parada was sick again, some ovary infection, they thought it was appendisitis at first, but luckily it wasn´t and now she is feeling much better, however we weren´t able to work for a couple days so that was a bummer, but igual tuvimos buenas citas!

This week we saw some success with menos activos. Really, my heart just hurts for these people that they don´t have the knowledge or understanding, but at the same time i just love them. I really do just love these chileans and want the best for them!

Familia Astudillo, we´ve been visiting them for a few weeks now and teaching there granddaughter, Ivana off and on when she´s there! good news, they can´t go to church because her leg is bad, can´t really walk (the grandma, not Ivana) but we talked to the ward and they decided to bring them the Sacrament every week. So they are now able to take the Sacrament! ah, it made me so so happy to hear that. They have such strong testimonies and I was so happy to hear that they can take the Sacrament. They will reach there goal for an eternal family, i just hope all there family can be reactivated.

Ivana is solid, she always reads when we leave her something and is praying. The other day we asked her why she wants to listen and what she expects to get from us teaching her. She said, to know that todo es verdadero! Que Bueno! She wants to know and this week shes gonna come to mutual with the mujeres jovenes. She´s great, i think she´ll accept a fecha soon, just paciencia y fe with her! :)

The other menos activa family is the Familia Tapia (reminds me of the fish that we eat sometime, Talapia?)

We passed by last monday night to visit them and they accepted us right in there house!

We shared something short with them and really just wanted to get to know them better, they have a large family, live in a humble home, and just kinda lost there animo to go to church, and they live seriously, 30 seconds from it! but we had another cita with them this week as well and the mom told us, ¨quiero y necesito regresar, este Domingo! ¨(i need and want to return, this sunday) but she didn´t come... bummer. Her Husband did though so i know its just with time and she´ll come too. they are so willing to let us visit them and really enjoy it!

Silvia and Pedro, Siliva is menos activa that came to church sunday! We put a fecha with her son, Pedro (yes dad, i thought of you and my bracelet). The only thing is, he is an alcoholic, so its just harder to find him sober, he didn´t come to church because he was drunk, but everyone can change! and we have a cita to teach him this week.

Elizabeth, she read 14 chapters of el LDM in one week. 14 CHAPTERS! I honestly just couldn´t believe it! I was like... what? Shes not ready to accept a baptism date yet, not sure why because she beleives it, but that´s our goal is to find her need and then resolve it with baptism. She´s also a physical therapist and works with the respiratory system lots with niños. She just soaks everything up when we teach her. I just am not sure if she really understands why we´re there or if she likes to hear the word of God. Either way, shes good. Told us that she´s gonna come to church, so i really really hope that happens! Gonna pass by for her!

oh, este semana we met a lady in the street named Rosa, she is almost 90 but seems like 75... she was talking to us for a while, kinda crazy, but she was so pleasant and kind to me and then she turned to my companion and goes ¨tiene un alma terrible¨ she then goes off how she needs to learn to be more humble and that she´s worked with lots of people in her life and knows when she´s met someone who has Satan in them and that she´s gonna pray that satan can leave her soul... it was SO weird. Hna Parada and I were both just trying not to laugh because she was just loca! ha. needless to say, not going to return to her... Hna Parada felt a little sad, but mostly just was funny!

I was studying Mosiah 2 this morning Rey de Benjamin! i loved verses 25 and 26, 25 says something like... Can ye say more of youself? No. and then says that we´re created by God and everything. Then vs 26 Rey Benjamin dijo, Not even I, your king is more than you. I just loved it because these chapters are tan poderoso and really he is speaking the word of God so strongly but in vs 26 shows how humble he is ahd knows that really we´re all the same and all hijos de Dios. I loved it. Just a reminder to really be more humble and not think that I´m better than anyone!

oh, here in Viña there is a chucky cheese.. how funny is that! I want to have a zone activity there the next change. it´d be hilarious! and a starbucks.. big surprise, huh? Everyweek i find something that makes me feel right at home!

dad, i was in a members house for lunch and i went to the bathroom and they had perfume and cologne, I almost always smell them in every house, not sure why but i do! ha! But i smelt a cologne and it was the same as dads! made me think of him and i told the Hermana and she was so pleased to know that people in USA have the same cologne. yes, her husband is....¨Classy"

Well, that was about this week. Lots of good. This week i´m really hoping and praying for lots of work. Fill the week with investigators for the next change. Transfers are next week so P-day should be on Tuesday, I think. If neither of us gets changed i think it´s still Monday though. not sure what will happen, but either of those two days! The church is true family. Jesus Christ Lives. God loves us. It´s simple. I love this Gospel and this opprotunity I have to serve a mission and the things that I´m learning!

I love you all, miss you, and pray for you always!

Keep Smiling,

Hna Sargent

p.s. oh...michael buble just came on the radio over the internet place... love!

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