Monday, August 20, 2012

Hola Family!
Today i´m emailing later because we had an activity at the beach today! SO Fun. We played ultimate freesbee and baseball. couldn´t touch the water, but being in the sun and so close was good enough for me! Love activities de zona/distrito. They are always just fun!
So this week we have passed by lots of menos activos/inactivos and part member families as well as others.
Lets see...
We found one menos activo, name Alicio. He lived in AZ for about 3 years and then for 40 years or so in CA, super super nice. We were talking about AZ and all. He was sealed to his spouse in the mesa temple. We asked him if we could share something with him and we started with the BOM and he said, ¨I have no problem if you want to come and converse, but dont use the BOM, i have found that there is NO evidence of that book and i don´t want to talk about it so your minds don´t change.¨ I was like... WHAT?? how about your sealing to your spouse in the temple or your baptism! Seriously it just made me sad that he was thinking that way, but igual, we shared a message from the bible with him and reminded him of church Sunday. Didn´t come, but the good thing is we now have contact with him.
Omar- his wife is a member, super active with her two daughters who i feel like are just my friends from home because we all have the same age, mas y menos. But we taught him the Restauración on monday for NDH. Fue genial. He isn´t reading the LDM which is fome, but i know it´s only because he knows he´ll recieve his answer and is scared. But his family is going to try to help him so he can read for a little everyday!
Isabel, Alexandra and Anahise- They are so great. Isabel is the abuela and the others are sus nietas. But the grandma has custody over them it sounds like... but the kids are so receptive and Isabel was assisting with the grandparents of Ivana (menos activos.. was bishop) a while back. They just ate up the restauracion and Alexandra just started reading the LDM when we gave it to her! The only thing... didn´t come to church and were SO EXCITED to come. UGHH! That is definitely the hardest thing for people here...
Ivana, still good. Her process will be longer i think but it´s good to teach her and her grandparents. Hergrandma has some problem with her leg and can´t walk to church so thats why they´re menos activa, but i know that people would give them a ride if they needed it.
This week in our reunion de zona we talked about the sacrament and how important it is for us as missinoaries to repent every night and be 100% worthy to partake of the sacrament. It was SO spiritual. There was one point that it was just silent because everyone was feeling the Spirit. For a good solid minute, silence. Honestly was a nice reminder of the importancia of la Santa Cena and to focus on the purpose and not ¨where are my investigators?¨
Also, Hna Parada is off and on sick this week. Sometimes we have to come home early because he head hurts or she doesn´t want to leave or wake up. I try to be like... one more house, another street, ect. But she´s persistent at times to return early. And one day she couldn´t get out of bed. The other hnas that live with us, one of them was sick too (has been for about 3 weeks.. some stomach thing) So they stayed at home all day and Hna Ramos and I went out to work in their ward. This day was SO GOOD!
We were walking and i just felt like we needed to talk to this one lady, so i started talking to her, ends us she accepted a fecha to be baptized. That very morning she had a LDM in her hand while looking for something else and didnt think much of it but doesn´t think it was coinscidence. She wants to know so is going to read and pray. I know she will. She was awesome. I was jealous that she isn´t in our ward. We taught 4 lessons this day. We just both wanted to work work and work so that´s what we did. SO nice to have that energy from her this day. She is awesome! I really hope that one day we´re comps!
Yesterday we had a contact, this man and we were talking about the LDM and he says... ¨Si Padre Celestial hizo mujeres tan linda como ustedes, leeré¨ (if Heavenly Father makes women as beautiful as you guys, i´ll read it) It was hilarious! I was trying not to laugh to finish out contact!
Quote of the day from Pres. Eyring ¨The words ¨come unto Christ¨are an invitation. It is the most important invitation you could ever offer to another person. It is the most important invitation anyone could accept.¨ I love it. this is our purpose as members of the church. Invite. No harm to invite!
FHE Idea: have one of your kids do a ¨cultural moment¨ and research something from another country and then teach it to the fam. definitely doing this with my future fam!
Well family, I hope all is well. I realized this week that i really love love love the people here. I hurt when they aren´t keeping their covenios o compromisos when they don´t come to church, ect.. but i am SO happy when they do these things. It made me think of the love our Padre Celestial tiene por nosotros. I just can´t imagine how he feel about ALL the people in this world. it´s amazing. The Church is true. We are blessed.
I love you all. Pray for you all the time and think of you all often!
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent
presidente showed up to our district activity for about 2 mintues,
 we got him to participate in our unity building experience! ha!

my day with Hna Ramos. BEAUTIFUL here





hna parada and i
las hermanas! 

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