Monday, August 6, 2012

Hola Family!

before i forget, we have a mission blog... check it out!

Still loving Viña, I just can´t get over how beautiful it is here... honestly we have a vista of el mar from almost everywhere! and sometimes we are SO close to it! I love being close to it.

This week was good, seemed to go quickly!

Well, when I got here really we had one investigator, one. So we´ve spent alot of time looking! And honestly it´s paid off... here are some of the people we´ve found:

Isabel- passed on the street and then turned around to talk to her, turns out she used to go to church and that she really liked it. She had her nietas with her and they are all SO GREAT. honestly, the kids here are so so receptive! Can´t wait to teach them more. I see progress with them.

Tomas- he is the one they had earlier, reminds me lots of Jean from my last area, very intelligent, a little quiet, but his wife was a menos activa and now has been reactivating and they´ve started to teach him. His main hold up is that he hasn´t received his answer. But the other morning I was studying and thought, really if he is reading the LDM he´d want to be baptized, so i asked Hna Parada if he is reading and she said... not really. So we decided to focus on the LDM with him. I KNOW that if he reads it EVERYDAY he will receive his answer. the LDM can change lives, i know it. I´ve seen people testify. But Tomas accepted a fecha de bautismo. yay. 18 de agosto. I hope that he can really do it, it´s just him feeling the Spirit.

Fresia- We were on a street and i heard a house that was playing beethoven SUPER FUERTE. I said, we need to knock here. so we did and this lady came out and she ended up letting us in and we sang her a hymn and taught her basically about bautismo. She felt the Spirit. i know it. I could see it in her face and how she acted at the beginning to the end of the lesson. She didn´t accept a fecha, becasue she´s ¨already been baptized¨ but i know that she can progress.

Ivana- Granddaughter of some menos activas. The WHOLE family is baptized except for her. her grandparents really wanted her to meet with us and she´s great. gonna read the LDM and we have a cita with her! I hope that her hearing about the gospel can rekindle something in the grandparents to return too. The grandma has a leg that doesn´t move and thats the only thing thats stopping them porque ellos tienen testimonios!

Those are the ones that i can really see progressing! We just need to keep finding and keep working and being obediente!

The ward here is GREAT! I seriously just feel love from them and i feel like there are a handful that are trying to help us in the obra misional! One of the hermanas told me if I bought the fabric she´d make me a dress... how nice is that?! I think i´m gonna do, what fabric would be good?? ha! The bishop reminds me of the Actor Alec Baldwin (i think... on 30 rock) and is just funny. This ward is more financial stable than Villa Norte. The houses are nicer, lots have cars, ect.. but still really nice humble people.

MY Birthday was great. We had a zone meeting and they all sang happy birthday to me (once the hnas told them all it was my b-day) and then i got a package from mom with letters from everyone, shirts, candy, MK stuff, ect! THANK YOU! I LOVED IT. I opened it that night and shared some treats with the roomies! They all made me cute little cards... and i also recieved a package from Q with a dreamcatcher, earring, letter, and candies! So sweet and thoughtful. thank you!

I felt loved this day, I just wanted to work and thats what we did. Nothing better to do on a birthday here in Vina! and i was close to the beach so i can´t complain! Thanks for all the wishes from you all :)

In the ward 10 BYU-I students are here until Dec for an intercambio. Its so funny.... all these gringos and me. 5 girls/5 guys, some live with the members and others solo... it was fun to have them there, lots speak spanish, but not all. I felt like i was in a student ward with them! my first sunday and their first sunday as well. ha! they might be here the whole time i´m in this ward. But it´s fun to have them here!

The area is lots bigger than Villa Norte and lots and lots of hills. Honestly I like it though, I feel healthier just walking up the hills all day. Sometimes i feel like i never decend. ha!

This week i was reading in the Liahona de Julio in understand our covenants with God I loved this quote... ¨We should remember that keeping our covenants is not merely a list of things to do, but a commitment to become like the Savior.¨ I loved that. REally, our goal in life is to become like Him, everyday. And we can always do that just by just doing the simple things that we know we should do!

Well, Family, that´s about it for now! this week was good, adjusting to the new ward, different companion, new area, ect, but it´s all good! I hope i can just continue to jump in and work! Know that i love you all and am thankful for everything that you do for me!

The Church is true, Christ lives, the Book of Mormon is the word of God. This can bring us happiness everyday!

Love you all,

keep smiling,

Hermana Sargent

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