Monday, August 27, 2012


Hola Familia,
This week was good, we were in the apart lots i felt like, Hna Parada just isn´t so good with health, sometimes i wonder if she´s trunky, or really sick because once we leave, she seems fine for the most part and it´s just in the mornings or when we don´t have citas planned so who knows. Lots of lessons to learn and patience to be tested, right? Kinda a bummer to be in the apart lots... I just want to work. i love this area. lots of people just waiting, i know it!
this week we´ve taught a few people that are still accepting us and reading.
Isabel- we went and she told us that the mom of her nietas doesn´t want them to listen and participate and that they need to be reading their school books and not the LDM. SO SAD. she said that they all read 3 chapters together and felt really good about it. But she had to stop because her daughter. She promised us that she was gonna come to church, but no. Triste. She´s really good though, i think with more lessons and time to really teach her that it´ll come. The other good thing is that her daughter works in the shop our Bishop owns. I gave him homework to win her over! ha!
Elizabeth- she´s the one who called us.. which i still find incredible. She can only be taught sundays because she works far away all the other days. but we were teaching her and she told us that she understands why the LDM was written and that it makes sense people were here in the americas. We explained Joseph Smith and asked her to read the LDM and pray to find out if its true, she said she believes it. i was just like woah! super bien,still is gonna read and pray and we´re hoping the next lesson to put a fecha with her! She´s great. super inteligent in the bible and all, but understands that Christ had his church and all... there is definite hope with her!
Conny- Conny was baptized a while back and went menos activa fast... sad, she´s just not animated to have anything to do with the church. We taught her Lesson 1 again and were talking about it all. she just told us she doesn´t know anymore if she believes it and doesn´t really want to because she wants to return to her old life... my heart just hurts for her! The YSA people are so good to her though, she goes to the activites and all, just not to church and doesn´t want to live the gospel anymore. I´m hoping it´s just for a short period of time and that we can help her realize that this is TRUE!
Omar- no one else is a member in his fam, and we passed by the other night to see if he was home, he wasn´t so we shared something short with his family and when we were leaving he showed up, i just got the strongest impression that i need to teach him and that he is gonna except! His family is so great to him, always helping him in the gospel but i just had this feeling! Hna Parada feels like we can´t be too persistent in teaching him but i honestly feel like he will except soon! I just have the mind set with him... be bold. He knows alot already. go and read the LDM with him and ask him to pray!
Everytime we have a cita with a miembro it falls through. well, almost everytime! It drives me crazy. I just know it´s because these people are perfect and they have something to say that will help the investigator. I just know its Satan because he knows it as well.
We had a zone meeting the other day and President showed up for about 15 minutes. he was watching Hna Parada and I teach, it´s always so intimidating, but afterwards he paid me some compliments so that´s good. He is so nice. I don´t even know him that well, but i just feel love for him and for his desire to help us improve and see success as missionaries! I love that he is a go-getter! just do it type attitude. it´s great! I wish i could know his wife more, but she is always busy with the children, they have 4 under the age of 11... crazy life for the next 3 years, right?
We had a ward activity that was great. we had a few investigators and menos activas come as well :) It was Lehi´s Dream. we had different rooms of tempations and everyone had a blindfold and had to ¨hold to the rod¨ when the arrived to the tree of life they could take a ¨fruit¨ marshmellow and eat it. Then we gave a little short lesson of 1 Nefi 8 and ended the night with a festival de postres! everyone seemed to enjoy it. Some people fell away from the iron rod and it was really sad to see that. seriously, so easy to intice them to come to a party or to a room with lots of sports stuff, ect! Thats life though, we always have to be strong and firm to hold to the rod!
I was reading earlier this week in 2 nefi 5 when the nefitas y lamanitas split and the nephites were all happy and i was looking for the things that made them happy and i found 7.. 1. Familia (vs 6) 2. Obediencia (10) 3. Scriptures (12) 4. Preparation (14) 5. Work (15) 6. Temple (16) 7. Church callings (26)
I was applying these things to my life and when i have these 7 things i really am happy and when i am accomplishing them all i´m even more happy! Just some food for thought!
oh funny thing.. the other day it was raining and we got in the bus and it was packed people standing and everything. I was really close to the driver and inbetween 2 men, and my umbrella popped open and the driver was like... ¨what the heck?¨ the two men looked at me like i was a crazy gringa! which might be true. but i just said ¨lo siento, no creo que hay lluvia en el micro¨ (i don´t think there is rain on the bus) and they all just started laughing. easy way to start a conversation with them all! ha.
Hna Ramos got this quote this past week that i liked... ¨sometimes were in an area to invite other people to come unto Christ, to invite our companion to come to Christ, or to invite ourselves to come to Christ.¨ Super good, right?!
Also, people have asked for my breakfast food i eat... ha! Either oatmeal with blueberries and banana or Cheerios and Herbal Tea! :)
the weather also is starting to get warmer. i love it!
Robs.. mission prep. Read Our search for Happiness. Just started this week. LOVE IT!
Well family,
I love you all, know that i pray for you all lots and that i am happy here in the mission. IT´s a time of trail and faith, but so much more learning and love that comes from those trials. We are blessed to have this gospel.
Love you all.
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

                                                                 last two from the activity!

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