Monday, August 13, 2012

Can´t beleive that its Pday again... SO FAST!
Las P-day, fuimos a la mall with the other hermanas. this mall had an ALDO!!! WHAT? I felt like i was in America. Way better than the mall in Paraguay to say the least. ha! Didn´t buy anything, just was window shopping.
This week seriously has been super fast. Hna. Parada has been a little sick and sometimes couldn´t work too hard, as well as another Hna has been sick for like 2 weeks so we did a couple interchanges so the two that felt good (Hna Ramos y yo) could leave and work in one of our two sectors! We actually found some people as well :)
As for our investigators.. this is the rundown on them:
Ivana, the nieta de los abuelos. She is SO GREAT. doesn´t want to have a fecha yet, but she is reading and praying and she feels good she says. she is so cute, always asking us, Did you guys do this... read and pray to know if it was true? She is definitely trying to figure it out and i just want to help her. I also love teaching her grandparents. Their testimonies are super strong. Just don´t go to church! I don´t get it.. he was a OBISPO. ah, i just want everyone to come to church and expereince all the joy and blessings that come from attending!
Tomas... yes, we made him a calendar of things he needs to read EVERYDAY. and he is doing it... so thats good. At the begining it´s just a little, a few verses and then this week it starts getting more. Sad news... not gonna be baptized this Saturday. We just don´t feel like he is ready. he has the lessons and todo pero he doesn´t have his testimony yet. but i know that through reading more and more he´ll do it. I just don´t want him to get baptized for his wife (who is a member). And she doesn´t either. Because she knows he won´t be faithful to the church if thats the case. but still working with him!
We found a man named Carlos in the street the other day. We started teaching him about the LDM and bautismo. He accepted a fecha on the street. I couldn´t beleive it. I hope he really understood. I think he did. He wasn´t like... si o si, baptize me, but he said if he comes to know that the LDM is true, he´ll be baptized. We haven´t taught him since then, but have a cita martes con él. I´m excited. and i think he lives with his wife and maybe grandkids.. who knows. here there are always a TON of people living in the houses. grandparents, aunts uncles, sibllings, friends, and their dogs. it´s crazy!
Elizabeth, we taught her once, and she had such good questions and everything! We set another appointment for sunday night with her, and we went but she wasn´t there. Bummmer! But this morning we had a message on our phone, and it was her and apoligized that she wasn´t home a family problem in Limache, but she wants us to call her and come back! It´s just crazy that she called us, we´re always calling and asking, ¨cuando podemos reunirnos??¨ but she called us! I know she´s a keeper..
 this week our martes and wednesday and filled with citas. SO good! we´ve just been contacting lots and putting citas so i hope they´re all home!
I just want all these people to come to church. I´m sitting there in sacrament meeting stressed that they haven´t come and wondering if they´ll come before the sacrament and then during the sacrament i try to think of Christ but my mind is on all of the people we´ve invited and i just am like... ¨why didn´t you come!?? please, come! ha! .i decided my goal this week is to study more on how people can really feel like they need to come to church!
Saturday Hna. Parada was super super sick.. her head and stomach hurt.. i think it was like a migrane or something, but we went to the clinica and they gave her an IV and everything to give her meds.. she felt better. off and on her head still hurts, but she says thats normal. The assistantes came and picked us up and brought us to our house.. they are seriously so great. Such good missionaries, men, stong testimonies, I was thinking of Robbie and how maybe he´ll be an assistant in his mission!
I was studying a talk by Elder Bednar in the Abril 2012 Liahona... on the Atonement. SO GOOD! oh my gosh.. i am gonna study it again this week. he was just talking about how sometimes we think the Atonement is only for sin, but it´s not. He then went on to give so many examples from the LDM and everything. REad it.
Also finished the bom this week... i´m always sad to finish, but excited to start over again! I was reading in 2 nefi 15:4 and i love the question and thought to myself.. What more can i do in this ¨viña del mar?¨ food for thought... everyone can apply it to something!
Our zone meeting this past week was 4 hours long because new president, new norms and todo. nothing too big has changed. just i can´t wear rings unless its the typical CTR ring that i don´t even like.. but thats the only thing that was really different. If anything it was just going over the rules that maybe before hand weren´t being kept super bien de la mision. But president gave us all our personal Liahona with ways to find nuevos! the new 8 ways...
1. Part member families (have a cita with one tonight!.. noche de hogar baby)
2. Menos activa familias
3. Recent Converts
4. Actual investigadors
5. Old investigadors.. in the carpeta de area
6. Young single adults
7. YM/YW
8. Returned misioneros.
With these we are supposed to pass by 5 Menos activas and 5 part member families every day! lots of work and planning but i love it. Genious way to find nuevos. these people already have the support, just have to find them and encourage them. and the others we are just supposed to pray that when we ask for references that people will come to their mind. I love it. my own liahona a encontrar!
I still love the ward. everyone is great. lots of support. dad... some main streets... San Jose, agua santa.. i live in the street Camino real, but way way arriba, closer to another chapel, the barrio Recreo.
well family!
all is well her in Viña- its gorgeous here! The Church is true. The mission is a time of lots of learning and trial, but more than that time of love and success. Even the smallest things are miracles. For instance, taught our collectivo driver today on our way to internet. Just planting the seeds are miracles!
Love you all. sounds like things are going good! can´t beleive summer is over!
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent


hna parada and i en la calle


hna Ramos and I

Hna Parada and i en the clinica

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