Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wow, lots to write this week so I´m just gonna do bullet points because it´s easier to think that way (yes, I am turning into dad)
- Just a quick update on Hilding Magali and Martiza, all are well. MAritza had a hard week because she´s just lonely, doesn´t really have lots of family support and just works lots, but she´ll be fine. Just has to always remember to rely on God and remember that God loves her. Hilding and Magali... so great. Reading, attending Church, Hilding received the priesthood the other Sunday.. YAY! Magali comes to all RS activities. So great. Just thought you´d want to know. Really makes me happy to see how they are progressing!
-Hna Tamayo and I are doing great as a companionship. I feel really blessed because I just feel like I can get along with almost anyone. I could definitely see where some people couldn´t get along well with her (she´s had some bad companions) but it´s just because her personality is strong. But honestly, she´s great! We are always laughing and talking, no problems at all. Her health is so so... she was sick all day Friday so we didn´t leave the pension, but it´s all good. I organized all the menos activas (see photo) but she just has a bad immune system, along with the other girls in the pension, they get sick too often... they always ask ¨how come your never sick?¨ I tell them it´s because I drink lots and lots of Water, and i believe it! But we´re good!
- This past week it was our goal to do lots of invitaciones baptismales, we had about 11 in the streets just in contacts. No one accepted like... ¨YES! Baptize me!¨ but it was good. IT´s honestly not hard, and its good practice for me, and the mission is really emphasizing to do them. No one can be baptized if we don´t invite!
- Yesterday we had our conference with the new mission president! It was AWESOME. Always to start the conference we take a picture of the people there with the president and wife, and we always sing the mission song as they walk in, it was different to see a new president with his wife and 4 little kids, but honestly, I just felt like... yes, he is my mission president, called of God to be here, serving in this mission. I think I was more excited than some because he will be my Mission Presidente por la mayoria de mi mision!
- At the conference we always do practicas with how we can improve as missionaries. The teach a short little thing and then we practice, i honestly love it because I learn a TON! but one of the things we were practicing was contactos, finding their necesidad, and helping them with LDM, and placing a LDM with this person. We split up into 2 groups and each group had there different necesidad. So it was our turn to go, so I walked up to an Elder and introduced myself like I would on the street and right then, President Kanhlein (pronounced Ken.. like the barbie, and line.. normal) came and stood right next to this elder to observe. He was there the WHOLE TIME!!! It was good because I really was trying my hardest to do all that I could, but talk about intimidating, I haven´t even officially met him in my interview and he was there observing! ahhhhh... but it went well, I placed the LDS with the investigator (elder) and president told me it was good and that he liked that I was smiling and happy. ha! but oh man... intimidating.
-We were getting ready to eat lunch at the conference and president said to me... ¨¿Hna Sargent, de que parte de Tempe vive? So we were talking about that. He really served in Tempe, In Chandler, mesa, ect... He actually started his mission our here in Vina for 2 months and then received another call, and now is back here... crazy, huh? But small connection between us.
-Then I had my interview with him, I thought it was gonna be in English, but nope, all in Spanish, but other Gringos (not all) had theirs in English.. not sure why I didn´t! But it was good to know that I could do it all in Spanish! He just asked me to tell him about myself, asked if my family was ok in the states, asked what things from the conference I wanted to apply more and how i was gonna do it. It was good. He told me he was impressed with my Spanish, and told me that he can tell I am gonna grow to be a great missionary and with my animo y felicidad in the work people will just be drawn to me and want to learn. It was really kind. He told me if there is anything that i need that I can always call him or his wife. They are just so nice, great testimonies, I´m excited to get to know them better.
- During the conference he challenged us to ALWAYS have a LDM in hand, so when I was leaving i had one in my hand because he asked us to have one always.. but the other Hnas forgot or something, but we were walking out and he was there shaking hands and goes, Hna Sargent, con un LDM en mano, que bueno! it made me feel good, I feel like we already have a relationship and its just gonna improve with time!
This week we have found a few people! WE had close to 90 contacts this week, and we are being blessed to find people and I know if we keep doing that, we´ll continue to be blessed...

-Alejandra and Martin—we found Alejandra in the street one day walking with her 2 boys and we asked if we could pass by, and she said yes, so we went and taught them the first lesson, her esposo y hijos. It was good, they have lots of questions which is always a good thing because it means that want to figure it out, we have another cita with them manana, I´m excited to teach them the plan of salvacion, I think this is what they´ll like to hear the most! I´m praying that they´ve read the LDM and have prayed because that´s where it ALL starts!

-Camilla y Millary- they are old investigators that had a date and everything for their baptism, they just never showed up to their baptism.. the font was filled and everything! We decided to go back to them and they let us right in, we haven´t asked them yet, what happened because no queremos be forceful, but I think slowly they´ll accept the gospel and really come to understand it!
- Patrick... we started the contact and he started talking to me in ingles, but i couldn't tell if it was ingles o español..it was weird, my brain was just confused. But he lived in San Fran for 20 years, he is from Chile, his wife is from Italy, so they have a communicacion of Ingles, italiano, y español. CRAZY! but he was so nice and asked for something to read about our church, told us to call him to set an cita because he wanted to talk to his wife first. but I honestly could see him accepting, just the few minutes we talked to him! I´m afraid I´ll have to teach in Ingles... ah, would be super hard! ha!
but anywho, those are a few of the people we´ve found, no one still that's really progressing, but i know that they will come. Just faith and obedience and honestly, I´m happy doing what I am doing, I don´t feel guilty like I´m not working hard or anything, so I guess I can just keep going!
- this week for one of the lunches we had Salmon and Cus-cus! oh my gosh, I was in HEAVEN. i miss fish, don´t eat it here because it´s expensive compared to other things.
usually we have rice, pollo, and ensalada, or some type of pasta, or a typical Chilean dish, so far, I´ve like it all.
- the other day within a 2 hour period 4 dogs almost attacked us... not exaggeration! Straight up, casi no atacó. my heart rate was SO high. ugh, why are there so many dogs on the streets. everyone says the pounds are full and they can´t just kill them... but they need to build another pound or something! way too many!
-DC 121: 7-8 I love when it says ¨Endure it well¨ not just endure it... but endure it well. love these scriptures. great to share with people in times of sadness.
- This week I taught Hna Tamayo las palabras ¨word¨ and ¨pimp¨ she was asking what ¨pimp my ride¨ was ( a tv show) so i had to explain. ha! so funny to hear in a latin accent.
well Family, I love you all, the church is true. we are SO blessed to have it as such a huge part of our lives! Sounds like you all are great and that you have had a fun and busy summer. Thanks for the support and prayers. I appreciate them a ton!
Love you all, miss you lots, but am always praying for you and know I am in the right place here in Viña del Mar!
Keep Smiling,
Hna. Sargent

even chile cares about recylcing! 

all the menos activas en el barrio... muchisimo!

Hna Riggs and I in la conferencia

Hna Tamayo y yo

 the hnas i live with (Hna DeMille, Tamayo, Me and Ortega)

en the bus!

district activity

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