Monday, July 2, 2012

what happened to june?? Seriously, i feel like it just started recently. It´s so weird to think it´s already July! And even weirder to think its summer there and here i´m in a coat and boots! oh, summer, where art thou?? ha!
anywho, sounds like you´re all doing great and just living it up this summer. so many trips and pools and yummy food! I love hearing all about it, keep me updated!
as for this week, it´s still good here in Chile, unfortunetly, we´re still having some troubles finding people, but we have been blessed with a few, I just don´t really know what to do about finding more, but we are really working on it and really trying to figure out what the best method to finding news is. It´s like we can find people, but don´t have tons of interest in continuing past the first couple lessons, just don´t want to progress, but i Know they´ll come, just gotta keep having faith, and Skye told me this and I have tried to do it more ¨pray like everything depends on the Lord and then work like everything depends on you¨ I really liked that, think it can apply to all missionary work.
As for people this week,
Javier... this week Hna Tamayo and another hna (Hna Demille) were sick, with fevers and all, and when you have a fever you aren´t suppossed to leave the house, so we did a companionship exchange, yo y Hna Ortega (from UT) It was really funny actually, because we both arrived the same day and have only been here for a 8 semanas now... weird. But anyways, we did our best. She speaks less spanish than I do, but we managed and it was just kinda fun to do a switch, we worked in both areas that day and just got to know eachother better which is good! I think she really enjoyed it and kept telling me how fun it was to switch it up for the day and how it made her excited for the next change because she can just kinda start new, with a new comp and all (that is if Hna Demille leaves) but anywho, we found Javier, and he is about 16 years old but very catholic, but very open to learning more about religions. el nos pregunto altas preguntas y realmente hicimos bien a responder. just realized that was in spanish... he asked us lots of questions and we did a good job of responding. Really though, he already has started to read the LDM and his first question was.... ¿Quien es Nefi? ha. love. Really I am excited to go teach him again, a person with lots of questions is just a person waiting to hear the truthfullness of our message!
Henry, henry has a family, super great and when he was younger his mom rented out a piso of their house to the missionaries. So he knows lots, but has never been given or read a LDM, so we gave him one and he is going to read it, so he says, but he told us he had interest. He says he has his own beliefs but that he likes to hear about other religions and learn about them (reminds me of dad in some ways) but he told us to come back and converse with him and his family! And to let us know when there are activities and stuff at church because he wants to go!
La familia Codero Veloz, slowly moving along, nothing huge to report other than i love the children and the mom still needs the gospel SO much in her life! Pray that we can teach them more often! I know they can accept it... hopefully this week we´ll put a fecha with them.
Ok, this is the super sad news of the week.... Ivens, the son of Hilding and Magali who baptized them only 2 weeks ago, or maybe 3 now... anyways he doesn´t want to come to church anymore. He told us that he just doesn´t want to go and that he wants to go back to his old life... he is smoking marajuana again and really, it´s SO sad. we were at there house the other day, teaching Hilding and Magali and Ivens came out and we were just talking to him because he didn´t come to church the other Sunday and he just started talking about how he doesn´´t like the Bishop and that he doesn´t even know anymore if there is a prophet. but he understands that the Santa Cena es super important! Honestly, he was just talking to us and i was just thinking....what happened? I KNOW there was a event that took place and thats when he decided all of this. I know he had an interview with Obispo hace 2 semanas and i think there something happened. not sure what, but honestly, i almost started crying when he was talking because 3 weeks ago he was just solid, testifying to his parents, baptizing his parents and now he is smoking weed. I just don´t get it. He was also diagnosed this week with OCD and bipolar which i could´ve diagnosed but maybe that has something to do with it. really its just weird to see. And he was only baptized 3 months ago! so so strange. I guess what i can do is pray for him and he is open to let us visit him so thats what we´ll do. and the church leaders know it as well.
Thats one thing about here in Chile, inactivity. it´s SAD. i really think only 15 percent o menos son activas- its awful. I just really want to help bring people back to the church, i guess i just wonder, what are people not getting when they are baptized. is it the missionaries teaching, their understanding, there is obviously a fault somewhere. it´s my goal to really make sure people understand that they need to preseverar hasta el fin!!!
In Alma 46:8 i love this scripture and i thought of ¨how quickly do i move away from the Lord?¨ I think it´s important to remember that, and also if we find ourselves further from Him than we´d like to be... who moved? The Lord is ALWAYS there.... it´s us who moves away. Food for thought.
Ok, Hna Tamayo and I are still doing good! Shes really great, we have alot of similar interests, some different, obviously, but lots of the same. it´s funny, because to get to our area we pass the metro station and there is always american music there, adele, michael buble, JB, britney spears, beyonce, you name it, they´ve played it, but we both love it! It´s probably bad that we like it so much but really we hear about 10 segundos and then it´s gone, but so great. We are learning together and bettering our teaching style together! Our companionship is still good :)
oh, a DOG broke my umbrella. I wanted to kill it. ha! it came running towards us, its not a scary dog though but it´s huge and strong, but it was raining and the dog was dirty and it always jumps on us but i didn´t want it to get my coat dirty so i put my umbrella out to stop it and it just trampled over my umbrella and it´s broken now. :( I LOVED it, such a good umbrella (remember mom, we got it at REI and it was like wind resistant and everything) ugh, so sad. but lucky the casa had another i found, not nearly as good, but it´ll do. i really though was annoyed about it though for a while, just cause i liked it... i still have hope i´ll be able to fix it, but don´t think so.
the other day Hna tamayo and i were walking and i hear some Chilean yell... ¨hello, beautiful, I like you legs¨ (but in a chilean accent) Hna Tamayo was laughing so hard.... i just kept walking and thought to myself... how can you even see my legs... I have a missionary skirt on, with tights and boots... my legs were hidden. ha! It´s probably the only phrase he knew how to say in ingles. really funny though.
I have eaten a completo... and yes, they are tasty. only with avacado y tomate. :) delicious. I think hot dogs would be better with avacado and tomato tambien. maybe for your 4th of July festivities you can add that to the mix and think of me! but there is this place, didn´t eat one from here... but it´s called Harry Completo. how awful the name sounds, yes, but it´s harry potter! I took a photo... please look at it. oh, HP all over the world. i love it.
new mission pres and his family arrived and started yesterday. haven´t heard anything but am really excited to meet him to be honest, some people are triste, but i´m excited porque he´ll be MY president the rest the mission!
well, family, I love you all SO much! Really, couldn´t ask for a better support system while serving! Robbie, get ready, everyone will be jealous but it´s SO fun to have!
The church is true, this is the work of the Lord, we´re all a part of it, we can all be examples to everyone around us!
Sé que Cristo vive. Jose Smith fue un profeta llamó de Dios. Tenemos el sacerdocio en el mundo hoy que puede ayudarnos en todo! Familias son eternas. La iglesia es verdadero. Somos bendicidos a tener eso en nuestras vidas. Satanás tiene mucho poder y hay tempación en el mundo, pero con ayuda de Dios siempre podemos vencer este tempación. El Libro de Dios es verdadero, son palabras de los profetas de Dios. Le quiero el Evangelio.
Gracias por todo familia! You are ALL the best! never forget that!
les quiero MUCHISIMO y les extraño tambi.
ya listo, chau!
keep smiling,
Hermana Sargent
me infront of harry completos... i hate how coats add 30 lbs to the foto.
 i promise, it´s just the coat! ha!

beautiful sunset the other day!

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