Monday, July 9, 2012

 I really can´t believe I am in the 4th week of this cambio, it´s gone by really really fast. And it´s weird because we don´t have anyone (still) that is progressing, but time is still going rapidly, and we are still being blessed with teaching people. I guess thats the mission, find and teach!
happy birthday mark, yesterday!! Q today, and this saturday to Shauna, Jett and Tyce!! whoo-who. Party it up for me :)
This week we found a family with 4 kids, and we were just sharing something quick with them, just the first visit, getting to know them, explaining to them our purpose, ect. and we were talking about how families are eternal, just that it´s one of the main things that we share with the world and really porque nuestra message es unique and we were conversing of this a little bit and she told us that she beleives that we will all be angels in the next life, and not have families that we will need to care for and that we´ll always just get to rest and relax and not have to worry about our famillies. It was SO weird to me. Why in the world would God give us families, just to ¨rest¨ and not have families in the next life? I wanted to say that to her, but i didn´t. So badly i wanted to teach the plan of salvacion in its entirety but we only had about 3 minutes left, but we set up a cita to return so i´m excited to teach her about the plan of salvation with her familia! It just amazes me more and more everyday how much the gospel makes sense!

I have gotten questions about the menos activas here... hay altas!! Seriously, i feel like we randomly meet someone who has been baptized but doesn´t go to church 3 days a week. It´s just sad to me, if all the people were active and worthy here, the wards would be STELLAR. This past week i have gotten the feeling that we need to work with the menos activas more, because really to have a menos activa come back to church, usually there is someone in there house that isn´t a member and that we can maybe teach. Really though, i don´t know why there is so much inactivity here, but sometimes i think it´s just as, if not more important to get these people back in the church as it is to find nuevos. These people have already made the convenios and it´ll just be harder for them, plus they could be so blessed here in this life to have the blessing that the Gospel brings. But yes, tons of inactivity. Its sometimes hard to start teaching the menos activas, because it´s just a little awkward to start and to know what they need to hear, because i find that most people either 1. still believe it, just don´t fully understand it or 2. people are just confused and got baptized just because 3. got baptized, messed up with something and feel guilty to go to chuch! but dad, you should come serve your reactivity mission here in Chile!

I had the STRANGEST dream this week.... I dreamt that I was on a mission, but i don´t remember who my companion was... not Hna. Tamayo and we were in the same ward as Elder Holland, so we decided to stop by and share a short message with him and his wife. I remember his wife was sooo kind and let us in and we sat down and started talking to them and Elder Holland was just sitting there... not saying ANYTHING. he was in his P.J´s and was just kinda onry. so we shared a message and then Robbie appeared out of nowhere and we were all talking and then Elder Holland just got up and said, ï´m going to bed¨ and he left. So we left there house and I just remember Robbie being so annoyed with how he acted and was like... ¨How can an Apostle of God not have anything to say about your message you shared?¨ it was so weird. Don´t think that would ever happen!

but then the next morning in my personal study i am reading a talk from conference a day, and i was on his talk! which by the way is SO good. Everyone should go review it, there is a formula for faith that i just love! I love reviewing the conference talks, we finally got the Liahona here as missionaries and it´s just so great to read them. really cool as a missionary because things apply to not only me and my life, but how i can help myinvestigators have this same knowledge!

My 4th of July was different than usual. Didn´t do anything until the night when the Hnas were back in the house and we had Rootbeer floats and listened to 1812 overture! ha! It was actually really fun. At least we did some celebrating! But I loved hearing about all of yours... sounds like it was a BLAST! 12:30am depature time... thats too late for me even! ha!

Ayer en iglesia di un discurso! It went well, it was on members as missionaries! I think the ward takes what they understood to heart, really so much potential to help the work, but they just aren´t really into helping the missionary work. And it´s hard! I know i wasn´t before either.. at all. but after, definitivamente! Members play a key role in helping the kingdom of the Lord progress!

ewww... there is a ¨snake¨ in the ward! snake in the mission significa someone who is just kinda creepy... or is more interested in the missionaries that the word of God! Anywho, there is ¨snake¨, a member in the ward. Last week, he told me that i looked like a model (two times) and then yesterday he told me how beautiful my eyes were.... CREEEP. I will do my best to stay away. the worst think is... he is like older... 50ish. ugh. gross.

Hna Tamayo and I are doing good still. We get along super well, sometimes its still hard because I feel like i´m the trainer, just always... ok, lets do this, or this, but i think it´s just the latin american culture, just more laid back, always late, ect. but it´s good, because it´s training me to be a trainer one day in the mission! Really though, she´s great. a good missionary, i am learning lots. I hope we have one more change together! We just want to see success together! She is a professional dancer ya know, so the YW asked her to teach them Salsa for a mutual activity and we were able to get permiso a hacerlo! it was super fun. She told me that she was impressed that i could do it and have rhythm because most Gringas that she´s seen can´t. ha!

REally, the mission is great, although we don´t have too many progressing investigators, it´s still good. And we are talking and teaching people about the Evangelio, and thats our responsibilidad. I sometimes get caught up with the numbers in the mission and sometimes find me comparing to others, which is awful, I know, but when i think about it, I just need to focus on this area, and the people who i have had the opporotunity to share the Gospel with. I know people will come, it´s just we haven´t come in contact with them yet! I think thats the pattern of the mission though, sometimes there are tons of people and other times, not too many. That´s what I´ve heard at least, but really it´s my goal to just start a conversation with EVERYBODY in the streets. we talk to lots of people, but sometimes people pass and I think... ¨why didn´t I talk to them?¨ I never wanat to make them feel like Im forcing anything on them but just sharing something breif and asking if we can pass by one day could change there lives! that´s a goal of mine for sure! i just need mas paciencia y fe! :)

My espoñol is improving everyday! Its weird to just be able to speak and not have to think in English first. it´s just normal now to speak most the time. ObviouslyI still have lots to learn but it´s good. This week I felt like it was a good week of spanish. And I´m sorry, my english is awful and I can´t spell anymore if you haven´t noticed through the emails. ha!

well, Life is good in Viña del Mar! I´m happy, i´m healthy, and I´m helping others come unto Christ. Not much more that I can ask for!

I love you all, thank you all for the prayers, support, and love! I feel it everyday here and couldn´t imagine serving without a supportive family!

les quiero y extraño!

Keep Smiling,

Hermana Sargent :)


Hna. DeMille and I with our rootbeer and our 4th of July sign! :)


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