Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hola Familia!
I´m emailing Tuesday because yesterday were transfers and I got transfered. I am now in Agua Santa, in Viña! It´s the city of Viña del Mar, I can see the ocean from our apartment and i just already love the feel of the city. It´s a mini NYC. Definitely a city girl.. like the country for a while, but my heart is all city! MY comp is Hna. Parada de the south south of Chile, city name, Victoria. She leaves in December, so shes older in the mission. She´s great. She has a mentality to work hard, so i really hope thats what we do. She told me that last change wasn´t all that good and that they didn´t leave the apartment for about 3 weeks because of her comp was sick... i don´t want to know more, not sure if its the whole truth I didn´t ask questions, but it´s kinda like starting over. Not many people they have here it sounds like, but honestly, I just want to be 100% obedient, work hard, and i know juntos we´ll see success! The area is super nice, everyone has like big houses and more money, so it´ll be different than Villa norte, but every change is necessary! Funny thing both Hnna Tamayo and Riggs served here before Villa Norte! ha!
We don´t live in our area so everyday we have to take a collectivo (taxi) to get there, we can walk, just takes longer and yes, everything is UPHILL. my legs will be in good shape after this transfer, but the views are worth the pain sometimes of walking uphill. I´m sure it´ll get more and more normal, it´s only been a day! ha! We live with two other hnas. one from Peru and one from Mexico... my spanish better improve this change in this cambio! haha
The liders de zona nos llamaron on Saturday to tell us the changes... I REALLY thought that I was staaying with Hna Tamayo in Villa Norte so when the leaders call they say.... ¿Que piensa, se va o se queda? (go or stay) this is how the conversation was...
LZ: Hna... se va o se queda?
Me: me quedo!
LZ: no hermana, se va
Me: QUUUUEEEE???? mentira!
LZ: no hna, usted se va!
Me: Elder, este es un broma??
LZ: no, se va hermana!
Me: Ya, gracias elder... chou!
I was totally not expecting it, and then monday all the people who were getting changed came to the office and our president callled out the cambios, it was fun and when he called you name, you stood and then your new companion stood and then he said where and we left! super simple, but fun to see where everyone was going! Hna Tamayo is training a new missionary that comes today! She´s nervous but she´ll do GREAT! I´m gonna miss her, last cambio was just way way too fast for my liking.
It was sad to say bye to the people in the ward... especially Hilding and Magali, they are seriously like my Chilean Parents. So great, but asi es la mision, Change is always good!
I don´t even know what to say about the last week, lots happened with our area, it was a good week, but now i´m not there..
but Tania is progressing well. she´ll be baptized one day, i know it! Super sweet.
Alejandra and her family, she is progressing the most, i think her husband isn´t too fond of us, but allows her to meet with us and she still has lots of questions.
we just met lots of people this past week, one named Sergio, he lived in upstate NY for 12 years so we were speaking in English because he wanted to practice... so hard to teach in english for me now.. it´s horrrible! but he was super great. Told us that he was catholic, but left the church about 4 years ago and now that he doesn´t go he feels closer to Christ than ever and that all of his prayers are answered.
Also, visited a menos activo family and the mom isn´t a member... it was a miracle that they let us in because the other times we´ve passed they aren´t really receptive, but we passed by and taught them, trying to plan a Noche de Hogar with them. I hope they all progress and come to realize that no matter what mistakes they´ve made they ALWAYS have the Atonement of Jesus Christ and can ALWAYS come back to church and feel that joy and happiness they´ve once felt.
Last week hna Tamayo and I set challenges for us to accomplish everyday! It helps us just realy stay focused and get work done! We didn´t accomplish all of them because some where harder than others, but we tried. it was really great.
oh my gosh.... last thursday, when you all were eating Cheese Shop or something, i ate the grossest lunch yet on the mission. I honestly don´t know what it was but just a mixture of too many things... kinda like the Christmas goodies we get when there are more than one thing on a plate... ya, not too good. but it was SO weird. The Hna who cooked it for us had us sitting at seperate ends on the table (like beauty and the beast) then she left to her own room and was watching TV for the WHOLE TIME! so weird.. but ok, this is bad, but we dumped some juice thing she gave us down the drain because we couldn´t drink it... it gave me the shivers. Hna Tamyo picked up the glasses, tip-toed into la cocina and dumped it down. ha! SO funny. we were laughing but trying to do it silently because we didn´t want her to come out of her room!
Sounds like LJ was heavenly! It always is, lets just move there.... ya?? you all look beautiful in the photos. And super exciting about Dyan and Mark! Love how they told you all. super cute!!
On Friday, we were studying the language and it was silent for a second and all of a sudden I heard the voice of Barry White... so i opened the windo more to listen and it was our neighbor was playing ¨can´t get enough of you love baby¨ made me think of dad and that he was probsies listening to it on the beach the same time! 12.00 pm my time.. so maybe like 8 or 9 there... it was super funny!
Last Wednesday we did intercambios as well... just within la pension. But i went with Hna. DeMille to her area! It was really fun! Learned good things and it´s always fun to see other areas!
KAYLA...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY!! too bad we aren´t there to celebrate together, but know that i´ll be thinking of you! Go LEOS!
Mom, haven´t recieved the packages yet, but it´s because mail is different when there are transfers, but Thursday we have our Reunion de Zona and we get mail then, so i think it´ll be there! And if not, it´ll come! Its probably better i don´t have it as the temptation to open it! ha! but Thank you in advanced because i know it´ll be so great! thanks for the early b-day wishes family!
Efesios 4:22... i like this scrupture lots, when it talks about the ¨hombre viejo¨ (don´t know what it is in English) but it made me think to always be thinking Am I better than my ¨old self?¨ It´s just a scripture to always do a self check... always be better than the day before! we can always progress. at times we may feel like we´re in a stand still, but we can always progress. I know that.
Well, I am happy here in Viña! To be honest really happy. Even though it might be harder to find people just because the rush of the city, more money, ect, ect. I KNOW that we´ll find people. I know that i am here for a reason, even if it´s just to plant the seeds for people! The mission in the best, seriously, everyone needs to go on one! The opprotunity i have EVERYDAY to share my testimony with people is amazing. I know this church is true. We are blessed to have this gospel in our lives. We need to share the gospel with others. Challenge: Invite a menos activa or non member to a FHE, doesn´t have to be anything crazy spiritual to start, just so they can see what it´s like!
well, this week I am gonna work work work. I just want to see people understand the importance of our message. I want to build the unity with my new comp that i had with Hna Tamayo and Hna Riggs and I know that we can have that! just with time.
Love you all, so so much! you´re all the best!
Keep Smiling,
Hermana Sargent

granddaughter of a menos activa

 hna demille and i in intercambios

Hilding and Magali... :)
Hna Tamayo and i

we were sad... :(

new apartment
(top bunk baby.. hope there isn´t a huge earthquake)


view from balcony... i´ll try to get one better when there aren´t clouds this week

Hna Parada and I this morning!

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